Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Alabama Special Election 2017

Watch Roy Moore and Steve Bannon Drain the Swamp Rally
Image result for roy moore/doug jones Alabama Senatorial candidates Roy Moore (Republican) and Doug Jones (Democrat)

I strongly urge all the registered voters in Alabama to take the time to vote today in this special election.  Your choices in today's contest are former Supreme Court state justice Roy Moore who is Republican and businessman Doug Jones, who is a Democrat.  Anybody who has read this blog should have a good idea where I stand when it comes to the choice of candidates.  I know many are going to claim they can't vote for Roy Moore because of the recent sexual allegations made against him.  However, there hasn't been any proof that those charges four decades ago are accurate.  So far Moore has denied those charges and unless otherwise proven, I'm going to assume he's innocent.  Don't buy into all the junk the Establishment GOP in Washington such as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell or Alabama Senator Richard Shelby have to say.  Their opposition to Roy Moore has nothing whatsoever to do with the charges against him.  It's all politically motivated.  The GOP doesn't want Moore in Congress because of the God he has tried to represent in the public eye in the state of Alabama.  The GOP wants a globalist in Washington who's for amnesty and illegal immigration and everything that is in opposition to the U.S. Constitution and the Judeo Christian foundation our country was established upon.  Our elected elite in Washington have no desire for a patriot to occupy the White House--and that' no lie.  I'm definitely not going to believe anything the GOP in Washington has to say about Moore because it has nothing to do with the unproven allegations against him.  It has all to do what he's stood for in the political arena.  Will Moore stand up for the Constitution and for the God of our forefathers.  I hope so but I do know that Doug Jones is for sanctuary cities and amnesty for illegals.  We don't need those kind of politicians in Washington.  I would strongly encourage all voters in Alabama to vote for Roy Moore.

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