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The Whole Terri Schiavo Story

The whole Terri Schiavo story

World Net Daily posted an interesting article on their website on March 24, 2005 entitled, "The Whole Terri Schiavo Story."  This story speaks of the trauma this innocent woman faced for 15 years prior to her death due to the feeding tube being pulled from her.  She died on March 31, 2005.  Click on the above link, The Whole Terri Schiavo Story to learn the whole story behind Michael Schiavo's attempt in a 12-year court battle to have the feeding tube pulled from her so she could die.  It's very horrifying.

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Today marks the tragic sixth anniversary of Terri Schiavo's death.  She died on Thursday March 31, 2005.  Teresa Marie Schindler Schiavo was born on December 3, 1963, 11 days following the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  On February 25, 1990, Terri Schiavo collapsed in her St. Petersburg home on full cardiac arrest.  She suffered massive brain damage due to lack of oxygen, and after two and a half months in a coma, her condition was elevated to a vegetative state.  For the next few years doctors attempted physical therapy and other experimental therapy hoping to return Terri to a state of awareness.  In 1998, Schiavo's husband, Michael, petitioned the Sixth Circuit Court of Florida (Pinellas County) to remove her feeding tube pursuant to Florida Statutes Section 765.401(3).  Terri's parents opposed him arguing she was conscious.  Throughout the next seven years, her feeding tube was removed at least twice and then reinserted.  The last time the tube was removed was on March 18, 2005.  It never was reinserted.  Schiavo died 13 days later.  It was horrifying.

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Ellen McCormack, Anti-Abortion Presidential Candidate, Dies at 84

Ellen McCormack, Anti-Abortion Presidential Candidate, Dies at 84

Yesterday evening when I was driving home I was listening to Erick Erickson, who replaced Herman Cain on the 7-10 p.m. EST slot back in February, speaking about a strong pro-life activist named Ellen McCormack who ran for president as a Democrat in 1976.  I don't believe I knew anything about her until I heard Erickson speak about her death yesterday evening on WBS Radio in Atlanta, Georgia.  After reading a little about her, I felt it would be appropriate to cap off Women's History Month for 2011 honoring a great pro-life activist who ran for the Democratic nomination for president in 1976, to no avail.  However, it was refreshing to hear a pro-life Democrat running for president over 35 years ago.  Today any Democrat that receives the nomination for president today must support the abortion agenda.  Democrats today are supported by pro-abortion groups such as Planned Parenthood and liberal women's activist groups such as Feminist Majority and NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League).  The information about Ellen McCormack comes from New York Times (March 29, 2011).

Ellen McCormack, a self-described housewife and grandmother who ran for president as an anti-abortion candidate in 1976 and 1980, did well enough to become the first woman to qualify as a candidate for federal financing and Secret Service protection.  She died Sunday in Avon, Connecticut from congestive heart failure.  She was 84.

She initially ran for the presidency to help focus national attention on abortion after the 1973 Supreme Court decision granting women the right to the horrid procedure.  Her television commercials, partially paid for with federal campaign money, attacked abortion as the equivalent of murder.  In a 2007 column on the Web site Eagle Forum, Phyllis Schlafly, long a national leader in the fight against abortion, said Mrs. McCormack had played "a major role in the pro-life movement."  "Her leadership," Mrs. Schlafly added, "enabled the then-young pro-life movement to flex its muscles and demonstrate political courage, determination and perseverance."  In 1976, Mrs. McCormack, who ran as a Democrat and campaigned almost solely on the abortion issue, raised a total of $525,580 in contributions of $250 or less from 20 states.  As a result, that made her eligible for $247,220.37 in federal matching money for the primaries.  The money went mainly for anti-abortion television commercials.  Mrs. McCormack won 238,000 votes in 18 Democratic primaries, and 22 delegate votes at the Democratic National Convention.

Her success prompted criticism that she had misused amendments to the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 that mandated matching money for presidential candidates.  Critics said the amendments, adopted in 1974, were never meant to finance single-issue campaigns.  Congress responded in March 1976 by requiring a candidate for a presidential nomination to receive more than 10 percent of the vote in two consecutive primaries to qualify for matching money.  Mrs. McCormack responded in 1980 by running as the presidential candidate of the Right to Life Party, qualifying for the ballot in Kentucky, New Jersey and New York and winning more than 32,000 votes.  This time, she didn't apply nor was she eligible for matching funds. 

