Saturday, May 28, 2016

What the People Desire From Donald Trump

Alex Jones: The People's Message to Donald Trump

Donald Trump has already clinched the 1237 delegates needed to win the GOP nomination.  Now it's time for him to campaign aggressively across the nation and share his vision for America.  However, the American voters who voted for you in the Republican primary these past few months have a message for you.  There are certain things we the American people desire out of the next president of the United States.  Here are a few things we the American people desire out of you if you're elected president this Fall.

First of all, you need to be honest with the American people.  Don't make false campaign promises to the American people.  Don't make promises that you know you can't keep.  The Republican elites have done nothing but major in lying to the American public.  They make promises to them that they know won't be kept such as repealing Obamacare, rein in the federal deficit, stop the flow of illegal immigrants from coming into this country, etc.  We've had enough of those fake promises made.  We all recall back in September 2010 that John Boehner and company made some promises called, "Pledge to America" that if the Republicans were elected to be the majority party Congress would start doing the people's business once again.  We know how that went.  All the Republican elites under former Speaker Boehner and now Speaker Ryan have done nothing but facilitate Obama's agenda.  They haven't stopped Obamacare, they haven't stopped the gross federal spending nor have they curbed the flow of illegal immigrants into this country.  They lied to us.  We abhor that.  We're tired of lying, scumbag politicians.  So don't make promises you can't keep.  I recognize you aren't God and can't straighten everything out, but you don't have to make false promises to the American people.

We the people also desire that you recognize our Judeo Christian roots.  This country was built on the Word of God.  Men and women who loved God came to this country to start a great nation.  God has blessed this nation abundantly over the years.  We want you to recognize that and to do nothing to remove God out of the public square.  Without God this nation doesn't have a chance.  We want the students in our public school systems to have the freedom to openly pray in the classroom and to read the Bible.  Our public school system has went downhill since that the 1962 and 1963 Supreme Court decisions.  We want you to remember America's heritage support religious freedom in America.

We the people also want you to do everything in your power to persuade Congress to do everything in their power to limit abortion.  Abortion is murder in God's eyes and always will be.  Nobody has a right to destroy the unborn baby.  The unborn baby has the right to be born.  Roe vs. Wade needs to be overturned.  That's why it's important that when U.S. Supreme Court and lower federal court vacancies occur, that you appoint judges who will uphold the Constitution and won't change the Constitution to fit their "humanist" viewpoint.  We need you to appoint judges that will uphold the original intent of the law and won't reinterpret the law to fit their own agenda.  For example, Title IX of the education amendment makes reference to sexual discrimination concerning women.  It has nothing to do with transgenders.  President Obama is guilty of overreach.  He has no right to twist the interpretation of Title IX to mean something that it wasn't meant to be to start with.  That's another point  Don't use the office of the president to make executive orders that should be done legislatively or should be done on a state or local level. 

We the people also want you to stop the flow of illegal immigration in this country.  We need you to build a border fence that's triple-tiered.  The globalist elite don't want you to build a border fence.  They want open borders because they're all about global government.  However, a country isn't a country without borders.  So we need you to preserve our borders and stop the illegals from coming into America illegally. 

Another major issue is the issue of economics.  We need to totally restructure our tax code and either implement a flat tax or a national sales tax.  The tax code that's been established since the 1930's does nothing but incite class warfare.  You understand that.  You know as a businessman how difficult the government makes it for businesses to flourish in America today.  We need all the burdensome regulations placed upon businesses to be lifted and we need for the federal government to not interfere with the functioning of the private sector.  Also, we need for you to not engage in any trade deals that's bad for America.  We need our jobs at home.  America can't be great economically when it loses its manufacturing base. 

Lastly, we need you to stand up against the globalists such as the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, and any multinational corporation that's all about destroying America's sovereignty.  Both political parties have been hijacked by the globalists.  That's why there's hardly a dime's worth of difference between the two parties.  The globalist establishment controls them.  It won't be easy because they are a powerful group and anyone that crosses them will more than likely pay a heavy price for it.  So stand your ground against the globalist establishment.

In my final remarks I want to remind you to not mess around with the LGBT movement.  All they are about is shoving their immorality down the throats of the American people and it's very unhealthy.  They've been using the Supreme Court and the lower federal courts as a tool to push their agenda on the American people such as gay marriage for example.  I can see the Supreme Court ruling in the future that transgenders must be allowed to use the bathroom they choose according to gender identity.  You are on the wrong side of the transgender issue.  Men have no right to use women's restrooms and vice versa.  We don't care what you think you are in your mind.  You are what you are in bodily form.  Your genitalia reveals which gender you are.  You need to get that issue correct because forcing the public to allow transgenders to use the restroom of their choice is very unhealthy and dangerous for women and children and there's no sense in that whatsoever.  It's foolish. 

We need for you to stand up and be a patriot.  We don't need the same old usual politics like we've been seeing with our last four presidents.  You need to change that.   We don't have any other choice. 

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