Friday, February 17, 2017

CNN is No Longer Fake News; It's 'Very Fake News'

CNN is Very 'Fake News"

President Trump

During his lengthy press news conference yesterday, President Trump was criticizing much of hateful and inaccurate coverage of the major news media.  He jokingly sparred with CNN's Jim Acosta saying that CNN is no longer fake news, but 'very fake news.'  Trump was pointing out that the media will say tomorrow that he's ranting and raving and Trump pointed out he's not doing such.  He stated he was having a good time doing it. 

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Sean Hannity Program on Fox News

Sean Hannity Program Fox News

Fox News commentator Sean Hannity interviews both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and House Speaker Paul Ryan on Fox News.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Trump: Flynn 'Treated Very Unfairly' by 'Fake Media'

Trump: Flynn 'Treated Very Unfairly' by 'Fake Media'

Former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn

President Trump stated that the 'fake' news media has treated the situation concerning former national security adviser's phone calls with the Russian ambassador, has been very, very unfair in this situation.  Trump stated that he called for Flynn's resignation because he misled the president about the phone calls prior to the inauguration  Trump stated that he believes the people that leaked out this information was from those in the Hillary camp.  Click on the above link to read full story.

Gallup: 62% of Americans Say Trump Keeps His Promises

Gallup: 62% of Americans Say Trump Keeps His Promises

President Trump

According to a recent Gallup poll from February 1-5, 2017, 62% of Americans say that Trump keeps the promises that he's made.  59% believe Trump is a strong and decisive leader.  53% also believe he can make the kind of changes that need to be made.  However, only 44% believes that Trump inspires confidence in the American people.  The characteristics that the American people apply to Trump are reflected in his inaugural address a few weeks ago as well as actions he's taken since becoming president. 

Consequently, many Americans don't view his honesty in a very positive light, echoing the presidential campaign last year between him and his rival Hillary Clinton.  There's a major gap in opinion amongst the Democrats and Republicans concerning Trump's honesty.  91% of Republican voters believe Trump keeps his promises whereas 36% of Democratic voters believe so.  While 94% of Republicans believe Trump is a strong and decisive leader, only 29% of Democrats believe so.  Concerning Trump's honesty only 81% of Republicans believe he is.  9% of Democrats say Trump is trustworthy.  Click on the above link to read the story.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Trump Was Told in January That Flynn Misled Pence

Trump Was Told in January That Flynn Misled Pence

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn

President Trump was told in late January that Michael Flynn, his National Security Adviser, had misled Vice-president Mike Pence concerning contacts he had with a Russian official.  Three weeks later, Flynn was ousted from his position.  Press Secretary Sean Spicer stated the reason for his firing was more driven by Flynn's misleading Pence rather than the legality of his speaking to the Russian official prior to Trump's inauguration.  Spicer stated Trump withheld judgment on Flynn until the White House counsel's office conducted a review of the legal issues raised by the calls.  Some say that Trump's friendly gesture toward Russia deepens questions about the incident. 

Such conversations supposedly breach protocol and violate the Logan Act, which states that private citizens can't conduct U.S. diplomacy.  However,  Flynn had already been tapped to be the next national security adviser in November.  I believe it's a technicality that the left are using to find something to nail Trump with.  I believe part of the reason for Flynn's ouster is because I believe Trump doesn't want an unnecessary distraction from the media with the battle he's already fighting on his immigration ban.  Trump had been conspicuously quiet about Flynn's standing with the administration for several days, then he took to Twitter and posed said the real story is "Why are there so many illegal leaks in Washington?"  I listened to radio talk show host Sean Hannity yesterday and after interviewing certain guests, discussed that those leaks could come from someone in the intelligence community.