Eleanor Rose Cullen (Ellen) was born in Manhattan on September 15, 1926.  In her early 20's she married Francis McCormack, who became a deputy inspector in the New York Police Department.  He died in 1993.  The couple lived in Merrick, on Long Island, where Mrs. McCormack, a Roman Catholic, focused on the abortion issue when the procedure was legalized in the state of New York in 1970.  In an interview with The New York Times in 1976, she stated she saw slides of unborn children at the time and "was convinced it was a human life being taken."  Her political involvement began with her book discussion group and progressed to membership in the Pro-Life Action Committee. 

She never did become a household name.  Newsweek reported that not even her next-door neighbor knew she was running for president.  She had never held office in a local PTA.  "We thought our legislators would take care of it," she said of the abortion issue in an interview with The Times in 1978.  "But they didn't.  We found very early that it's in politics that the big decisions are made.  So we decided to run our own candidates."  Mrs. McCormack did take positions on other issues as she traveled the nation.  She favored Soviet-American detente, opposed busing to integrate schools and said neither Israel nor Egypt should be sold American arms. 

She also made a strong pitch for her view of traditional values.  "The feminists have convinced politicians they represent all women," she told The Times in 1976.  "But I am a woman, too.  I differ with some of their beliefs.  I believe in child care for the poor, but I don't favor child care for the middle class.  I think we are teaching working mothers it is more prestigious to work than to be home with their children. 

In 1976, Mrs. McCormack emphasized that she was fighting for bus drivers and janitors and continued to run her household despite her hectic campaign schedule.  Her husband underscored the point in an interview with Newsweek, saying, "We need more ordinary people like my wife running for president."

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Where are the Republicans?

Tea Party Movement Growing Weary of GOP Budget Plan -

House Speaker John Boehner crying

John Boehner Crying on "60 Minutes"

Potential Presidential Candidate Herman Cain Interviewed by Juan Williams on the O'Reilly Factor

It's been nearly three months since the Republicans took control of the House and so far they're proving to be very disappointing when it comes to making major reductions in the national debt.  Republicans ran on the mantra of reducing government spending ($100 billion) from the budget ending in September, reducing the size of government, and repealing Obamacare.  House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) spoke of defunding Obamacare following the November 2010 midterm elections.  He said that if repeal efforts weren't successful (since the Democrats retain control of the Senate and the White House), he would pursue other options such as defunding or choking off funding for Obamacare or the new Affordable Healthcare Act of 2010.  (I don't know if this is the correct title of the bill passed last March but I know this is close.)  As of yet the Republicans haven't come close to passing a budget ending in September.  Instead, they have twice passed continuing resolutions to keep the government funded for another few weeks.  This second spending resolution will last until April.  I wonder if the next round of resolutions will result in a permanent budget until September or are they just going to passing resolutions to continue the same spending patterns as the 111th Congress?  It's pathetic.  The Republicans don't have any backbone to do what's right to set the government's financial house in order.

I was afraid the Republicans weren't going to accomplish anything when it comes to the budget deficit.  The only thing they're concerned about is winning the re-election, not making decisions that will put the government's fiscal house in order.  They're no better than the past Republican-controlled Congresses.  The Republicans in the House have debated over the size of the spending cuts.  They made a pledge to cut at least $100 billion.  The Republicans last month approved a plan to cut the deficit to at least $61 billion.  Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips is a vocal critic of the GOP leadership.  He wants a Republican candidate to challenge House Speaker John Boehner in the primary.  John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, and other House leadership members need to be contested in the primaries.  These RINO's need to be voted out in the next election.  I can recall back in December when then Speaker-elect John Boehner was interviewed by Leslie Stahl on CBS's "60 Minutes."  He started crying and made the statement that he hopes today's youth have the same chance of obtaining the American Dream as Boehner did growing up.  I never was very excited over his crying.  Boehner doesn't impress me.  He's part of the problem in Washington.  If Boehner is so concerned about today's youth having a chance at the American Dream, he would immediately have the House to defund Obamacare.  Instead, he's playing politics like he he always has in the past.  He's the go-along, get-along type a Congressman that we don't need.  He's not going to make the House vote for the tough choices that's needed when it comes to controlling spending. 

