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History of Barbecue

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The history of barbecue has a long tradition which reaches way back to as far as some of the earliest tribes in world history.  It's been said that cavemen would kill animals and build a fire with wood and smoke meat from the animals they slew.  Barbecue has a long history and tradition to it.  Most of us think of barbecue when it comes to the American tradition.  It's true that the art of barbecuing is definitely an American tradition.  It's especially an American tradition during the summer holidays.  Three of the most popular holidays where you'll find scores of Americans barbecuing are Memorial Day, Independence Day (Fourth of July) and Labor Day.  In between those days there are numerous benefits, fundraisers, and picnics where barbecuing takes place.  Much of the meat this is cooked are pork ribs, chicken, beef briskets, hamburgers, steak, mutton, etc.  There are various regions in the U.S. that specialize in certain kinds of barbecue.  Memphis is known for barbecuing pork and ribs with a special tomato sauce.  Kansas City is known for its thick sauce barbecuing ribs.  North Carolina barbecues a whole hog using a type of vinegar barbecue.  In Kentucky, it's popular to barbecue pork and mutton.  Texas is known for barbecuing beef.  There are all types of barbecue traditions in America.  There are communal types of barbecues such as picnics, etc.  There are scores of barbecue contests, esp. at barbecue festivals, like the one we have in our hometown.  Back during the Civil War days and after, they were more of a community type, then eventually barbecue restaurants started cropping up in different places around the country, esp. around the South.  Blacks specialized in barbecuing themselves in the South and later when many migrated to the North in the early part of the 20th century, they took the barbecue tradition with them.

The word "barbecue" comes from the word "batrbacoa" which was the name for a cooking rack to cook meat on.  Barebecuing was known in the Caribbean.  Many of the Spanish explorers who settled in the Caribbean and parts of what is now parts the old South.  The Spanish explorer De Soto experimented with barbecue.  The Native American Indians such as the Chickasaw Indians would barbecue over a barbacoa.  They loved hogs.  They also smoked meat to preserve it.  They had to since there wasn't any such thing as electricity where people had refrigerators or freezers to place their meat.  Eventually this method of cooking on the barbacoa found its way in the colonies of Virginia.  Many black slaves would barbecue.  George Washington, one of our Founding Fathers, had a smokehouse at his plantation in Mount Vernon, Virginia.  Many of our Founding Fathers had cookouts during colonial times.

 Prior to the days of refrigeration, smoking meat was a necessity if you wanted to preserve meat for a specified period of time, otherwise it would have to be consumed not long after the animal was killed and slayed.  A lot of barbecuing was done that way. 

Since that time barbecue has been a common tradition in American history.  Today there are all sorts of barbecue events such as festivals, competitions, picnics, etc.  I've been to several barbecue picnics over the years and I've immensely enjoyed the pork, mutton, chicken, ribs, etc.  I'm a barbecue nut.  I  love to personally barbecue.  I use a smoker and I add charcoal and hickory chips to give the meat that smoked flavor.  Then I add a hickory brown sugar flavor barbecue sauce on the meat.  Most of the time when I grill chicken, I cook it in a roaster pan so the chicken doesn't get burned.  I like it that way. 

I know what I've written today about barbecuing is just the tip of the iceberg.  I intend on writing more about barbecue around July 4th.  It will be a continuation of this post that I started today.  I will explain the definition between barbecuing and grilling.  I will expound more upon the history of barbecuing in the next post.  The study of the history of barbecuing is very exciting.  I have some posts linked up that discuss the subject of barbecuing in more detail.  I will probably write at least two more posts on this subject this year.  The other one will probably be around Labor Day.  I want to wish all the outdoor cooks today great success as they barbecue today.

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What the People Desire From Donald Trump

Alex Jones: The People's Message to Donald Trump

Donald Trump has already clinched the 1237 delegates needed to win the GOP nomination.  Now it's time for him to campaign aggressively across the nation and share his vision for America.  However, the American voters who voted for you in the Republican primary these past few months have a message for you.  There are certain things we the American people desire out of the next president of the United States.  Here are a few things we the American people desire out of you if you're elected president this Fall.

