Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What is Your Faith Rooted In?

(Colossians 2:6,7) "As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him: Rooted and built up in him, and stablished in the faith, as ye have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving." 

(Romans 12:3) "For I say through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith." 

Last year I wrote a couple of posts dealing with the subject of faith.  I was stating that in the adverse times that we're facing in our world, the just must live by faith.  That's the way it has always been.  We've lived in perilous times since the days of the apostles.  The early apostles had to live by faith themselves.  They were faced with persecution.  They were thrown to the lions and tried for their faith.  The emperor Nero unmercilessly persecuted those that stood for the faith.  Those were dark days in Rome.  We're living in dark days today around the world.  Even though Christians in America haven't been persecuted yet for their faith, it could happen eventually.  As I speak, Christians are being persecuted around the world.  Christians are persecuted in communist countries and in Muslim countries, for example.  In our day we think we're being persecuted if somebody curses at us or if they make fun of our faith.  That's not persecution.  We haven't had to go underground to conduct church services.  We haven't had to have our heads chopped off because we stand for truth.  America doesn't know what persecution is.  Regardless of the age in which we're living, God's people must live by faith.

What is faith?  Faith is entrusting our lives to the Lord.  We're trusting in him to guide us through this pilgrim's journey.  Hebrews 11 is the faith chapter and it defines what faith is in the first verse and gives examples of men of faith throughout the entire chapter.  Faith is trusting that which is unseen to the naked eye.  However, when I speak of faith, I'm not making reference to blind faith.  We're not placing faith in an unmoved mover or a creed.  Those that have been redeemed by the blood possess the Holy Spirit in their hearts.  I guarantee you that the work God performs in a believer's heart isn't blind faith.  It's real and you can feel it.  God has proven himself over and over again.  We're not serving a God that's unfaithful toward us.  God's never one time lied or broken his promises to us.  Therefore we can place our faith in him.  So when we place our faith in him, it's not a blind nor misdirected faith.  God's too big for a child of God to not be able to feel him inside of us if we're born again.  He works in mysterious ways.

Sometime back I listened to a YouTube clip by the Gaithers concerning the background behind the song they penned years ago entitled, "Because He Lives."  It was penned around 1970.  They said it was a time of turmoil in America with the Vietnam War, protests, racial riots, etc.  Gloria Gaither was making the statement she heard someone saying how could a couple give birth to children given the turmoil that was taking place in the world.  Gloria commented by saying we can live the way we live because He (Christ) lives.  You can give birth to children and raise them for the glory of God because He lives.  We have a Lord that's touched by the feeling of our infirmities.  We have a God that can see us through difficult times regardless how dark the days are.  It's the Spirit of God that enables us to live for Jesus.  It's not something man can do on his own. 

If anybody says they don't have faith they are wrong because Romans 12:3 bears out the fact that God has given to every man a measure of faith.  Luke 17:6 says that if our faith is the size of a grain of mustard seed, then we can move mountains.  The issue at hand isn't so much the size of our faith but what our faith is rooted in.  Every man has faith in something.  The question is where is your faith rooted in?  Mankind--saved or lost has faith.  Some place their faith in silver and gold, Wall Street, their possessions, their business, loved ones, their pride, themselves, and the list continues.  We all place our faith in something or someone.  However, have we placed our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as a result of repentance from our sins?  If we haven't, then we can't live by Biblical faith.  Faith in a child of God is produced as a result of the new birth.  Once that new birth takes place we must nurture that faith by adding to it as II Peter chapter 1 mentions.  If we don't then it becomes destitute.  Faith must be nurtured and fed in order to grow.  The reason why many of God's people are weak in their faith is because they haven't properly nourished it.  One can't be a man or woman of faith if they don't nurture that which has been birthed in them.  If you don't feed a newborn child, then he/she will starve.  The same principle goes with our faith.  In order for our faith to grow, we must nurture it.  We must add to our faith and follow the precepts and commandments of the Bible.  Otherwise, we'll be spiritually anemic. 

The problem with many professing Christians in our mainline denominations today is they've never been born again.  Their faith isn't rooted in the right source.  If you're not born again, then you won't possess the faith needed to persevere during times of trouble and persecution.  Faith in God isn't something a child of God can muster up themselves.  Saving faith is birthed by the Holy Spirit.  It's not a work of man.  It's true that a child of God must add to their faith, but that faith is produced by the Holy Spirit when a sinner turns from his sin and trusts in Jesus to save him/her.  If you're going to serve God in this wicked and untoward generation, we need to make certain that our faith is rooted in the right source--which is Jesus Christ.  If we place faith in our works, in our church, or in ourselves, then our faith is counterfeit.  We can only live victorious in a tumultous world if we've met the master.  Otherwise our faith is in vain.  And that faith will produce fruit.  It will produce good works.  That doesn't mean good works saves us.  It doesn't.  James says that faith without works is dead.  If your faith is real, there will be some visible manifestations of that faith.  That will only happen if your faith is rooted in Christ as a result of being born into the family of God.  What is your faith rooted in?  Is it in yourself, in your family, in your denomination, or in your wealth?  Ephesians 4:5 says there's one Lord, one faith, one baptism.  That faith is rooted in the Lord Jesus Christ.  If your faith isn't rooted in Christ it can be.  That only happens when a sinner repents of his sin and turns to Christ.  Nothing else will suffice.

Wall Street Journal Blog: No Need to Panic About Global Warming

Blog: WSJ: 'No Need to Panic about Global Warming'

For the last two decades, environmental guru Al Gore has been proclaiming that the earth has been experiencing global warming.  Gore wrote a book entitled, Earth in the Balance around 1992 telling us that we need to drastically change our lifestyle in order to preserve the earth.  He blames modern-day manufacturing with all the pollutants that are released into the air the cause for global warming.  They've been using fake science to prove their global warming theory.  In the last few year's the environmentalists have altered their language and are now using the phrase, "climate change" because we've had periods of cool weather the last few years.  The truth is we've always had periods of climate change throughout the earth's history.  Global warming isn't a new concept.  Long before there was massive industrialization in America and in England, we've had hot weather.  Climate change is another phrase for seasonal changes in weather.  There are four seasons in the year.  There is Spring, which produces warm weather.  Summer produces hot weather.  Fall produces cooler weather and winter produces cold weather.  Those are the four seasons of the year.  The climate always changes whenever we enter a new season. That's not ironic.  That's how the weather functions.  It's not global warming nor global cooling.  That's part of the natural weather cycle.