The House has the constitutional authority to defund bills.  Obamacare has been ruled by lower courts as unconstitutional.  There's no excuse for the Republicans to not refuse to choke off funding for Obamacare.  I believe the Republicans are aligned with the Democrats on this national healthcare bill.  The Republicans could've filibustered this healthcare bill in the Senate in December 2010 if they so desired.  It's much easier to prevent the passage of a bill than to repeal it once it's made into law.  They just want the issue.  They have no intention on solving the problem.  They're just as much traitors as the Democrats are.  The Republicans are unpredictable on what they're going to do.  They've been co-opted and compromised.  One thing positive that I can say about the Democrats and that is they are honest about what they believe in and what they're going to do.  The Republicans will campaign like they uphold conservative values like their base does but they will betray those voters that have elected them once they are sworn into office.

I was listening to potential presidential candidate Herman Cain on the O'Reilly Factor the other week.  Juan Williams was the substitute host for that Friday's program.  Williams was speaking about how both the Democrats and the Republicans are not being serious about reducing the national debt.  Cain's reply was that President Obama needs to take the lead when it comes to reducing government spending since he's the president.  That is true that the president should take the lead when it comes to promoting policy such as reducing the size of government and government spending.  However, the Republican leadership knows that President is a hard-core socialist.  President Obama isn't going to push for reducing spending.  Instead, the president will continue advocating more government spending for more government programs.   The Republicans in Congress need to take charge and make the tough decisions to reduce wasteful spending in government.  The Republicans are going to have to take the mantle of change and provide the necessary leadership to follow the constitution.  The Republicans campaigned on controlling federal spending last year.  Therefore, they need to lead the way when it comes to making the proper choices on establishing a budget.   It's important that Americans elect a president in 2012 that will be an overt patriot, follow the Constitution, and veto any spending bill that's unconstitutional.  Until we elect a president that will stand for the constitution, the Republicans in the House will have to take charge.  They control the purse strings.  They campaigned on the subject of the national debt.  It's time they come together when they debate again and pass a bill that will cut billions of dollars from the government's budget.  $61 billion isn't much money when you consider the national debt is in the trillions.  Why does the Republicans tend to be so timid?  They've been bought out themselves. 

Where are the Republicans who campaigned on defunding Obamacare and slashing spending in Washington?  They're nowhere to be found.  It was just a dog-and-pony show.  They want the issue but have no intention in solving the problem.  Next November we need to vote out these incumbents.  That's the only chance we may have in saving the republic if there's a chance that it can be saved.  We can't continue re-electing politicians that break their campaign promises and forget why they were elected in the first place.  There's too much at stake!

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Harriet Ackland

Women of the American Revolution - Harriet Ackland

Harriet Ackland

Harriet Ackland

( Lady Harriet was the wife of Major Ackland, an officer in Burgoyne's army.  She accompanied him to Canada in 1776 and in the disastrous campaign the following year, from Canada to Saratoga.  Beautiful and admired as she was, and accustomed to all the refinements and luxuries incident to rank and fortune, her delicate frame ill calculated to sustain the various hardships she had undergone, she yet shrank not from her husband's perils and privations in transversing the dreary wilderness.  When he lay ill at Chambly, at a miserable hut, she was very assisduous in giving him attention, even in the midst of fatigue and discomfort.  When he was wounded at Hubbarton, she hastened from Montreal, where she had been first persuaded to remain, and crossed Lake Champlain, resolved to leave him no more. 

On the advance of the army to Fort Edward, the tent in which Lady Ackland had lodged took fire, the light being pushed over by a pet Newfoundland dog, and she and her husband made their escape with the utmost difficulty.  No hazards dissuaded Lady Ackland from her purpose.  Not only did she take great care of her husband, but she won admiration of the army by her amiable deportment; continually making little presents to the officers belonging to his corps, whenever she had anything among her stores worth acceptance; and receiving in return every kind attention which could mitigate the hardships she daily had to encounter. 

In the decisive action on the seventh of October, Lady Ackland was again in the tumult of battle.  During the heat of the conflict, tortured by anxiety, she took refuge among the wounded and dying.  Her husband, commanding the grenadiers, was in the most exposed part of the battle, and she awaited his fate in awful suspense.  The Baroness Riedesel, and the wives of two other field officers, were her companions in apprehension.  One of the officers was brought in wounded, and the death of the other was announced.  In the midst of the heart-rending scenes that followed, intelligence came that the British army was defeated, and that Major Ackland was desperately wounded and a prisoner. 

To learn the rest of the story, click on the above link at Women of the American Revolution--Harriet Ackland. 