First of all, you need to be honest with the American people.  Don't make false campaign promises to the American people.  Don't make promises that you know you can't keep.  The Republican elites have done nothing but major in lying to the American public.  They make promises to them that they know won't be kept such as repealing Obamacare, rein in the federal deficit, stop the flow of illegal immigrants from coming into this country, etc.  We've had enough of those fake promises made.  We all recall back in September 2010 that John Boehner and company made some promises called, "Pledge to America" that if the Republicans were elected to be the majority party Congress would start doing the people's business once again.  We know how that went.  All the Republican elites under former Speaker Boehner and now Speaker Ryan have done nothing but facilitate Obama's agenda.  They haven't stopped Obamacare, they haven't stopped the gross federal spending nor have they curbed the flow of illegal immigrants into this country.  They lied to us.  We abhor that.  We're tired of lying, scumbag politicians.  So don't make promises you can't keep.  I recognize you aren't God and can't straighten everything out, but you don't have to make false promises to the American people.

We the people also desire that you recognize our Judeo Christian roots.  This country was built on the Word of God.  Men and women who loved God came to this country to start a great nation.  God has blessed this nation abundantly over the years.  We want you to recognize that and to do nothing to remove God out of the public square.  Without God this nation doesn't have a chance.  We want the students in our public school systems to have the freedom to openly pray in the classroom and to read the Bible.  Our public school system has went downhill since that the 1962 and 1963 Supreme Court decisions.  We want you to remember America's heritage support religious freedom in America.

We the people also want you to do everything in your power to persuade Congress to do everything in their power to limit abortion.  Abortion is murder in God's eyes and always will be.  Nobody has a right to destroy the unborn baby.  The unborn baby has the right to be born.  Roe vs. Wade needs to be overturned.  That's why it's important that when U.S. Supreme Court and lower federal court vacancies occur, that you appoint judges who will uphold the Constitution and won't change the Constitution to fit their "humanist" viewpoint.  We need you to appoint judges that will uphold the original intent of the law and won't reinterpret the law to fit their own agenda.  For example, Title IX of the education amendment makes reference to sexual discrimination concerning women.  It has nothing to do with transgenders.  President Obama is guilty of overreach.  He has no right to twist the interpretation of Title IX to mean something that it wasn't meant to be to start with.  That's another point  Don't use the office of the president to make executive orders that should be done legislatively or should be done on a state or local level. 

We the people also want you to stop the flow of illegal immigration in this country.  We need you to build a border fence that's triple-tiered.  The globalist elite don't want you to build a border fence.  They want open borders because they're all about global government.  However, a country isn't a country without borders.  So we need you to preserve our borders and stop the illegals from coming into America illegally. 

Another major issue is the issue of economics.  We need to totally restructure our tax code and either implement a flat tax or a national sales tax.  The tax code that's been established since the 1930's does nothing but incite class warfare.  You understand that.  You know as a businessman how difficult the government makes it for businesses to flourish in America today.  We need all the burdensome regulations placed upon businesses to be lifted and we need for the federal government to not interfere with the functioning of the private sector.  Also, we need for you to not engage in any trade deals that's bad for America.  We need our jobs at home.  America can't be great economically when it loses its manufacturing base. 

Lastly, we need you to stand up against the globalists such as the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, and any multinational corporation that's all about destroying America's sovereignty.  Both political parties have been hijacked by the globalists.  That's why there's hardly a dime's worth of difference between the two parties.  The globalist establishment controls them.  It won't be easy because they are a powerful group and anyone that crosses them will more than likely pay a heavy price for it.  So stand your ground against the globalist establishment.

In my final remarks I want to remind you to not mess around with the LGBT movement.  All they are about is shoving their immorality down the throats of the American people and it's very unhealthy.  They've been using the Supreme Court and the lower federal courts as a tool to push their agenda on the American people such as gay marriage for example.  I can see the Supreme Court ruling in the future that transgenders must be allowed to use the bathroom they choose according to gender identity.  You are on the wrong side of the transgender issue.  Men have no right to use women's restrooms and vice versa.  We don't care what you think you are in your mind.  You are what you are in bodily form.  Your genitalia reveals which gender you are.  You need to get that issue correct because forcing the public to allow transgenders to use the restroom of their choice is very unhealthy and dangerous for women and children and there's no sense in that whatsoever.  It's foolish. 

