Monday, May 16, 2016

Mark Levin: 'The Minimum Wage is a Job Killer

Mark Levin: The Minimum Wage is a Job Killer

Nationally Syndicated radio host Mark Levin

CNSNewscom had an interesting piece from nationally syndicated radio talk show host Mark Levin concerning the minimum wage.  He says it's a job killer.  He's exactly right.  It make it difficult for places such as McDonalds to sell an affordable product if the government mandates raising the minimum wage.  The other week after both GOP candidates Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropped out of the presidential race, Donald Trump said he was considering raising the minimum wage if he were elected president.  That would be a grave mistake Mr. Trump.  It will affect the number of jobs that can be created for young people. 

I know this issue is considered a controversial issue.  Most anybody you talk to who doesn't think through economic issues will say raising the minimum wage is the right idea because nobody can live on minimum wage.  The truth is, fast-food jobs such as McDonalds and Hardees, for example are not jobs in which one can make a living wage, unless they want to climb to upper levels of management.  These fast-food jobs aren't the kind of jobs any normal person would desire to work if they're working to making a living.  These type of jobs are entry-level jobs, which are jobs for those starting out in the work force.  These types of jobs are to give young people some learning experience in the work force.  They aren't meant to be permanent full-time jobs to make a career out of.  It give young people the work experience starting out in the work force.  These types of jobs are also for those who desire a second income. 

One of the other problems I see that's associated with government mandated minimum wage is that stores will raise the prices on their products to pay for the minimum wage increase.  If that happens, nobody wins.  You're spending more money to purchase the same goods, and you're receiving less for your money.  If McDonalds were mandated by government, for example, to pay their employees $15 an hour, then the price of Big Mac's, Quarter Pounders, French Fries, and shakes will rise to levels that the faithful customers won't be willing to pay.  That will hurt business and McDonald will reduce the hours of their employees.  That's not a good deal.  On top of that, everybody else's wages aren't going to rise as a result of the government-mandated minimum wage increase.  Nobody wins.  The cost of living is already too high as it is and raising the minimum wage by government mandate will make it more difficult for others to purchase the same goods. 

What's the answer:  The answer is for government to eliminate the numerous regulations they place upon businesses today.  We need to attract businesses that will pay a living wage to their workers.  You can't expect to see much of that when the government over-regulates the private sector.  We need to bring back our manufacturing base and we need to bring back businesses where those who trained in college for that field can field jobs in those fields once again.  I can hardly justify paying McDonalds employees $15 an hour when numerous college graduates can't find jobs in the fields they majored in college.  That's pathetic.  Click on the above link to read the article and see the video clip from Mark Levin.

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