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A Heart of Thanksgiving Will Solve Numerous Problems

I Thessalonians 5:18 " In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."  This past Friday I was mediating on this subject that was started in January concerning the subject of appreciation.  I had a thougt that I believe needs to be shared in this series on appreciation.  Whenever one goes out in public, it's obvious there are numerous people that are very ungrateful and unhappy.  That's obvious by the lack of respect many people have for others or physical property, etc.  I've walked into restrooms a number of times over the years and have seen graffiti written on the walls of the restroom.  People don't have any respect for public property.  Many times out in public there are many people who are rude to one another.  That happens many times in places of business.  I've seen in fast food restaurants where employees will be rude to the customer and vice versa.  We're not very grateful for much anything anymore.  We're always dissatisfied and unhapy.  Those are signs of an ungrateful society. 

Many times over the years I've listened to people being interviewed by the media and many times you'll hear the question posed to them what's one of their greatest regrets in life.  Many times you'll hear numerous answers.  Sometimes I've heard grown people being asked what some of their greatest regrets in life.  I've heard some say they wish they listened to their parents when they were growing up or they regret making terrible financial decisions, etc.  I have my own self been thinking the last few years about what some of my greatest regrets were.  I could list several things, but I believe probably one of my greatest regrets is my lack of appreciation for how well I had it growing up.  I wish I was much more appreciative of what people had done for me growing up.  That's probably why the subject of being thankful has been on my heart the last few years.  I have other regrets besides my lack of appreciation growing up, however, the subject of thankfulness covers a broad territory.  If I was more appreciative of what was done for me growing up, I'm sure many of the other areas I had troubles with would've been eliminated.  I have a quote on the blog description from the late author and theologian Francis Schaeffer.  He said rebellion is the result of a heart that's not thankful (I'm paraphrasing).

In this generation in which we live, we have a shallow mentality of what it means to be thankful.  We think of being thankful as expressing our gratitude towards someone for giving us a gift or performing a service for us.  That's just the tip of the iceberg.  Appreciation is to be a way of life.  Our thought life, our attitude, our actions, our relationship with other people, our handling of material things, etc. is dependent upon whether or not we're appreciative.  If a Christian has a thankful heart, then it will be manifested in the attributes just mentioned above.  First of all, a person has to be born again in order for them to be thankful like they should.  It takes a working of the Holy Spirit in our lives to enable us to be appreciative of what Jesus did for us on Calvary.  However, parents must instill the concept of thanksgiving in the lives of their children at an early age.  They need to be taught who they are and recognize that without God, they're sinners and destined to hell.  They need to understand that the gifts that are given to them is a result of the love of their parents and those around them.  Children must be taught that they're not entitled.  One of the dangers of showering children with gifts is the tendency children have to develop this entitlement mentality in their minds.  That's what's wrong with many Americans today.  There are many that naturally think they're entitled to healthcare, a house, a vehicle, all the luxuries of life, etc.  They believe the world owes them a living.  Children must be taught at an early age they're not the center of the universe nor are they entitled to all the nice things of life.  They need to be taught they're to earn their way in life.  I'm not opposed to parents giving their children gifts, but it's important children be taught that they're not entitled to what they possess.  A child who possesses an entitlement mentality will become an unthankful and rebellious child.  I'm not a parent nor do I claim to be but I do have enough sense to know that possessing this mentality you're entitled to a living will destroy your character and as a result will produce an ungrateful and rebellious heart. 

I was thinking about the issue of submission.  Many homes today have a problem in the area of submission.  Wives have a problem with submitting to their husbands and children have a problem in submitting to their parents.  Husbands have a problem submitting themselves to God and spiritual authority.  People that have an issue with authority undoubtedly are individuals who are not thankful.  I've never seen a person who has an issue with submission who was thankful.  On the other hand, I've never seen a person who was truly submitted to authority possess an ungrateful attitude.  Unthankfulness and rebellion go together like a hand in a glove.  For example, as a result of being unthankful, Lucifer rebelled against God and was thrown out of Heaven.  Lucifer was originally an angel of light until he allowed pride to come into his heart and he rebelled against God.  He was ungrateful being what God had created him to be.  Today he's known as Satan. 

Man that possesses an ungrateful heart will be a man who has issues with rebellion.  Rebellion stems from an ungrateful heart.  A person that's not appreciative is in essence saying that what God has provided for them isn't sufficient.  Romans 1:21 talks about those that are unthankful and where that will lead to.  Ungratefulness will lead a sinner to reject God, because they won't see a need to come to Jesus if they don't recognize they've sinned against God.  If they don't come to the conclusion that God loves them despite the fact they're sinners and that they need Jesus, they won't get saved. 