We need for you to stand up and be a patriot.  We don't need the same old usual politics like we've been seeing with our last four presidents.  You need to change that.   We don't have any other choice. 

Friday, May 27, 2016

McDonalds CEO Says $15 Hourly Wage, Robots Won't Kill Jobs

McDonalds CEO Says $15 Hourly Wage, Robots Won't Kill Jobs

Protesters set up tents on the street as they demonstrate outside the McDonald's headquarters calling for higher wages and improved working conditions in the Chicago suburb of Oak Brook, Illinois, U.S., May 25, 2016. REUTERS/Jim Young

McDonalds corporate CEO Steve Easterbrook stated that if the hourly minimum wage was raised to $15 an hour, U.S. restaurant operators more than likely wouldn't replace their workers with robots or kiosks, unlike what some restaurant managers in different restaurants would say.  Of course, I can't say what would be the minimum that McDonalds employers could pay without replacing workers with robots, but many of the workers who work for the fast food giant don't work full-time hours nor are they paid health insurance.  It's not like McDonalds has to guarantee its employers 40 hours a week.  So if the price of a hamburger rises and it affects the customer base, then McDonalds employers can reduce the hours of its employees. 

Outside the headquarters of McDonalds there were many protesters out there calling for "$15 an hour.  They were seeking for better wages and the right to unionize.  Many McDonalds franchises starting paying their employees $10 an hour last year, but that's only a fraction of its employees.  Many McDonalds franchisees run most of the McDonalds restaurants in the U.S. 

Protesters have called on Easterbrook to share profit gains with all McDonalds employees, not just executives and shareholders.  Click on the above link from Reuters to read the story.

Minimum Wage Protesters Gather at McDonalds

Minimum Wage Protesters Gather at McDonalds

Minimum wage protesters gather at McDonald's headquarters

During this past Wednesday and Thursday, crowds of people came to protest in Oak Brook, Illinois, home of the fast-food giant McDonalds.  Much of the crowd is pushing for the minimum wage to be raised to $15 an hour and they were also trying to form a union for the fast food giant as well. 

The sad truth is if the minimum wage goes to $15 an hour, the price of hamburgers will rise and it can affect the customer base at McDonalds with having to raise prices to meet the minimum wage increase.  Click on the above link from Chicago Tribune to read the full story.

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Donald Trump Wins Washington Primary in a Landslide

Donald Trump Wins Washington Primary

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Donald Trump is less than 10 delegates shy of winning the 1237 delegates he needs.  He has 1229 delegates so far.  However, on June 7, there are a slate of states that will grant him enough delegates to put him over the top on June 7th with California, New Jersey, Montana, New Mexico, and South Dakota.  Trump has been the lone Republican in the race since the Indiana primary was decisive and it was after that primary that both Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropped out of the race.  He has at least 40 delegates from Washington and I believe seven delegates are to be decided.

Click on the above link to read the full story.

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Hannity--May 20, 2016

Hannity--May 20, 2016

Click on the above link to listen to this "Hannity" Segment from the Fox News Channel.

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Operation to Retake Fallujah Has Begun, According to Prime Minister

Operation to Retake Fallujah Has Begun

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The Iraqi government said that the Iraqi military Islamic State-held Fallujah, which was the scene of some of the bloodiest fighting involving the U.S. Marines during the Iraq War in 2004.  Prime Minister Haider-al-Abadi said the operation to retake the Western Anbar province has begun.  Click on the above link to read the full story.

