Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Message to Donald Trump

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The other day you had a special meeting with House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI).  Of course Ryan stated that you both had a very productive meeting.  However, I want to tell you that there are numerous people within the Republican party that want you to take America down a path which isn't best for America.  The last few presidents we've had have taken us down the wrong path (regardless of party).  This country wasn't created to be a socialist country.  The people who control this country are making it a socialist country, including President Barack Obama.  You have a responsibility to do what's best for the United States of America.  That is far more important than unifying the Republican party.  The Republican party has taken America down the wrong path just as the Democrats have.  Both parties are selling us down the river.  Should you be elected our nation's 45th president this fall, you need to take a stand and become the patriot that this nation needs.  There are three words that are emblematic of what America's all about and they are God, Country, and the Constitution.  This nation was built on Judeo Christian principles.  People that feared and loved God settled in the state of Massachusetts back in 1620 and 1630.  Both the Pilgrims and Puritans had a fear for God.  Over a century--and-a-half later our Founders decided to separate from England and become our own country which is called the United States.  They were patriots to the utmost.  They were willing to sacrifice their fortunes and everything they had for the sake of America. They were willing to give their lives for this country so future generations can enjoy the freedom that we enjoy today.

In the last century there have been numerous forces out to destroy the beloved country we've always known.  Forces of secularism have removed God and the Ten Commandments from our public school system.  They've been indoctrinating our children with philosophies that are alien to Christianity.  We're turning out a nation that has no fear of God.  The Bible states that righteousness exalteth a nation but sin is a reproach to any people.  We're seeing the repercussions of a society that has rejected God.  There is great violence in our cities today.  Drug and alcohol abuse are at an all-time high.  We've had numerous teen pregnancies over the last few decades.  Terrorism is breaking out in our country.  We've allowed people to come into this country without them being documented.  Our borders are open and our elected elite won't close our borders.  With the threat of Islamic terrorism in our world, the last thing we need is to keep our borders open.  You say you want to build a wall.  It's your responsibility for you to fulfill that and keep your word.  This issue of closing our borders is a national security issue and open borders are a great security risk to our country. 

You're a very successful billionaire who knows how to run a business.  You can see that excessive government interference in our economy has done nothing but limit the free enterprise system when it comes to job creation.  We need for you to lift those barriers so businesses can run successfully and efficiently.  People today have trouble finding jobs that will provide for them a decent living because of the interference of the federal government in the private sector.  Another problem has been these trade deals our country has went into with Mexico, South America, and to China and some of those countries.  Our manufacturing sector has been gutted as a resulted of these trade deals with other countries.  Some say that free trade is great but when you compete with countries that don't abide by the same laws that our labor force has to abide by, then it makes it difficult for them to be competitive with other countries.  China doesn't pay health insurance or workmen's compensation to its employees.  It's much cheaper for them to produce a product than it is for the American worker to produce a product.  We need to remove all these unnecessary regulations that hinder business from functioning.  Our businesses are regulated to death and it's not good. 

Another point that needs to be made revolves around our military.  The last two administrations (Bush and Obama) have sent us to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and have kept us there.  I know that it was the Bush administration that sent our soldiers both to Afghanistan and Iraq, but President Obama has continued the same policies with our military like Bush did.  The rules of engagement are ridiculous.  When we commit our troops to war, then we need to provide for them all the ammunition and firepower we have to win the war.  We're at war against Islamic terrorists.  Instead of being concerned about our troops blowing up mosques, we need to be concerned about destroying ISIS.  They're the enemies.  When we go into these countries, we are there to kill and break the will of the enemy.  It's not about playing paddy cake.  I know many liberals and progressives don't like that idea, but that's what war's about.  If we don't fight to win, then we have no business entering into war.  The reason why World War II ended when it did was because then president Truman dropped a bomb on both Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan.  Many lives were killed yes.  But it humbled Japan into an unconditional surrender.  It took that type of overwhelming firepower at the time to defeat our enemy.  If it took that kind of firepower over 70 years ago, then we should utilize that today if necessary.  We don't need to be continuing these protracted wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  To tell you the truth, we don't need to be going to any war unless there's the commitment and will to win.  We're not to go to war to make money for the defense contractors.  Our troops don't deserve this. 

We need to change our entire philosophy when it comes to foreign policy.  We don't need to be interfering in other countries' affairs unless it's a threat to our national security or the national security of the Western hemisphere.  We don't need to involve ourselves with the Middle East.  We don't need to import our oil from the Middle East nor meddle in their affairs if not necessary.  We need to make the Middle East as irrelevant as possible to our national interests.  I know due to the threat of ISIS we need to crush them because they're a threat to our country and to the world.  There are countries that our soldiers are occupying today that's not necessary for them to be there.  We don't need our troops in Germany, for example.  We don't have any problems with Germany.  We could use our troops for other important matters besides sticking them in countries which don't threaten our national interests.  Germany is not a threat to us.  We need to stay out of other countries' affairs unless it threatens our national interests.  You can call me an isolationist all you want but we can't intervene in every little conflict that comes our way. 

Mr. Trump we need for you to stand a be a patriot.  We need for you to built a border wall to protect our country.  We need for you to stop the process of allow Syrian refugees to come to our country.  We don't need to bring more Muslims in this country.  Who knows how many of those refugees aren't Islamic terrorists.  I doubt our government does a sufficient job in vetting those who come from foreign countries to America.  With the outbursts of terrorism that's been seen in parts of our country, the last thing we need is to bring more Muslims to this country. 

We also need for you to undo any executive orders that President Obama has written that are unconstitutional such as the amnesty issue or any directive by the President relating to the transgender issue in our public educational system.  Allow the Congress to do their job.  We also need for you to strongly encourage the repeal of Obamacare.  Not only is it a job killer but it allows the government to interfere in our health care system.  It's not the government's job to involve themselves in our health care.  We also need to repeal those numerous regulations that hinder the private sector.  They do nothing but  hurt the worker.  Also, we need for you to renegotiate those trade deals which have gutted our manufacturing industry.  Our country can't be very prosperous when we have a weak manufacturing base.  We need to be self-sufficient when it comes to providing for our own resources.  We also need to drill for oil in our own country and use it for our own consumption.  It's absolutely ridiculous for us to import oil for foreign countries when we have the land and resources to produce our own oil. 

We need to go back to our nation's roots and become the nation once again that fears God.  We need to eliminate these bureaucracies that are causing harm to our country.  Government is bloated today.  We need to eliminate all these bureaucracies within it.  We need to stop the overspending.  Any time a bill comes before your desk that has unconstitutional spending you need to veto it.  We're broke and this 18+ trillion dollars isn't going to last.  I believe we're in for some dark days ahead and this is no time for games as usual.  We need you to stand up and tell Congress that you're going to do what's right for this country and we're not going to allow monied interests to rule this country.  They have no right to run this country.  Only Congress and the President have the right to run this country.  All of these outside lobbyists and foreign interests have no right to set the policies for the U.S.  You have a very tough job ahead of you should you be elected president this Fall.  We're don't need the "business as usual" we've been seeing in our government for the last few decades.  Either changes are made now or America is finished.  You must decide which course you're going to take with this nation.  I hope you make the right choice.

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