I want to point out that I'm not a parent nor do I claim to have the answers on how to raise children.  However, I was once a young child myself and I do know a few things from being young myself once.  I wholeheartedly believe if parents will instill into their children the importance of being thankful, then I believe many problems will be eliminated.  If you raise a child that posesses a thankful heart, you're not going to have the problems with him/her like you would if they were unthankful.  A child that realizes who they are and recognizes they have what they have because of the grace of God, it will make a difference on their behavior and attitude.  Any child that has a problem with rebellion has a problem with being thankful.  There's not much Satan can do with a person who possesses a heart of thanksgiving toward God.  If children learn to be thankful at an early age and if they continue being thankful throughout their lives, then they won't be as likely to make decisions that they will later regret in life.  I'm not insinuating that children who have a grateful heart don't have problems.  They're flesh and they will have problems like anyone else.  However, the problems that child will have will be minimized if they live a live of thanksgiving.  A heart of thanksgiving will influence their thought life, their actions, relationships with other people, decisions, and how they handle material things.  The subject of appreciation is much deeper than what we recognize.  That's something I'm learning myself.  It is important for parents to teach their children to thank people whenever they (the children) are given a gift.  However, thankfulness doesn't stop at that point. Thanking someone for a gift or service is just the tip of the iceberg.  A heart of thanksgiving will be reflected in our thoughts and actions. 

In order for parents to instill into their children the principle of thanksgiving, they (the parents) themselves must take the lead and be an example to their children.  Parents can't expect their children to be thankful if the parents themselves possess an ungrateful attitude.  Parents must not only be an example, but they must discipline their children.  They must correct their children's behavior when they show signs of unthankfulness.  Parents must instill into their children they're not entitled to the goods of this world.  They must work for what they possess.  It's important parents instill into their children a strong work ethic.  Children that learn to work will learn to be much more appreciative of life.  Proverbs 14:23 says that in all labor there is profit.  Children that are taught to work will reap the rewards of their labor.  People who work diligently tend to be more satisfied and contented in life.  God created us to use our hands to labor and in return we can enjoy the fruits of our labor.  Labor molds and shapes a person's character.  Parents that teach their children the importance of labor are more likely to produce children that are contented and grateful than those parents who don't instill a work ethic into their children.  An entitlement mentality produces ungratefulness in people.  That's very evident in today's society.  I've never seen anyone who believed the world owes them a living possess a heart of thanksgiving.  The contrary is the case. 

Children that possess a heart of thanksgiving turn out to be happier and contented people.  Children with a heart of thanksgiving have a tendency to be more submissive to authority than those who possess an ungrateful heart.  Thanksgiving and submission go together like a hand in a glove.  An ungrateful heart will produce a heart of rebellion.  If parents raise their children to be thankful, they won't have to devote as much time correcting their chilldren nor will they have to emphasize obedience as frequently.  I believe obedience is a natural result of a grateful heart.  Things will fall into line in many people's lives if they develop a grateful heart.  It's the lack of a grateful heart that produces trouble. 

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First Female Vice-Presidential Nominee Geraldine Ferraro Dies

First Female Vice-Presidential Nominee Geraldine Ferraro Dies -

 Geraldine Ferraro

Geraldine Ferraro, who was the first female to run for the vice presidency on a major party ticket, died today.  She was 75 years old.  Ferraro died at Massachusetts General Hospital, where she was treated for blood cancer, a disease she had been battling for the last twelve years, according to her family.  Ferraro "was widely known as a leader, a fighter for justice, and a tireless advocate for those without a voice," according to her family  "To us she was a wife, mother, grandmother and aunt, a woman devoted to and deeply loved by her family.  Her courage and generosity of spirit throughout her life waging battles big and small, public and personal, will never be forgotten and will be sorely missed."

Ferraro is survived by her husband of 50 years, her three children and their spouses, and her eight grandchildren.  She was a Fox News Contributor and a fixture on the national stage since Democratic presidential nominee Walter Mondale chose the Queens Congresswoman to join his ticket in the 1984 presidential race between Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.  Mondale and Ferraro lost in a landslide to Reagan that November.  Delegates in San Francisco erupted in applause when she gave the first line of her speech accepting the vice presidential nomination: "My name is Geraldine Ferraro," she declared.  "I stand before you to proclaim tonight: America is the land where dreams can come true for all of us."  Her acceptance speech launched eight minutes of cheers, foot stamping and tears.  Sometimes she overshadowed Mondale on the campaign trail, often drawing larger crowds and more media attention than the presidential candidate.