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Donald Trump Needs to Reach Out to the "Heart of America" When Campaigning

Image result for donald trump      GOP Presumptive nominee Donald Trump

I have some advice for GOP presumptive candidate Donald Trump.  When he goes out campaigning for president, he needs to devote his time reaching out to the "heart of America".  When I speak of the "heart of America", who am I referring to?  I'm talking about people of America which consist of families.   It involves the mother, father, and children.  Single people are included as well.  Many of these people are faithful in attending church.  Some of them are God-fearing people who use their abilities to serve the Lord.  It also involves people who work on a job every day to make ends meet in their homes.  These types of people are faithful in their community and try to involve themselves in the community.  You've heard the old saying that families are the basic building blocks of society.  You need to pay attention to their concerns about their families and their communities.  Those type of people are the heart of America. 

Some of these people who are the heart of America are successful businessman.  They own and run a business.   People that comprise the middle class, the upper middle class, the lower class, and even millionaires comprise the heart of America.  I know there are some millionaires that are crooked but not all of them are.  You need to reach out to these types of people when campaigning.  They have the best interests of America at heart. 

Why do I say all of this?  It's because there are numerous monied and global interests that will and are already competing for your attention and they don't have the best interests of the nation at heart.  They control much of what goes on in our country today.  But they're part of the problem in this country.  That's why we have skyrocketing debt, open borders, a nation that's out of control.  These global interests are doing what they can to destroy this great land of ours.  Don't allow them to control your agenda.  It's the people that make this country great that you need to pay attention to.

There are other groups out as well that are a detriment to this nation and one of them is the LGBT movement.  I know they are American citizens.  I'm not preaching to hate these groups.  God created them but he didn't create them to be homosexual or transgender.  They're that way because of choices they made in their personal life.  This group has been trying to push their agenda on Americans through the aid of the courts and President Obama.  You are very wrong on the transgender bathroom issue.  Transgender men don't belong in the women's restroom.  It's not about what you think in your mind who you are.  You are what you are in bodily form.  If you're a male in bodily form, you go to the men's restroom.  If you're a female in bodily form, you go to the women's restroom.  It's that simple.  The LGBT community is trying to change that and its very unhealthy and a safety risk for women and children.  I do know transgenders are American citizens but they and the homosexual community are pushing their sordid lifestyle on the American people to accept them as they are.  God loves them but he doesn't approve of their lifestyle.  That kind of lifestyle is destructive to America.  It's unhealthy.  Those groups don't make America the great nation it is.  You don't need to devote your time catering to that group.  I don't hate them nor do I promote hate.  That's a choice they made and it's the wrong choice. 

You have a chance to win this election in November, but make sure you pay attention to the millions of everyday men and women who comprise the heart of America.  They are the people who make this country great.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

The House GOP Should Draft Articles of Impeachment Against Barack Obama

If you ever wonder why I don't like to re-elect incumbent politicians to Congress, take a look at the actions of President Barack Obama last Friday with him trying to rewrite Title IX of the education amendment.  Before I proceed any further, let me clarify what I'm talking about.   What is Title IX?  Title IX is part of the 1972 education amendment that was sponsored by former Indiana Senator Birch Bayh.  One of the education amendments inspired by the women's rights movement of the 1960's, it stated: No person in the United States on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.  It was to prevent women from being discriminated against when it came to educational opportunities.  Many people think of women's sports programs from high school and collegiate athletics.  It had an impact in the sports arena.  Consequently, our current president, Barack Obama, has decided to re-write Title IX which states that "transgenders" can't be discriminated against when it comes to using public restrooms, showers, and locker rooms, etc.  President Obama is a strong supporter of the transgender movement and he's doing everything in his power to force the school systems or those who receive federal funds to force them to allow transgenders to use the bathroom according to whichever gender they identify with, hence gender identity.  If the transgender is a male and he thinks in his mind he's a woman, then he should be allowed to use women's public bathrooms.  It's very twisted.  If they don't comply to President Obama's directive, they could lose federal funding. 