I have posted a link from the Wall Street Journal blog.  It has listed statements from a group of scientists debunking the theory of global warming.  They say it's nothing to panic about.  Click on the link to read the story.  It would serve the audience well to read about another point of view.  For your information, the Wall Street Journal isn't a right-wing newspaper.  It might not be classifed as a flaming liberal newspaper, but it's not a right-wing ultra-conservative newspaper.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Obama Ignores Challenge to His Presidential Eligibility in Georgia

Obama Ignores Challenge to His Presidential Eligibility in Georgia

 President Obama

Here's an interesting article from the New American website regarding President Obama's eligibility.  Judge Michael Mahili for the Office of State Administrative Hearings for the State of Georgia.  He asked them to file briefs with him on their positions regarding the eligibility issue no later than Sunday, February 5.  The complaints originated on October 25 of last year with a lawsuit filed by the Liberty Legal Foundation requesting an injunction against the Democratic Party that would prohibit the party from certifying that Obama is constitutionally qualified to run for office in 2012.  Without that certification, Obama wouldn't be placed on any ballot in the general election. 

The Liberty Legal Foundation explains that the Supreme Court has defined 'natural born' citizen as person born to parents where both parents were U.S. citizens at the time of the child's birth.  President Obama's mother was a citizen of the United States, but his father, Barack Obama, Sr. never was a U.S. citizen.  I predict this case won't go anywhere.  President Obama isn't going to pay any attention to the subpoena issued for him to appear in court.  Why would he?  He's the anointed one.  What do the laws mean to him?  He's been in the process of radically transforming this nation the last three years.  He's not going to stop now when the process if almost complete. 

Click on the above linke from the New American to read the full story.

The Final GOP Debate in Florida

Florida GOP debate: Gingrich and Romney clash on immigration, taxes - The Washington Post

This was the final GOP debate held between candidates Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul.  The debate was held on Thursday January 26, 2012.  The Florida primary will be held on Tuesday January 31, 2012.  I want to encourage all voters in Florida to vote tomorrow.

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Dottie Rambo: The Gifted Songwriter of the Twentieth Century (Part 15)

The First Time I Heard About Heaven

Who's Gonna Teach My Children's Children (Dottie Rambo)

You've Never Mentioned Jesus to Me

This Little Sheep's Coming Home

A Hymn From Way Back Home

It's Me Again Lord

Lord Do it Again


A Brand New Feeling

Things Are Going to be Better Afterwhile


Dottie Rambo on Television

Dottie Rambo started making appearances on television starting around 1965 with the Gospel Singing Jubilee.  She sang with the group who was known as The Singing Rambos.  The group consisted of Buck, Dottie, Reba, and Pat Jones.  The syndicated show was a major production from coast to coast.  The Rambos sang on the Gospel Singing Jubilee for a number of years performing such gospel greats as "He Looked Beyond My Fault and Saw My Need", "Build My Mansion", "The Holy Hills of Heaven Call Me", "The Church Triumphant", "Prisoner of Love", and many others.  That was the first television exposure the Rambos received for their music. 

At the time the Rambos were invited to sing on the Gospel Singing Jubilee, they were members of the United Pentecostal Church.  Buck conferred with eight ministers, whom he considered to be his best preacher friends.  At the time, the United Pentecostal Church preached against Christians owning a television in their home.  However, there wasn't a rule at the time against Christians appearing on television.  The eight ministers advised Buck to accept the TV offer.  Consequently, there was some controversy over that issue once when the Rambos made their first appearance on the Gospel Singing Jubilee.  The same men who had advised Buck to accept the TV offer called and cancelled all the Rambo meetings.  Some United Pentecostal Churches held Rambo record-burning parties in which all church members brought their Rambo records and tossed them into a bonfire.  (Source: The Legacy of Buck and Dottie Rambo)  The Rambos were openly condemned and blackballed from the pulpits of the United Pentecostal Churches.  Their reasoning was that no Christian would display his ministry before the world on television.  As a result they didn't have many meetings scheduled due to the United Pentecostal Church boycotting the Rambos.  Nevertheless, they found a different venue for their singing after their 1964 appearance at the National Quartet Convention.  Their performance so successful at the National Quartet Convention that they were booked to sing in concerts and they would sing in concerts for a number of years to come. 

A number of years later when they moved to California in 1981, they involved themselves with TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network.)  They developed a long-term friendship with both Paul and Jan Crouch, founders of TBN.  Over the years they would sing on the network and participate in telethons.  As a result of their appearances on TBN, Dottie was awarded with her own program called, "The Dottie Rambo Magazine."  The Dottie Rambo Magazine ran for six years and was the no. 1 rated program for six years on the network.  The old program is still shown in repeats off and on today.  Throughout the years Dottie has made other television appearances such as Rex Humbard, PTL with Jim and Tammy Bakker, and the 700 Club, for example.  She has appeared on numerous television programs from virtually every Christian network as well as the TNN, PAX, and Women's entertainment channels.  She has also appeared on a number of Gaither Homecoming video series.  Her last Gaither Homecoming appearance was in 2008 when she sang one of her old songs entitled, "I Just Came to Talk With You Lord."  Dottie Rambo has also been the subject of a number of television biographic specials such as TBN's Portrait of Grace, INSP's Inspirational Groundbreakers, BBC's White Gospel, and GMC's Faith and Fame.  Faith and Fame was her last television interview prior to her death.  As a result of all the television appearances on Christian television, Dottie Rambo has become a household name in Christian television.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hillary Clinton Says She Won't be Serving in a Second Obama Term

Hillary Clinton – She won’t be serving in a second Obama term TruthDive

 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton this past week made the announcement that she won't be serving in a second Obama term if he happens to win re-election this November.  Clinton also declared that she won't be serving a second term as Secretary of State if Obama wins this November.  She said she is enjoying every moment of her 20 year political career.  There had been rumors that she might replace Vice-President Joe Biden as President Obama's running mate this year.  "I have made it clear that I will certainly stay on until the president nominates someone and that transition can occur," she stated at a town hall meeting.  "But I think after 20 years, and it will be 20 years, of being on the high wire of American politics and all of the challenges that come with that, it would be probably a good idea to just find out how tired I am."  According to ABC News, Clinton hasn't stated what she would do once she retired from public life.  Once her tenure ends as Secretary of State, it will mark the end of the 20 year dynasty of the Clintons--Bill Clinton's two terms as president, Hillary's eight years as Senator and four years as Secretary of State.