There were also controversy in her bid for the vice presidency.  She was a vocal supporter of abortion rights, which resulted in vociferous protests.  Her run was also beset by ethical questions such as her campaign finances and tax returns, as well as the business dealings of her husband, John Zaccaro.  She attributed much of the controversy as bias towards Italian Americans.  Mondale said he selected Ferraro to help counter his poor showing in the polls against Reagan as well as he felt America lagged behind other democracies in elevating women to top leadership posts.

After losing the 1984 presidential races, Ferraro became a fellow of the Institute of Politics at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University until an unsuccessful bid for the 1992 Senate nomination.  She returned to the law after the 1992 Senate run, acting as an advocate for women raped during the ethnic conflict in the former Yugoslavia.  Her advocacy work and her support of President Bill Clinton won her a position as ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Commission, where she served in 1994 and 1995.  She hosted CNN's "Crossfire" in 1996-97 but left in 1998 to run against Chuck Schumer in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate.  She placed a distant second and that finished her political career.  Ferraro revealed in 2001 that she was diagnosed with blood cancer.  She discussed blood cancer before a Senate panel during that time and hoped to live long enough to see the first woman inaugurated as president of the United States.  That never happened.

An Anthology of Songs Written by Dottie Rambo

 "It's the Soul of Me" Dottie Rambo 

Dottie Rambo was a very gifted songwriter.  Dottie was known as "Songwriter of the Century" prior to her death.  She had written over 2500 songs, possibly more than that.  She penned her first song when she was eight years old.  She is second to Fanny Crosby in gospel songwriting.  Crosby wrote around 8000 songs throughout her life.  Dottie's songs have become a legend.  Many of her songs have blessed the hearts of many of God's people.   Many of her songs will stand the test of time.  She wrote some of her songs as a result of heartbreaks she experienced throughout her life.  That's why some of those songs have such meaning to them. 

Angels Sound the Golden Trumpet       
Another Mountain, Another Valley
The Artist                                                              
And That's the Way It Was                                  
As Long As We Can Talk it Over
As Long As You Walk With Me
Behold the Lamb                                                   
Between Here And Sunset                                                    
Big House on the Hill
Big, Big Man                                                      
A Brand New Breed of Believers
A Brand New Feeling
Breaking Bread
Bring All Your Needs To The Altar
By and By the Night Will Vanish
Caught in the Middle and Holding                                          
The Church Triumphant                                                          
Closer Home
Come Spring
Constantly Aware of His Love                                                
Cup of Woe                                                                                
Dark Valley
Destined for the Throne                                                           
Don't Let Me Walk Too Far From Calvary                              
Don't Pick Up the Pieces                                                            
Don't Take My Cross Away
Don't Wish the Good Times Away                                              
Eternity Will Be Long Enough                                      
First Million Years                                               
Flesh of My Flesh, Bone Of My Bone
For What Earthly Reason
Germs (My Invisible Dog)
Give Him All the Glory
God, Make Me Proud Of My Country
Going To A Wedding
Goward Toward The Setting Of The Sun
Harbor In The Time Of Storm
The Harvest
He Ain't Never Done Me Nothing But Good
He Changed My Tears To Showers Of Blessings
He Just Takes Me
He Looked Beyond My Fault And Saw My Need
He Loved Me To Death
He Must Die
In The Valley He Restoreth My Soul
He Sees Me Through The Blood
Heaven Will Never Welcome A Sweeter Mama
Here Today Gone Tomorrow
His Name Is A Strong Tower
His Steps Didn't Stop At Calvary
The Holy Hills of Heaven
Holy Spirit Thou Art Welcome
Home's Where The Heart Is
How Graciously Grace Has Covered My Sin
I Found My Place
I Gave Him Nothing 'Til I Gave Him All
I Just Came Into His Presence
I Won't Ask For More
If Heaven's A Dream (Let Me Dream On)
I Have Hope
I Go To The Rock
I Will Glory In The Cross
I Just Came To Talk With You Lord
I've Never Been This Homesick Before
I Will Lift You There
If I Could Do It All Over Again
If That Isn't Love
Is That The Lights Of Home?
It's Me Again Lord
Jesus Means Everything To Me
Jesus! Star Of The Morning
Just Want To Thank You Sweet Lord
Keeper Of The Well
Lord, Do It Again
Just Enough Heaven
Let Go Of This World
Love Letters
Made Up Mind
Marvelous Grace
Midnight In The Middle Of The Day
My Altar
My Father Is A King
My Heart Is Fixed
My Heart Can See
My Unchanging Friend
My Visit To Heaven
The Perfect Rose
Sheltered In The Arms of God
Silent Bells
Son Is Shining
Sons Of Thunder, Daughters Of Light
The Soul Of Me
A Soul Was Born
Touch Through Me
Stand By The River
That's Just His Way (Of Telling Me He Loves Me)
This Is My Valley
There's Nothing That My God Can't Do
Troubles Can Break You (Or Make You A Man)
Unmerited Favor of God
Until He Comes
We've Weathered Storms Before
Who's Gonna Teach My Children's Children
What Will It Be Beyond The River
We Shall Behold Him
The Wounds Of Calvary
When I Lift Up My Head
When Payday Comes
Wonder If Anyone Cares At All