The actions of President Obama calls for impeachment.  He is definitely guilty of federal overreach.  For one thing, he has no right re-write Title IX to include transgenders.  That's a state and local issue.  He has no business in imposing that garbage in the public arena.  Also, he's totally re-interpreting Title IX to make it imply something it isn't.  Title IX has nothing whatsoever to do with transgender.  He's totally twisted the original intent of that amendment.  That amendment talks about sex discrimination.  That has nothing whatsoever to do with gender identity.  You are what you are in bodily form.  If you're a male and you possess the genitals of a male, then you use the men's restroom.  If you are a female in bodily form and possess the genitals of a female, then you use the women's restroom.  It's plain and simple.  It's not a debatable issue.  We don't care what one thinks in their mind.  Does this mean that if I envision myself as a pilot in my mind, then I should go to the airport and climb into the cockpit of a plane and fly it?  Even though I possess no training nor license for it, then I should fly a plane because I envision myself a pilot in my mind.  That makes as much sense as those who claim to be transgender who are male but think they are women.  Transgender is another name for pervert or social misfit.  However, LGBT has decided to refer to those kind of people as transgender.

President Obama has done what many of the federal judges have done.  They've totally disregarded the original intent of the law and interpreted it to be something different.  There was no transgender movement in 1972.  The very fact that any of our politicians would given the LGBT group the time of day shows how corrupt and sinister our politicians are.  Those in Congress and the Senate who are incumbents need to be voted out this Fall.  We don't need incumbents in Washington.  They are corrupt and a part of the problem.  I'm speaking of Republicans, of course.  I wouldn't give the Democrats the time of day.

If the GOP had any decency about them, the House leadership would be drafting articles of impeachment against Barack Obama and the GOP Senate would be holding the hearings against him.  The GOP should be expressing major outrage over the federal overreach from President Obama.  All that's doing is destroying the social fabric of our country.  I'm convinced that our politicians are all about the destruction of this country economically, morally, socially, etc.  The transgender issue is one of the issues our politicians are using to destroy this nation.  It's very unhealthy.  Also, it poses a security risk for America's women.  If Obama's transgender directive goes through, then women will need to arm themselves with pepper spray or some type of weapon to protect themselves. 

The GOP needs nip this issue in the bud and stop it before it goes out of hand.  The way to do so is to impeach President Obama.  They should've impeached him a long time ago on other counts, but this is over the top.  He has no right to force this perversion on our country.  Sad to say, our GOP lawmakers won't do anything about it.  That's why they need to be voted out in November.  If they won't do the right thing and express major outrage and impeach the President, then they need to be voted out come November.

Trump: We're Getting Rid of Gun-Free Zones

Trump: We're Getting Rid of Gun-Free Zones

Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump told a group of attendees at the National Rifle Association-Institute for Legislative Action's (NRA-ILA) leadership forum in Louisville, Kentucky that he will get rid of gun-free zones as president.  Trump cited the mass terrorist shootings in France and San Bernardino could have been avoided if the people were allowed to defend themselves with their guns.  He said in particular that Paris was one of the toughest places in the world to have a gun.  Trump also said that the Paris attacks might not have happened if the "masterminds" knew or believed there were guns in the room.  And if they did attempt to shoot, there would be bullets flying in the opposite direction. 

Click on the above link to read the full story.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Donald Trump Unveils List of His Top Picks for the Supreme Court

Donald Trump Unveils List of His Top Supreme Coiurt Picks

Donald Trump

Donald Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee, released a list of potential Supreme Court candidates he would consider choosing to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia if he were elected to the White House.  Some on the list are Thomas Hardiman Pennsylvania, Steve Colloton of Iowa, Allison Eid of Colorado and Raymond Gruender of Missouri, to name a few.  Click on the above link from to read the full story.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Clinton Claims Victory in Kentucky; Sanders Easily Wins Oregon

Clinton Claims Victory in Kentucky: Sanders Easily Wins Oregon

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders easily wins Oregon with 75% of the vote counted early Wednesday morning with Sanders tallying 54.5% of the vote compared to Hillary Clinton's 45.5% of the votes.  In Kentucky's primary, the race is still too-close-to with less than two thousand votes separating the two candidates.  Hillary has tweeted she won the race.  With 99% of the vote counted early Wednesday morning, the tally is 46.8% to 46.5% or something like that.  Click on to read the latest story.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New Selective Service Legislation Inflicts Immediate Harm on Women