I can imagine some people are stunned when Clinton supposedly made the announcement last year she was going to depart from public life.  I heard some people say that they thought Hillary would challenge Obama in this year's Democratic primary due to Obama's low approval ratings.  I didn't think she would challenge Obama.  What's the deal with Hillary?  Does she have health or some type of personal issue in her life?  Probably not.  Anyone that's paid attention to the political scene for the last decade or better know that Hillary had presidential aspirations.  She ran a spirited campaign for the party's nomination for president in 2008.  Personally, I still think she would like to be president of the United States.  However, her stock appears to have fallen with the Democratic Party since the 2008 presidential election.  She's no longer the most-wanted candidate in the Democratic Party, or at least that's the way it appears.  President Obama was the new kid on the block in 2008, so the primary was "rigged" in favor of Obama.  I personally believe it was set up for Obama to win the Democratic primary in 2008. 

I don't have any way to prove this but I'm going to give you my point of view in this scenario.  I believe the forces of Nimrod, whomever the characters are, don't have any place for Hillary now in politics.  Could that change in a few years?  Possibly but she's definitely not on the most-wanted list, at least for now.  For whatever reason the forces of Nimrod wanted Obama to be the one to assume the office of the presidency.  I believe it was set up for Obama to be president with the crumbling economy that year and the support of the liberal media such as MSNBC, for example.  Will Hillary fade into obscurity?  I'm sure we will hear from her from time to time.  All I can surmise is that for the time being the powers-that-be don't need her in the political arena.  Hillary has probably served her useful in politics and now it's time for a younger generation to make their mark.

The Money Masters (Full Documentary)

The Money Masters

Gingrich Dismisses Pelosi Claim She Knows 'Something'

Gingrich Dismisses Pelosi Claim She Knows 'something' Fox News

pelosi_newtsplit2.jpg Former House Speaker and GOP candidate for President Newt Gingrich and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi on Speaker Gingrich

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said in a CNN appearance with John King that Newt Gingrich will not be president.  "That's not going to happen.  Let me just make my prediction and stand by it--it isn't going to happen."  She says she knows something about Gingrich.  Gingrich, on the other hand, told Fox News on Wednesday, "I think if she knows something, she ought to say it, and if she doesn't know something, she ought to quit saying it."  Does she know something?  Or is she bluffing?  As Fox News anchors always say, "we'll let you decide." 

I don't have a very high opinion of Pelosi.  To tell you the truth, I have a very low opinion of her.  However, I wouldn't be surprised that Nancy Pelosi knows something about Newt Gingrich.  She's served with Gingrich in Congress for 12 years.  I don't believe the public has seen all of Newt's dirty laundry.  If we were to see all his dirty laundry, it would probably astound us.  I'm not insinuating that I want to see all his dirty laundry.  I don't.  If Gingrich becomes the GOP nominee to face President Obama in the fall, I believe we haven't seen everything yet.  I can recall Newt Gingrich back in the 90's when he was Speaker of the House.  During that time, the mention of Gingrich evoked negative images to the public.  He had a very high negative ranking when he was House Speaker.  He was involved in a House ethics charge in 1997.  He also had a mistress named Callista Bisek, who is now his current wife.  Gingrich is also a globalist.  He voted for NAFTA and GATT in 1993 and 1994.  He supports amnesty for illegal aliens.  He's made stupid comments such as the Paul Ryan plan for Medicare amounts to "right-wing social engineering".  He's also made a global warming ad with former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in 2008.  The John Birch Society says that Newt Gingrich is a globalist and isn't a conservative. 

I hope Newt Gingrich isn't the GOP nominee to face President Obama in the Fall.  As of right now, I wouldn't count that out.  His poll numbers are favorable in Florida and Rasmussen Reports has Newt Gingrich ahead of Mitt Romney nationally.  The Obama political machine will have a heyday airing negative ads against Gingrich for this Fall's election.  They will roast Gingrich.  Let me make a prediction with all candor: If Newt is the Republican nominee in the Fall, he will lose handily to Obama.  Make no mistake about it.  He has too much baggage.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Romney Adviser Norm Coleman Predicts GOP President Won't Repeal Health Law

Romney adviser Norm Coleman predicts GOP president won't repeal health law - The Hill's Healthwatch

 Former Minnesota Senator and Romney adviser Norm Coleman

Former Minnesota Senator and Mitt Romney adviser Norm Coleman predicts that the GOP won't repeal the Democrats' healthcare reform law even if a Republican is elected president this Fall.  Coleman, who lost to Al Franken in a protracted recount battle for a second term in the Senate in 2008, said they won't be able to throw out the entire healthcare law whole-cloth.  That's what he told BioCentury, which is a television talk show.  Coleman said that they can substantially change what's been done.  Coleman's remarks are interesting given the fact that GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has vowed to repeal Obamacare if he's elected president.  The repeal of Obamacare, or the Affordable Healthcare Act of 2010, has been at the forefront of the GOP primary the past two years.  These past two years all the GOP candidates have stated they intend to repeal Obamacare if elected president.  Coleman also made the statement that the recent healthcare law could collapse on its own if the Supreme Court strikes down the requirement that every American has health insurance.  I'm not sure the Supreme Court will strike down the requirement that every American has health insurance.