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Michael Flynn Resigns as National Security Adviser

Michael Flynn Resigns as National Security Advisor

Image result for michael flynn resignsMike Flynn, former national security adviser

Michael Flynn submitted his resignation on Monday evening as National Security Adviser.  He was interviewed by the FBI during the first few days of the new Trump administration.  The FBI supposedly didn't believe he was forthcoming concerning his conversations with the Soviet ambassador.  Was he discussing sanctions against Russia?  He at first stated it wasn't and now it's supposedly false.  According to the New York Times, he was discussing sanctions against Russia.  According to law, it would be considered felony if Flynn lied to the FBI concerning his conversation with Russian ambassador, Sergey I. Kisylak.  On January 14, Flynn told Vice-president Mike Pence that he didn't discuss sanctions against Russia from the Obama administration in late December. 

According to sources, Mike Flynn was ousted not so much because of the conversations he had with the Russian ambassador, because he wasn't truthful to Vice-president Pence about the nature of Flynn's calls to the Russian ambassador.  Click on the link from the New York Times to read the full story.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Intel to Invest $7B in Factory in Arizona, Employ 3000

Intel to Invest $7B in Factory in Arizona

Image result for intel ceo meets with trump at white housePresident Trump with Intel CEO Brian Krzanich

On Wednesday February 8, 2017, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich met with President Trump in Krzanich's announcement to invest $7 billion in a factory in Arizona, which is to employ around 3000 people.  The factory will be in Chandler, Arizona and 10,000 people are there to support it.  Krzanich confirmed to CNBC that the investment made over the next 3 to 4 years will be to complete a previous plant 42, that was started and then left vacated. Krzanich stated the 7 nanometer chips will be produced there and stated these are some of the largest and most powerful chips in the world they will be producing.  Click on the above link from to read the latest on this news story.

Franklin Graham: Planned Parenthood is 'Hitleristic', 'Death is Their Prescription'

Planned Parenthood is Hitleristic

Rev. Franklin Graham on Fox News Channel

Rev. Franklin Graham, commenting on the millions of dollars that are appropriated to Planned Parenthood each year, made the statement that tax dollars shouldn't go to such a 'Hitleristic' organization which "has killed nearly one million babies in the womb every year since 2013."  He added that Planned Parenthood "slaughters little ones in the womb" and that "death is their prescription."  He's right on target, sad to say.  In a February 10th post in Facebook, Graham said that Planned Parenthood received $353 million in a recent annual report.  "Why on earth would Congress give them $550 million in government grants and reimbursements?" 

Graham was mentioning in a recent three year period, Planned Parenthood killed nearly one million babies in the womb, which Graham noted is a great tragedy.  Graham also said that taxpayer dollars withheld from each taxpayers' check should never be used to fund such 'Hitleristic operations".  Why do they want to go under the guise of a health clinic and slaughter the unborn, (emphasis added)?   He said conservative lawmakers in both the Democratic and Republican parties should stand together, do the right thing and end this wholesale slaughter of human life.  The Republican controlled House of Representatives, led by House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) has promised to cut off funding for Planned Parenthood during the next reconciliation bill to fund the government.  I have a difficult time foreseeing that happening.

What needs to happen is during next year's primary during the mid-term Congressional election, we need Republican candidates running against RINO's such as Paul Ryan and all the other incumbent Republicans in Congress next year.  Congress needs a clean sweep.  The leadership we have in Congress are traitors and many of them are anti-God and anti-life.  Those incumbents needs to be thrown out of office.  Click on the above link to read the story.

Monday, February 13, 2017

New Orders by Trump Make Law & Order a Priority

New Orders by Trump Make Law & Order a Priority

Jeff Sessions became the new attorney general as the U.S. Senate narrowly confirmed him on Thursday.  With him being sworn in, the Justice Department is supposedly being revamped and Trump announced new orders to make law and order a priority.  He had written a series of executive orders aimed at fighting crime and drug trafficking and protecting police officers.  One executive order announced Thursday directs the Justice Department to define new federal crimes and increase penalties for existing ones, to protect federal and local officers from acts of violence.

Another executive order is to create a task force aimed at reducing violent crime.  Another executive order is aimed at dismantling international drug cartels.  Click on the above link to read the rest of the article.

