Monday, May 23, 2016

Donald Trump Needs to Reach Out to the "Heart of America" When Campaigning

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I have some advice for GOP presumptive candidate Donald Trump.  When he goes out campaigning for president, he needs to devote his time reaching out to the "heart of America".  When I speak of the "heart of America", who am I referring to?  I'm talking about people of America which consist of families.   It involves the mother, father, and children.  Single people are included as well.  Many of these people are faithful in attending church.  Some of them are God-fearing people who use their abilities to serve the Lord.  It also involves people who work on a job every day to make ends meet in their homes.  These types of people are faithful in their community and try to involve themselves in the community.  You've heard the old saying that families are the basic building blocks of society.  You need to pay attention to their concerns about their families and their communities.  Those type of people are the heart of America. 

Some of these people who are the heart of America are successful businessman.  They own and run a business.   People that comprise the middle class, the upper middle class, the lower class, and even millionaires comprise the heart of America.  I know there are some millionaires that are crooked but not all of them are.  You need to reach out to these types of people when campaigning.  They have the best interests of America at heart. 

Why do I say all of this?  It's because there are numerous monied and global interests that will and are already competing for your attention and they don't have the best interests of the nation at heart.  They control much of what goes on in our country today.  But they're part of the problem in this country.  That's why we have skyrocketing debt, open borders, a nation that's out of control.  These global interests are doing what they can to destroy this great land of ours.  Don't allow them to control your agenda.  It's the people that make this country great that you need to pay attention to.

There are other groups out as well that are a detriment to this nation and one of them is the LGBT movement.  I know they are American citizens.  I'm not preaching to hate these groups.  God created them but he didn't create them to be homosexual or transgender.  They're that way because of choices they made in their personal life.  This group has been trying to push their agenda on Americans through the aid of the courts and President Obama.  You are very wrong on the transgender bathroom issue.  Transgender men don't belong in the women's restroom.  It's not about what you think in your mind who you are.  You are what you are in bodily form.  If you're a male in bodily form, you go to the men's restroom.  If you're a female in bodily form, you go to the women's restroom.  It's that simple.  The LGBT community is trying to change that and its very unhealthy and a safety risk for women and children.  I do know transgenders are American citizens but they and the homosexual community are pushing their sordid lifestyle on the American people to accept them as they are.  God loves them but he doesn't approve of their lifestyle.  That kind of lifestyle is destructive to America.  It's unhealthy.  Those groups don't make America the great nation it is.  You don't need to devote your time catering to that group.  I don't hate them nor do I promote hate.  That's a choice they made and it's the wrong choice. 

You have a chance to win this election in November, but make sure you pay attention to the millions of everyday men and women who comprise the heart of America.  They are the people who make this country great.

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