Mitt Romney wants to persuade voters that if elected president, he'll repeal Obamacare.  Consequently, the healthcare law that was passed in Massachusetts in 2006 is a smaller version of the nationalized Affordable Healthcare Act which was passed by both Houses of Congress in March 2010. Some time back I read in a Newsmax article that the advisers who advised Romney on Massachusetts healthcare law also advised President Obama on the national healthcare law which passed nearly two years ago.  I have a very difficult time believing Mitt Romney is going to repeal Obamacare.  First it will have to be repealed by both houses of Congress.  That's won't be easy since there are all sorts of interest groups that will bribe our elected elite to not repeal Obamacare.  Secondly, I don't trust Romney.  I believe he's a candidate of political expediency.  He'll say whatever he has to win elections, if he has a desire to win the presidency, which is questionable.  I know Romney makes the argument that it's not the perogative of the federal government to pass national healthcare.  Romney argues it's a state issue.  However, the healthcare law that was passed in Massachusetts in 2006 has driven up healthcare costs.  It's not been good for the citizens of Massachusetts.  On top of that, Romney knows Romneycare is disastrous for Massachusetts.  He knows how to operate a business.  He knows Romneycare will be too costly for the citizens of Massachusetts.  The math doesn't add up.  Would you think he knew how to run a business knowing he pushed for a statewide healthcare law in Massachusetts?  Romney knows how to run a business better than any of the current GOP candidates still in contention for the presidency.  Consequently he's another flip-flop politician who points his nose in the air checking to see which way the wind blows. 

The repeal of healthcare is a campaign issue all the GOP candidates are trying to monopolize when running for president.  As I've stated in older posts, all these candidates want the issue, but they have no intention to solve the problem.  That includes Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann (R-MN).  Why do I say that?  Since the Republicans are in charge of the House of Representatives, they have the constitutional authority to stop wasteful spending by means of defunding.  They can defund spending measures that are unconstitutional.  If Bachmann was serious about repealing healthcare, she would be organizing a group of Republicans in the House to remove funding from Obamacare.  Has she done so?  No.  It's all about the issue.  Instead of defunding Obamacare, they will hold a symbolic vote to repeal Obamacare (as they did last year) knowing that it won't be repealed with a Democratic Senate and a Democratic president.  However, the Republicans can use their majority in the House (since they chair all the various committees in the House), to stop funding unconstitutional spending.  Since they won't do so I'm going to assume they're not serious about repealing Obamacare.  To go a step further, the GOP House isn't serious at all about eliminating wasteful spending.  They didn't reduce the size of government during the last fiscal year and I guarantee you the 112th Congress won't reduce the size of government this fiscal year either.  Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum can say repeatedly they're going to repeal Obamacare if elected president.  Sadly, it's nothing but campaign rhetoric.  They can't repeal Obamacare singlehandedly.  There's no genuine commitment upon any of our elected elite (Congress included) to repeal Obamacare. 

Rep.Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) Resigns From Congress to Concentrate on Her Recovery

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' resignation met with cheers, applause NJ.com


This past Sunday January 22, 2012, Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, a Democrat, made the announcement that she will resign from Congress this week.  She said haltingly in a video on her website that she needs to focus her time on trying to fully recover from the brain injury that resulted from the gunshot to her head over a year ago.  She said she thanked her constituents in Arizona for their support.  She felt she couldn't give the time and energy she needed while trying to recover.  On January 8, 2011, she met with her constituents in Tucson, which is in the 8th Congressional District in Arizona.  She held a "Congress on Your Corner" to meet with her constituents to discuss issues important to them.  While she conducted the event, she was shot in the head by Jared Lee Loughner.  Six were killed and several others were wounded on that dreadful day. 

On Tuesday she attended the State of the Union Address.  President Obama and several members of Congress paid her tribute for her service to Congress and her bravery in the strong recovery she's made thus far.  Members of Congress such as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker John Boehner, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and Congresswoman and head of the Democratic Party Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, (Gabby's best friend) gave their accolades.  Giffords submitted her resignation to Boehner and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.  Brewer will be setting a date for a special election to replace Giffords sometime this Spring.  On Wednesday, October 25, 2012, Giffords submitted a bill concerning the U.S.-Mexico border.  She cast her last vote on this piece of legislation.  The vote was unanimous 408-0.  She introduced this bill with fellow colleague Jeff Flake (R-AZ). 

Even though I didn't agree with many of Congresswoman Giffords political views while in Congress, I do admire how well she's recovered and the spirit she has to recover.  I also applaud her in thinking about the well-being of her constituents in deciding to step aside so she can recover.  That's more than I can say for many career politicians.  We've had career politicians such as Ted Kennedy, Robert Byrd, and Strom Thurmond that stayed in the Senate far longer than what they should have.  I give Giffords credit for that.  I wish Giffords the best in a full and speedy recovery. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The U.S. Desperately Needs a Second American Revolution (Part 3)

As I mentioned in part 2 on January 8th's post, when I was speaking about America needing a second American revolution, I wasn't making reference to reforming government nor Americans taking up arms with one another.  When we think of a revolution, we think of drastically changing government or changing the political atmosphere in Washington.  We are not going to be able to change government.  At least not through carnal means.  As much as I support voting out fraudulent incumbents, that's not going to revolutionize Washington.  Why?  Because Washington is controlled by the globalists or the forces of Nimrod.  Our politicians are bought and co-opted by the forces of Nimrod.  Whether it's a Democrat or a Republican who occupies the White House, America's march to socialism still continues.  Former president George W. Bush, pushed America to the brink of socialism prior to the presidency of Barack Obama.  All president Obama did was pick up the baton from George W. Bush and pushed the pedal to the metal.  America's transformation is almost complete.  We need to recognize that all our efforts in trying to reform government will be almost impossible.  The forces that control our politicians are scattered across the globe.  There's no one single group we can take out that would turn our country in the right direction.  If America is to be saved, it won't be through the efforts of Washington, D.C.  Politics is not the solution.

When Glenn Beck, a radio talk show host and a host of GBTV online streaming, used to host a program on Fox News, I used to watch him on copious occasions on Fox.  He would speak about the actors involved in bringing down America such as George Soros, and other elitist groups, for example.  Glenn Beck said that politics isn't the solution to America's problems.  Beck recognizes that the greatness of America lies in its people, not the federal government.  Even though I disagree with Beck's solutions on how to turn America around, he does recognize that the hope of this great nation doesn't lie in our elected elite.  I will echo the same words.  Washington isn't America's answer.  The greatness of America lies in its people who fear God.  Notice the first line of the preamble says, "We the people", not "We the government of the United States."  The elected officials are comprised from "we the people."  It's not the government that makes a great nation.  It's a people who recognize that righteousness exalts a nation (Proverbs 34:14)   A country who fails to recognize and honor God is a nation that's doomed for destruction. 