This is just a sample of the 2500 songs penned by Dottie.

Donald Trump Says President Obama Should Reveal His Birth Certificate

Donald Trump

Donald Trump on "The View"

Donald Trump, who is a a real estate developer, made a guest appearance on The View a few days ago speaking of the subject concerning the "birther" issue.  Trump stated on the view that President Obama should reveal his birth certificate to the American public to quell doubts about President Barack Obama's eligibility to be president.  He didn't allege that Obama was constitutionally ineligible to serve but Trump said he should level with the American people on that subject.  Who are birthers?  Birthers are those that the media dubs as people who question that President Obama is a U.S. citizen.  The media tries to paint those who question President Obama's eligibility to be president as idiots, racists, or crazy people. said on March 17, 2001 that possible presidential candidate Donald Trump has "just a little doubt" that President Obama is a U.S. citizen, but his feeling doesn't make him an idiot.  Here's what Donald Trump had to say concerning his doubts about President Obama's eligibility:

"Let me tell you, I am a really smart guy.  I was a really good student at the best school in the country.  The reason I have a little doubt, just a little, is because he grew up and nobody knew him.  When you interview people, if I ever got the nomination if I ever decide to run, you may go back and interview people from my kindergarten.  They'll remember me.  Nobody ever comes forward.  Nobody knows who is he until later in his life.  It's very strange.  The whole thing is very strange." 

Trump has a very great point.  Who in America knows much about President Obama's early life?  I've listened to talk show host Jim Sumpter on radio since June 2007.  He's been speaking on this issue of the birth certificate since the presidential election of 2008.  Sumpter and his associate producer Janet McKee have done a lot of research on the birth certificate.  Sumpter has doubts about Obama's eligibility.  He cites the fact that Barack Obama had obtained a passport to Pakistan years ago when the U.S. wasn't on good terms with that country.  He questions how Obama could've obtained a U.S. passport to Pakistan when the U.S. didn't have a good relationship with the country of Pakistan a few decades ago.  That is a very important question.  He said the passport that he obtained to go to Pakistan would reveal whether or not he's a natural-born citizen.

I have not research or studied much on this issue.  That's why I haven't submitted posts on this subject.  Here's the truth of the matter.  The issue is not whether or not President Obama was born in Hawaii or Kenya.  Arizona Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain wasn't born in the United States himself.  He was born in the Panama canal.  John McCain is a natural-born citizen because both his mother and father were able to pass natural-born citizenship status to John McCain.  John McCain is a natural-born citizen because both his parents were citizens of the United States when John McCain was born.  John McCain Jr. was serving in the Navy and he was stationed in the Panama Canal.  Concerning Barack Obama, we know his mother was a citizen of the United States citizen, but his father, Barack Obama Sr. wasn't.  He was a citizen of Kenya.  If President Obama is a natural-born citizen, it's because his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was able to pass natural-born citizenship status to him.  Whether or not President Obama meets those qualifications, I can't say.  It depends upon what the statutues in the state of Hawaii said concerning a person's citizenship in 1961.  Since I don't know what those laws were in Hawaii in 1961, I have to give him the benefit of a doubt until evidence proves otherwise. 