Trump: Zero Tolerance Policy of Acts of Violence Against Law Enforcement

Trump: Zero Tolerance Policy of Acts of Violence Against Law Enforcement

President Trump

As part of his plan to fight crime and acts of violence against law enforcement, President Trump made the statement that the wall along the southern border will be a huge help and implementing a zero tolerance policy against acts of violence against law enforcement.  He said that the wall is being designed right now and that he was serious about it, he told sheriffs and police chiefs on February 8 in a speech of the Major Cities Chiefs Association in Washington, D.C.  Trump stated the wall can be effective if built properly.  He said go ask Israel about the walls in their country.  Trump said he will give the police officers the tools they need to fight crime in our major cities. 

Trump also made the point using Dallas as an example that there were police officers targeted for execution.  Twelve were shot and five were killed in protecting our people in these cities.  It's a travesty.  The link from will fill you in all the details.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Three Lines of Truth in Scripture

There are three lines of truth that run throughout the scripture.  They are (1) salvation truth, (2) church truth, and (3) kingdom truth.  All these truths must be distinguished from one another or otherwise you can become confused.  Last week we started out giving the introduction to the subject of Hermeneutics which is the science of Biblical interpretation.  The Bible says in II Timothy to rightly divide the word of truth.  If you don't, then there will be much doctrinal confusion. 

Salvation truth is manifested throughout the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation.  There has always been only one way to save sinners and that's through the cross of Calvary. Everything that man did in the Old Testament, they always looked forward to Calvary in faith.  There has never been any other method of salvation than through Calvary.  Hebrews 9:26 "For then must he often have suffered since the foundation of the world; but now once in the end of the world hath he appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself."  I Peter 1:20 "Who verily was foreordained before the foundation of the world, but was manifest in these last times for you." 

Church Truth

Church truth is only found in the New Testament and is found primarily in the Pauline Epistles.  The church is a hidden mystery in the Old Testament.  The Old Testament believers didn't see what we see.  They knew nothing of the church.

Kingdom Truth

Just as salvation truth is run throughout the Bible, so is kingdom truth.  God has always had the intention to set up his kingdom in this world one of these days.  The Psalms are full of kingdom truth.  So are many of the Lord's parables. 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Trump Seizes on Ommission in Court's Travel Ban Ruling; Plots Next Move

Trump Seizes on Ommission in Court's Travel Ban Ruling

Image result for trump seizes on omission in court travel ban ruling          President Trump

Since Friday morning, President Trump has been making note of the major omission concerning the travel ban ruling.  The writer, Brookings fellow and Lawfare editor-in-chief skilled over a key part of the United States code on "inadmissible aliens" which Trump recited on Wednesday in defense of his immigration restrictions. 

The statute reads, "Whenever the President finds that the entry of any alien or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens, or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate." 

Normally, in a case of this magnitude, the courts would give deference to the President on matters of restricting immigration but the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals didn't view this as unreviewable.  Click on the link from to read the full story.

Appeals Court Upholds Suspension of Trump's Immigration Order

Appeals Court Upholds Suspension of Trump's Immigration Order

Image result for appeals court upholds suspended trump immigration order    Image result for appeals court upholds suspended trump immigration order
The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, based in San Francisco, unanimously upheld a temporary suspension of President Trump's executive order which temporarily restricts travelers from seven Muslim nations that are hotbeds of terrorism.  The executive order issues a 90-day pause on all immigrants from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, and Somalia on January 27.  The order banned all refugees for 120 days and it imposed an indefinite pause on Syrian refugees.  Judge James Robart , of the Federal District Order in Seattle, issued a temporary restraining order on Trump's executive last weekend after the states of Washington and Minnesota sued.  Attorneys from the Justice Department appealed Robart's ruling arguing that the president's executive order gives him the authority to place restrictions on people coming into this country.  The case could head to the Supreme Court.