What kind of revolution does America need?  There are various definitions of "revolution."  One definition involves a sudden, tumultuous, and radical transformation of an entire system of government, including its legal and political components.  This is already happening under the presidency of Barack Obama.  It's not happening in the way most Americans desire.  President Obama and his minions are transforming this nation into a fascist country in which Americans will have to be dependent upon the government in some fashion.  They are fixing it where the average American can't be independent form the government when it comes to providing their own living.  Also, government is increasingly dictating to Americans how we show walk, talk, eat, and breathe.  We're witnessing that on an increasing scale. 

The second definition of revolution is a revolution that encompasses society as a whole, bringing fundamental change to a culture's economic, religious, and institutional framework.  (The source for the definition comes from the online free dictionary).  The kind of revolution America needs is a spiritual revolution.  This kind of revolution will only come through God's people.  Psalms 85:6 says, "Will thou not revive us again, that thy people may rejoice in thee?"  America needs a revolution involving God's people who are revived.  Jesus told his disciples in Matthew that they are the salt and light of this world.  A salt that has lost its savour is worthless.  That's the problem with the church in today's society.  It's worthless.  The moral and spiritual standard of America has become so worldly and compromised that it has no positive effect on this generation of people.  The late evangelist Dr. J. Harold Smith preached a message years ago entitled, "A Sick Church."  He mentioned that today's church is sick.  That's so very true.  Compare the church to the world.  What's the difference?  What's the difference between those who claim to be born again and know God vs. those who make no profession of faith?  There's scarcely little difference, for the most part.  We wonder why America is sinking into the abyss.  The reason is because the church is no longer salt and light to this great land that has sent missionaries into the foreign fields.  As a result of the worldliness that has pervaded America's churches today, there's very little manifestation of the power of God in our churches today.  If you were to speak to the average church member today, they couldn't even begin to tell you what the power of God is.  That's tragic. 

The only way America can have a true revolution is for God's people to repent.  Jesus told the Church of Laodecia in Revelation 3 to repent.  Today's churches in America models that of the Laodecian Church which was increased with goods and needed nothing.  I've heard many evangelicals encourage Christians to involve themselves in the local communities and run for the school boards, for example.  We need Christians to involve themselves in the public school system, no doubt.  The best thing Christian parents can do for their children is to not send them to the public school system if it can be helped.  It would be best for parents to send their children to a Christian school or to homeschool their children.  The public school system in this hour is nothing more than a "government school system."  The state government (and federal government to a small degree) controls our schools today.  There's not as much local control in the public school system like it once was. 

I remember reading Dr. Francis Schaeffer in one of his books years ago stating that Christians should involve themselves in every facet of society.  He stated the Lordship of Christ should be involved in all aspects of society such as politics, education, the arts, sciences, and the list continues.  As important as Christian involvement is to the community, what would that amount to if the church isn't salt and light to this generation of unregenerate people?  There was a time in years past when it meant something to say you are a Christian.  Today a person professing themeselves to be a Christian has no more meaning to it than saying you belong to the Rotary Club.  Why?  Because God's people have set a poor standard in this world.  There's very little resemblance between the world and the church when it comes to its speech, conduct, lifestyle, and appearance.  America is no more stronger morally and spiritually than it's churches and "Christian" homes are.  When the homes and churches are spiritually anemic, then you have a nation that's spiritually bankrupt.  In today's "Christian" homes, the divorce rate is similar to the divorce rate in the homes of those who don't proclaim themselves to be Christians.  In order for Christians to be effective in their communities, they need a Heaven sent revival.  The things of God need to be real once again to the child of God.  Faithfulness to God, church, family, and community is of paramount importance.  There needs to be a distinct difference between those who are saved and those who are lost.  The world should be able to identify a Christian by the way he/she walk, talks, and conducts himself/herself.  That's what's missing today.  America's only hope is the church who is on fire for God. 

America will never have a second revolution unless God's people are revived and the church once again regains the influence that it once had in this society.  Unless the church repents and once again becomes geniune salt and light, then America will cease to be the nation it once was.  Unless God's power is manifested in a magnificent way in this country once again, America will be doomed.  God's people must be the leaders of the second American revolution.  Nobody else can do it.  Only a revived church can bring about a revolution in this country.  Nothing else will suffice.

Joe Paterno, Former Penn State Football Coach, Dies at 85

Joe Paterno, former Penn State football coach, dies at 85 - The Washington Post

 Former Penn State Head Football Coach Joe Paterno

Former legendary Penn State Head Coach Joe Paterno, who won more football games than any college coach, died this past Sunday January 22, 2012 at the age of 85.  Prior to his death, he was fired amid a child sex abuse scandal that marred his reputation and legacy as the winningest football coach for the university.  The Pennsylvania hospital where Paterno died confirmed the death as a spreading lung cancer.  Mount Nittany Medical Center said in a statement that Paterno died at 9:25 a.m. Sunday of "metastic small cell carcinoma of the lung."  Paterno built his program on the credo "Success With Honor" and he found both.  The man known as "JoPa" won 409 games and took the Nittany Lions to 37 bowl games and 2 national championships.  More than 250 players he coached went to the NFL.  He coached at Penn State for 46 years. 

According to Reuters, Joe Paterno was buried yesterday in a private ceremony after thousands of mourners paid their vigil in frigid weather as his hearse was carried from a closed funeral.  Paterno was fired in November 2011 after his former assistant, Jerry Sandusky, was charged with serial sex abuse.  Paterno was fired because he didn't tell police what he had been told about the alleged abuse.  To read more about the former head football coach's death, click on the above link from The Washington Post.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

President Obama Delivers State of the Union Address

President Obama delivers State of the Union address: Keeping the American dream alive is 'the defining issue of our time' - NY Daily News

Last night as I was listening to excerpts of President Obama's State of the Union Address, I heard President Obama invoking class warfare when he was speaking of millionaires and what percentage they should pay in taxes.  Anybody that listens to Obama needs to recognize that when he was speaking of hope and change four years ago, he wasn't speaking of the kind of change many Americans were yearning for.  When he was speaking of change, he meant transforming this society into a full-blown socialist country, which in turn leads to fascism.  He believes in the redistribution of wealth.  He told "Joe the Plumber" in 2008 that he believes in taking from the "haves" and giving to the "have-nots."  If a person can't recognize that's socialism, then they're blind.  President Obama is a socialist.  He and the Democrats are always busy attacking the wealthy saying they aren't paying their fair share of taxes.   Obama said any wealthy person making at least a million should be paying 30%.  Where did Obama come up with that arbitrary figure?  If Obama and the Democrats who claim the rich aren't paying their fair share really believe that, then why don't they (the President and Democrats in Congress) lead by example and contribute 30% above what they already contribute in taxes?  That would sound reasonable.  I guarantee President Obama and the Democrats wouldn't miss it.  I guarantee you Nancy Pelosi could give over half of her earnings in taxes and still be fine.  She's very wealthy.  The hypocrisy is ridiculous.  I guarantee you taxes will be raised on the rich before too long.  Just wait and see. 

Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich Clash Sharply in Presidential Debate

Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich clash sharply in Republican presidential debate - The Washington Post

On Monday's debate in Tampa Florida, GOP candidates Newt Gingrich go after each other very sharply.  Romney painted Gingrich as a failed leader, a K Street influence peddler, and a candidate who would place the party at risk in the general election.  Gingrich accused the former governor of getting the facts and making distorted charges, and he rejected the voters would reject such politics.  According to Monday's Rasmussen Poll, Gingrich holds a 41% to 32% lead over Romney.  Less than two weeks ago, Romney held a 22% lead over Gingrich.  Since Gingrich's resurgence last weekend, Romney's lead is now Gone and now Newt is at the top of the pack.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mitt Romney Will Not Impose Mormonism on the United States if Elected President

Mitt Romney's Mormon "Faith" an Issue Again

Mitt Romney and Mormonism

Within the last several years there have been growing concerns amongst evangelicals over the possibility of a Mitt Romney presidency.  Romney, the former Massachusetts Governor, is a Mormon.  Romney is once again seeking the GOP nomination for the presidency of the United States this year.  Romney ran for the office of the presidency for the very first time in 2008 but lost to eventual nominee John McCain.  Many evangelicals worry what a Romney president would entail.  If Romney were to be elected president, he would be the first Mormon ever to occupy the oval office.  Romney's daddy, the late George Romney was a former Michigan Governor from 1963-69 and ran for the GOP nomination in 1968.  Romney's religion was no issue in 1968.  He didn't progress very far in the GOP primary that year.  The probable reason for his not faring well in the polls that year was his "brainwashing" comment he gave on television about his trip to Vietnam when being interviewed by Detroit television host Lou Gordon. 

There are many evangelicals who rightly criticize Mormonism as being a cult.  Texas Governor Rick Perry's pastor made the comment that Mormonism is a religion and he took some flack for that.  To be very candid with you, Mormonism is a cult.  It's inspiration doesn't lie in the sacred King James Bible.  Instead they have their own canon of scripture called, "The Book of Mormon."  The founder of Mormonism was Joseph Smith.  The Mormon church is also known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  They have practiced polygamy, the practice of being married to more than one wife at a time.  There are some notable Mormons in the government and the media such as former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman and GBTV host Glenn Beck.  Jim Sumpter, who isn't a well-known talk show host but is a syndicated radio talk show host, is also Mormon.  I for one am opposed to the religion of Mormonism. 

I'm going to make a statement that will sound shocking to some conservatives, but this is where I stand on the issue.  I'm going to make a very dogmatic statement.  I don't believe if elected president Mitt Romney will impose or coerce Americans to accept Mormonism in this country.  I don't believe that Romney will make America a Mormon country.  I believe that's the least of our worries.  I know the title of this post sounds very dogmatic, but this is where I stand.  I'm not liberal in my thinking.  I am a conservative thinker.  I try to be realistic in my thinking.  From what I've witnessed concerning the American culture within the last 50 years, the trend has been toward the secularization of our country.  There aren't any forces out there trying to establish a church-state entity like it was so common in Europe from centuries past.  Instead, we've seen forces from the ACLU, Americans for the Separation of Church and State, People for the American Way, and other organizations working to expunge any mention of Christianity and Jesus Christ from the public arena.  So, I'm not concerned about Romney trying to transform America into a Mormon country.  I don't see Romney pushing Mormonism down the throats of the American people any more than John F. Kennedy tried to impose Catholicism upon the American people when he was president from 1961-63.  Kennedy was the very first president ever to enter the oval office as a Roman Catholic.  Many Americans were worried that he would receive orders from the Pope or would push the mandate of the Catholic Church upon the American people.  Kennedy never did that.  Nor do I believe Romney will coerce Americans to become Mormons.  Romney's Mormonism is the least of our concern.  I'm not saying this to endorse Romney for president.  I won't vote for Romney in the primary because I don't trust him.  He's flip-flopped on issues such as abortion, for example, and he passed a state-run health care which is a miniature version of Obamacare. 

What we should be concerned about is knowingly voting for a Muslim to the highest office.  Even though I can't prove it, it wouldn't surprise me if Obama is a closet Muslim.  He had a Muslim background when he lived in Indonesia during his youth.  Also, he's been very sympathetic to Islam as well which makes me wonder.  Regardless, I think it would be dangerous having a Muslim as president, esp. if he were a believer in jihad.  I've heard radio talk show host Bill Cunningham mention on Sunday night a number of times that he would rather have a conservative Muslim as president than a liberal Catholic such as John Kerry.  The question I have to ask is how do you define a conservative Muslim?  Would a conservative Muslim support Sharia Law being implemented in the United States?  There's a good possibility.  Since 9/11 the government along with the Muslim organization CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations) has tried to brainwash the American people and make them think Islam is a peaceful religion.  The government is trying to force the American people to be tolerant and accept Islam.  I believe in the future it will become a federal crime to speak out against Muslims or Islam.  I see that coming.  If we're going to be fearful of a particular religion to be forced upon America someday, we should be fearful of Islam--not Mormonism.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Newt Gingrich Wins the South Carolina Primary

Gingrich: S.C. 'decided to be with us in changing Washington' - CNN.com

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich won Saturday's South Carolina primary in convincing fashion.  After having finishing fourth place in Iowa and New Hampshire and whose campaign appeared to be all but dead again, has now received new momentum.  With at least 95% of polling places reporting, Gingrich won with 40% of the vote with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney receiving 27% of the vote.  Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum received 17% of the vote, and Rep. Ron Paul received 13% of the vote.  Based on early returns and exit polls, CNN projected Gingrich the winner. 