In not having researched this subject on Obama's natural-born citizenship status, I don't have an opinion whether or not he's a natural-born citizen.  One thing I do believe is that President Obama needs to come before the American people on television to reveal the truth about his natural-born citizenship status.  President Obama knows one way or the other.  It would be a lot simpler if he would just reveal the truth before the American people instead of spending millions of dollars to fight it in court.  The American people have a right to know if he's a natural-born citizen.  He can quell doubts by addressing this subject before the American people and state the facts one way or the other.  Why he hasn't done that is anyone's guess.  However, it's not right for that subject not to be addressed.  It's his responsibility to settle this matter once and for all.  It's not the job of the media or radio talk show hosts to prove President Obama's eligibility.  President Obama should prove whether or not he's a natural-born citizen and constitutionally eligible to serve.  Inquiring about President Obama's natural-born citizenship status doesn't make us kooks or birthers.  This is not a conspiracy theory nor does this have anything to do racism.  It's about following the Constitution.  Donald Trump was on target stating Obama should reveal his birth certificate.   It's just common sense.  If the Constitution means anything to our politcians, then they need to follow it and not just give lip service to it when it suits their political agenda. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

"Faith and Fame" Dottie Rambo

Part 1

Part 2

Part 4

Part 5

Dottie Rambo "I Will Lift You There"

Dottie Rambo "I Must Tell Jesus" (w/the Imperials 1965)

Dottie Rambo "Pass Me Not"

Dottie Rambo "The Artist"

Dottie Rambo was a legendary songwriter in the 20th century.  She wrote at least 2500 songs throughout her lifetime.  She was born on March 2, 1934 in Madisonville, Kentucky.  She was born with the name Joyce Reba Lutrell.  Her parents were Vernon and Elizabeth Lutrell.  She was nicknamed "Little Dottie" but she was very tiny when she was young.  She first discovered her gift when she wrote her very first song at the age of eight years at the creek. The words to that song came bubbling forth within her.   She told her mother about the song she wrote and her mother asked her did she copy that out of a songbook.  Dottie told her mother that she didn't copy the song.  Her mother replied, "You'll pay a dear price for this gift."  Those words rang true over the years because Dottie did pay a dear price for her gift.  She learned to play the guitar by listening to the Grand Ole Opry on radio.  She learned to sing country by listening to the Grand Ole Opry.  When she was 12 years old she was saved.  As a result, she decided to sing only gospel; no longer country.  Her father was very displeased over that.  He wasn't a Christian at that time so he gave her an ultimatum: Either she sing country music and stay at home or sing gospel and leave home.  She chose the latter.  So at the age of 12 she boarded a bus and started singing in churches across the country. 

To make a long story short Dottie Rambo received a huge break in the 1960's when then Governor Jimmie Davis of Louisiana went to a concert in which the Happy Goodmans were singing one of Dottie's songs entitled, "There's Nothing That My God Can't Do."  Gov. Davis asked who wrote the song and the Goodman's replied, Dottie Rambo, who at that time was either living in Madisonville or Dawson Springs, Kentucky.  Governor Davis arranged for Buck, Dottie, and Reba to fly to Louisiana.  Governor Davis paid Dottie three thousand dollars to publish her songs, which was more money than the Rambos had ever seen in their lives.  At that time Buck was working at a grocery and Dottie was working at a hosiery mill to earn a living.  Around 1964, the Rambo's signed a deal with Warner Brothers on a two-record deal.  They didn't stay with Warner Brothers very long because Warner Brothers didn't know what to do with Christian music and they wanted the Rambos to sing folk or some other kind of other music, which Dottie wouldn't consent to.  Later, the Rambos signed with Benson to record their albums. 

Buck, Dottie, and Reba all sang in the group called the Singing Rambos (later the Rambos) starting around 1964.  Prior to Reba's joining the group at the age of 12, it was called the Gospel Echoes when former singers Judy Russell and Shirley Bivins sang with the group.  The Rambos performed all over the country together for several years until Reba was 23 years old.  They performed at the National Quartet Convention, Vietnam, and in other countries around the world.  In 1968 Dottie recorded her first black spirituals album entitled, "It's the Soul of Me."  She recorded the album with a group of black singers. 

I've just given you the introduction of Dottie Rambo's life with the brief summary above.  I have posted a five-part "Faith and Fame" series of the life of Dottie Rambo.  It will go into detail about the life, the musical and songwriting career of Dottie Rambo.  You'll learn more about Dottie by listening to all five parts of the YouTube clips. 

Dottie Rambo died on May 11, 2008 when the bus she was traveling on slid off an embankment in Missouri.  She was headed to a church in Texas for Mother's Day to sing with Naomi Sego and Lulu Roman. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Republicans Try to Block New Light Bulb Restrictions

Republicans Try to Block New Light Bulb Restrictions - has an interesting story about the Republicans on Capitol Hill that are hoping to overturn the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, which will result in the demise of the 100-watt incandescent light if nothing's done to overturn the bill.  The new replacements don't illuminate as well as the traditional light bulb and one Congressman said it poses health risks because these new bulbs contain small amounts of mercury.  This story is interesting read.