Friday, February 10, 2017

In Shift, Trump Tells Xi He will Honor 'One China' Policy

In Shift, Trump Tells Xi He Will Honor 'One China' Policy

 Chinese President XI Jinping

President Trump spoke to Chinese President Xi Jinping and Trump stated that he supports the 'One China' policy that the U.S. has supported for several decades.  In a recent shift, Trump stated he would support 'One China' policy.  Prior to the presidential election, Trump had considered using Taiwan as leverage concerning negotiations over trade, national security and other sensitive issues.

More than two months after deviating from decades of diplomacy in regards to Taiwan, Trump accepts a phone call from the Chinese president and Trump promised not to upend relations between the two largest economies.  The policy has been in place since 1979 where the U.S. has only unofficial ties with Taiwan, which China claims as its own territory.  Click on the link from to read the rest of the story. 

Rev. Graham Warns: 'God Uses Extreme Vetting'

God Uses Extreme Vetting

Evangelist Franklin Graham

"If you want to reach the Promised Land and enter the gates of Heaven", you must believe in Jesus Christ who "stamped and sealed" your immigration status in Heaven through his blood, said Franklin Graham, from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  You can't immigrate from this earth into Heaven unless it's done by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Graham proclaims that "God uses extreme vetting."  That's the truth.  Unless  you enter Heaven through the blood of Jesus Christ, you won't make it.  It's only through Calvary you enter into Heaven.  Graham also stated that being a Baptist or Methodist won't save you neither good works will save you.  It's only by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Evangelist Franklin Graham is preaching in Puerto Rico this weekend and is hoping that millions who hear the gospel message will be saved.  Click on the above link to read the full story.

Texas Gov. Abbott Cracks Down on Sanctuary Cities; Witholds State Funds

Texas Gov. Abbott Cracks Down on Sanctuary Cities

Image result for greg abbottTexas Gov. Greg Abbott

Texas Governor Greg Abbott told Steve Malzberg on the Steve Malzberg show that he's withholding millions of dollars to Travis County in Texas, which includes the state capital of Austin.  He's withholding funds from that county because they are a sanctuary city.  He refers to Travis County as a "blueberry in a sea of red soup."   He said that he and the Texas legislature are going to bring the hammer down on Travis County which has sanctuary city policies.  He stated they would be seeking greater penalties such as fines, potential jail time, or court action.  He said there could be a variety of penalties used for Travis County.  Click on the above link to read the full story.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Soros Funded Group Behind Violent UC Berkeley Protests

Soros Funded Group Behind Violent UC Berkeley Protests

Soros-Funded Group Behind Violent UC Berkeley Protests

Last week radical Marxist protesters at UC Berkeley managed to shut down a scheduled speech by right-wing "gay" provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos.  The violent protests that have been taking place have been funded by George Soros and some of his organizations such as, and Washington's Community Action Network) CAN.  The New American's William Jasper wrote about the powerful influence of the Anti-Trump, Black Lives Matter movement:

Over the past several years, American cities have been plunged into racial and civil turmoil at a level that we have not experienced since the 1960's and 1970's.  The anti-police riots in Ferguson, Baltimore, Milwaukee, and elsewhere have morphed into anti-Trump riots across the country, with many of the same organizations and individuals serving as instigators: Black Lives Matter,, International Action Center, ANSWER Coalition, and other far let fake "grassroots" groups.  They reliably perform on cue because they are lavishly funded by the Soros Open Foundation Society (OFS), the other big tax-exempt foundations (Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie et. al) and activist "pass through" organizations, such as the Tides Foundation, that bundle and launder hundreds of millions of dollars in "dark money" to the street revolutionaries.

George Soros has been involved in a lot of havoc taking place in the United States the last several years.  He needs to be stopped.  He's a grave threat to this country.

Bill O'Reilly's Interview With President Donald Trump

Bill O'Reilly's Interview With President Donald Trump

Image result for bill o' reilly's superbowl interview with donald trump Bill O'Reilly interviewing President Donald Trump right before the Superbowl on Sunday

Fox News Bill O'Reilly conducts a sit-down interview exclusive with President Donald Trump on Sunday, February 5, 2017 on Superbowl Sunday.  Click on the above link from YouTube to watch the interview.