After having placed fourth in the last two contests, Newt came out ahead in the South Carolina primary with a revived campaign.  I guarantee much of the credit for Newt's resurgence in South Carolina will be due to his debate performances on both Monday night at the Fox News/Wall Street Journal Debate and the CNN Debate on Thursday night.  On Monday night Fox News Analyst Juan Williams asked Gingrich a question about poor black children lacking a work ethic and Newt told Williams that poor children need to work in their schools as a janitor.  He also said that President Obma was a food stamp president.  That would enable them to earn money and it would teach them a strong work ethic as well.  His response undoubtedly reinvigorated Gingrich's campaign.  On Thursday evening John King, the moderator of the debate asked Gingrich to comment on his wife's interview with ABC when she told them that Gingrich wanted an "open marriage" when they were married years ago.  Newt told them he thought it was ridiculous that CNN would open the debate with that kind of question and that what his wife told them was false.  There are sources which say what Newt said about his ex-wife is false.  Click on the above link from CNN.com to read the story about Gingrich's victory.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dottie Rambo: The Gifted Songwriter of the Twentieth Century (Part 14)

Dottie Rambo Speaks About Her Marital Problems With Buck Rambo (Part 1)

Dottie Rambo Speaks About Her Marital Problems With Buck Rambo (Part 2)

He Changed My Tears to Showers of Blessings

Love Letters

I'll Only Love Him Forever

Home Never Looked So Good to Me

By and By the Night Will Vanish

Home's Where the Heart Is

I've Never Been This Homesick Before

I Go to the Rock

As I mentioned in last Sunday's post, Buck and Dottie Rambo had marital problems for a number of years.  That started surfacing  in the late 60's in the midst of their successful singing career.  When she found out about Buck's unfaithfulness to her the first time, she retreated to a coastline and it resulted in the creation of one of her most popular songs, "Sheltered in the Arms of God."  I don't know how many times Buck was unfaithful to Dottie, nor is it necessary for us to know.  I'm certain there were numerous things that took place in their marriage that the public will never know about.  It's not even necessary that the whole public knows all the details about their failed marriage.  The reason why I'm mentioning this is because a number of songs were created as as a result of the turmoil Dottie experienced as a result of Buck's unfaithfulness to her.  I have heard of at least three accounts of Buck being unfaithful to her.  The last incident resulted in divorce in 1994.  When asked about the incidents Reba Rambo McGuire said she saw it taking place back when she was a teenager but at the same time she was wrapped up in her own world as well.  She said it was traumatizing to see it happen to her mother.  She said there were so many issues that it seemed a huge monster was created. 

I don't know how many songs were created as a result of Dottie's heartbreak.  I am aware of at least three songs which were "Sheltered in the Arms of God", "He Changed My Tears to Showers of Blessings" and "Love Letters".  I personally believe many more sings were written resulting from Dottie's heartbreak.  Some of the songs I believe that were created through this scenario were "This is My Valley", "I Go to the Rock", "I've Never Been This Homesick Before", "Home's Where the Heart Is", and "Home Never Looked So Good to Me."  I don't have any documentation to prove my point but I'm just surmising.  I've watched a number of YouTube videos about Dottie Rambo for the last three years so I've had time to contemplate her whole life story.  I could be wrong but that's just my opinion. 

Back in the 1970's, Buck was unfaithful to Dottie again.  I don't know the background behind all of the heartbreaks each time Buck was unfaithful.  However, on this particular occasion Dottie went to the Ozark Mountains for a week in Missouri.  She spent a week there.  She was in a cabin for an entire week.  She had been crying incessantly.  The doctor had prescribed her some pills to deal with her nerves.  She had brought her Bible and guitar to the mountains.  She was in huge despair.  She became so bitter through this ordeal that she was having trouble forgiving Buck.  She had intended to take her life at the cabin.  She said in her words that she hadn't felt the Holy Spirit for such a long time.  She said without the Holy Spirit's touch there's no purpose for her to continue living.  She cried out to the Lord and said she wanted to feel Him one more time.  She said through that trial the Lord broke through and spoke to her saying, "I'll change your tears to showers of blessings."  She later penned the song, "He Changed My Tears to Showers of Blessings."  She also said the Lord forewarned her the road would be rocky but she didn't know when.  Another song she wrote as a result of this ordeal was "Love Letters," which would be the name of her new album she recorded in 1977.

There's another incident that took place later where Dottie tried to take her life overdosing on sleeping pills.  I believe this took place after Elvis Presley died.  Dottie had already filed for divorce from Buck.  She was almost at the point of taking the final step to make the divorce final.  However, she didn't have the courage to go through with this divorce.  Since she felt trapped, she made the decision to end her life.  On one particular day, Dottie's family was in the office.  She was by herself at the house.  She made the decision that day to end her life.  So that night she wore her nice silk pajamas, fixed her hair, and took a whole bottle of sleeping pills.  She thought she had taken the phone off the hook, but there was still enough connection for it to ring.  As the pills were taking their effect, she felt herself descending down a dark tunnel, according to her words.  All of a sudden the phone rang and it was her friend whom she led to the Lord in 1968.  Her friend noticed something was wrong when she spoke on the phone and her speech was slurred.  Dottie wasn't supposed to answer the phone but in her stupor she forgot she was to leave the phone alone.  Startled at Dottie's slurred speech, her friend called the ambulance and the ambulance rushed to the Rambo's home.  Dottie was transported to the hospital and her stomach was pumped.  Dottie's doctor, who was the one who prescribed sleeping pills to her and had been counseling with her some, was weeping.  He said, "Dottie, you promised not to do this."  Dottie said, "If you and the Lord could get me out of this hospital, then I'll run all the way to Heaven."  I'm paraphrasing somewhat.  It was through that statement that I believe she might have been inspired to pen the song, "I've Never Been This Homesick Before."  I don't know if that's true, but it sounds plausible. 