New Selective Service Legislation Inflicts Immediate Harm on Women has an article on legislation passed by the House concerning the new selective service legislation that could result in women being drafted into the military if we were to have a national draft again.  This is something to read.  It's very serious.  The last thing we need is a law making it possible for women to be drafted into military service.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Mark Levin: 'The Minimum Wage is a Job Killer

Mark Levin: The Minimum Wage is a Job Killer

Nationally Syndicated radio host Mark Levin

CNSNewscom had an interesting piece from nationally syndicated radio talk show host Mark Levin concerning the minimum wage.  He says it's a job killer.  He's exactly right.  It make it difficult for places such as McDonalds to sell an affordable product if the government mandates raising the minimum wage.  The other week after both GOP candidates Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropped out of the presidential race, Donald Trump said he was considering raising the minimum wage if he were elected president.  That would be a grave mistake Mr. Trump.  It will affect the number of jobs that can be created for young people. 

I know this issue is considered a controversial issue.  Most anybody you talk to who doesn't think through economic issues will say raising the minimum wage is the right idea because nobody can live on minimum wage.  The truth is, fast-food jobs such as McDonalds and Hardees, for example are not jobs in which one can make a living wage, unless they want to climb to upper levels of management.  These fast-food jobs aren't the kind of jobs any normal person would desire to work if they're working to making a living.  These type of jobs are entry-level jobs, which are jobs for those starting out in the work force.  These types of jobs are to give young people some learning experience in the work force.  They aren't meant to be permanent full-time jobs to make a career out of.  It give young people the work experience starting out in the work force.  These types of jobs are also for those who desire a second income. 

One of the other problems I see that's associated with government mandated minimum wage is that stores will raise the prices on their products to pay for the minimum wage increase.  If that happens, nobody wins.  You're spending more money to purchase the same goods, and you're receiving less for your money.  If McDonalds were mandated by government, for example, to pay their employees $15 an hour, then the price of Big Mac's, Quarter Pounders, French Fries, and shakes will rise to levels that the faithful customers won't be willing to pay.  That will hurt business and McDonald will reduce the hours of their employees.  That's not a good deal.  On top of that, everybody else's wages aren't going to rise as a result of the government-mandated minimum wage increase.  Nobody wins.  The cost of living is already too high as it is and raising the minimum wage by government mandate will make it more difficult for others to purchase the same goods. 

What's the answer:  The answer is for government to eliminate the numerous regulations they place upon businesses today.  We need to attract businesses that will pay a living wage to their workers.  You can't expect to see much of that when the government over-regulates the private sector.  We need to bring back our manufacturing base and we need to bring back businesses where those who trained in college for that field can field jobs in those fields once again.  I can hardly justify paying McDonalds employees $15 an hour when numerous college graduates can't find jobs in the fields they majored in college.  That's pathetic.  Click on the above link to read the article and see the video clip from Mark Levin.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Pelosi Proud of the Obama Administration Concerning Transgenders

Pelosi Proud of the Obama Administration Concerning Transgenders

 House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic members at a press conference on May 13, 2016.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi stated Friday she is proud of the directive from the Obama administration which says that federally funded schools must allow students use the restrooms of their choice according to gender identity, not what's on the individual child's birth certificate.  In other words, if a boy is a boy in bodily form but thinks he's a "girl", then he must be allowed to use the girl's restroom in the public school system.  The President is grossly misinterpreting Title IX when it comes to discrimination.  The amendment says that students can't be discriminated against when it comes to educational opportunities based upon their sex.  This has nothing to do with gender identity.  When Title IX was passed in 1972, they weren't thinking of so-called "transgenders" which is another word for perverts or social misfits.  That was to protect women who were identified as female on their birth certificate wouldn't be discriminated against when it came to the same educational opportunities as boys were.  It had nothing to do what gender you thought you were in your mind.  The president has grossly and purposely misinterpreted the original intent of Title IX.  That's wicked and beyond senseless.  Nancy Pelosi is a wicked woman.  A grandmother giving her okay as something as perverse as that shows she's been totally corrupted by politics.  She nor the women members of her family would go inside a man's restroom but she will push the transgender issue on everyone else in America.  Click on the above link to read the full story.