In the aftermath of Dottie's suicide attempt, she was determined she wasn't going to try to take her life anymore.  This will all end eventually, but she was going to spend the remainder of her life serving the Lord.  She would never attempt suicide again.  Dottie finally made the decision to save her marriage and refocus her efforts on the Lord.  Buck had placed a gun to his head and Dottie took the gun from him.  They had a heart-to-heart talk and they would renew their focus on Christ.  So for the next several years she and Buck would sing together as a duet and make many appearances on TBN in the early 1980's, when they moved to California.  She would continue writing her songs as well. 

Dottie and Elvis

Dottie Rambo had known Elvis Presley for at least 18 years.  She and Buck Rambo had both been friends with Elvis, as well as several other gospel performers.  J.D. Sumner, formerly of the Blackwood Brothers and the Stamps Quartet, was good friends with Elvis.  Elvis, who was dubbed as "The King of Rock 'n' Roll", also sang gospel music on the side.  He would travel to Los Vegas and sing with J.D. Sumner and the Stamps Quartet on a number of occasions, even up to his death.  I believe Buck and Dottie met Elvis around 1959.  I think it was at a Wally Fowler all-night singing.  Elvis would attend some of those gospel singings and sit in the audience.  Dottie and Buck over the years would travel to Los Vegas to visit with Elvis as well. It was said Elvis liked Dottie's songs.  Dottie said that Elvis was like a physical brother to her.  Elvis's mother Gladys died in 1958 and Dottie had a lot of similar qualities that his mother had, according to sources.  Whenever Dottie was having trouble in her marriage to Buck, she would call Elvis and tell lhim about the problems she was having, they would pray, and read poetry.  Right before he died, Elvis had agreed to record an album of twelve of her songs to help out with her finances at the time.  However, he only recorded one of her songs which was "If That Isn't Love."  He died shortly thereafter.  On the day that Elvis died, she was in her studio recording her latest album "Love Letters." 

Dottie said that Elvis made the statement that if he could do it all over again he would just sing gospel music.  However, the entertainment world had elevated him on a pedastal and he couldn't come off of it.  Elvis would later die a tragic death.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Santorum won January 3 Iowa presidential caucuses

Santorum won January 3 Iowa presidential caucuses Reuters

Republican presidential candidate and former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum pauses as he address his Iowa Caucus night rally in Johnston, Iowa, January 3, 2012. REUTERS/John Gress Presidential candidate Rick Santorum on the night of the Iowa caucus.

In a turning twist of events, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum has supposedly won the Iowa caucus on January 3rd.  According to Reuters, Santorum won the Iowa caucus by a razon margin tally of 34 votes, according to the Iowa Republican Party.  Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney was declared the winner there that night by 8 votes, but Romney now falls to second place.  Santorum receive 29,839 votes compared to Romney's 29,805 votes.  That's according to the newest figures.

What's the reason for the apparent mixup?  I don't know.  It doesn't make sense.  You wouldn't think there should be a mixup with the small number of votes.  That's anybody's guess.

Congress Puts Anti-piracy Bill On Backburner Amid Uproar

Congress Puts Anti-piracy Bill On Backburner Amid Uproar Fox News


SOPA- Stop Online Piracy Act

This past Wednesday on January 18, 2012, Google, the internet search engine, and Wikipedia, both protested the actions of Congress which have decided to place this controversial piece on the back burner.  Many others in the tech community have protested Congress's recent actions to vote for legislation which would allow the U.S. Department of Justice, as well as copyright holders, to seek court orders against websites outside of U.S. jurisdiction accused of enabling or facilitating copyright infringement.  This legislation has support from organizations which rely on copyright such as the Motion Picture Asociation of America, the Recording Industry Association of America, MacMillan US, Viacom, and various other companies and unions in the cable, movie, and music industries.   Earlier this past week, Wikipedia blacked out its website for a day while Google circulated a petition which generated more than seven million signatures in protest. 

Alex Jones: SOPA/PIPA/Internet 2 (Part 1)

Part 2

Part 3

SOPA's Wicked Censorship

I have posted four YouTube clips with Alex Jones discussing the dangers of SOPA.  Also, you can click on the latest link above from FoxNews.com. to read the story.

Romney Must Release His Tax Returns Immediately, According to Newsmax

Romney Must Release His Tax Returns Immediately

2012 GOP candidate Mitt Romney

For the past few weeks there has been pressure on former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney to release his tax returns.  He's been under fire over this issue the past week when it was revealed that he payed a tax rate of 15%.  The marginal rate for millionaires is 35%.  Also, it's been revealed that some of his income is invested offshore at the Cayman Islands, which has no direct taxation.  In other words, his income that's invested in the Cayman Islands wouldn't be taxed.  I can understand Romney investing money in shelters where it won't be taxed.  Who wants to see the income they've earned be taxed at a very high rate because they're rich?  Nobody, not even the Democrats in Washington.  The Democrats want to complain about the richest few not paying their fair share in taxes.  I wonder if the Democrats on Capitol Hill pay their "fair share" in taxes? 

This past week Romney has relucantly agreed to release his tax returns in April.  Some are questioning why April?  Who knows?  Maybe so he can manipulate the numbers when he files taxes for last year.  Just for trivial purposes the very first presidential candidate to release tax returns was none other than Mitt Romney's father, George in 1968.  George Romney, who briefly ran for president in 1968, released dozens of tax returns that year.  Newsmax asserts that Mitt Romney needs to release his tax returns.  I happen to agree he needs to release his tax returns, if for no other reason than accountability purposes.  If Romney will immediately release his tax returns, he's showing the American people that he desires to be the opposite of President Obama--that is transparent.  I know one can argue that the government's taxation policy is ridiculous and that it's none of the government's business how much income an individual generates.  I agree with that.  Nevertheless, Romney should be explicit that the government's tax code is ludicrous and it does nothing but punish those who are successful in the realm of business.  Also, high taxes discourage investment as well.  There are plenty of reasons for being opposed to the present tax code. 

We need to revamp the tax code and replace it with a flat tax.  All Americans will pay the same tax rate regardless of income category.  That way there would be no need for any American to file personal income taxes on a federal level.  Until the tax code is changed, it would be wise for transparency sake that Romney release his tax returns to show that he's being transparent to the American people.  Could it hurt his chances in winning the GOP primary?  Only time will tell.  As it stands right now, all polls are indicating that Newt Gingrich might be the winner in today's South Carolina primary.  If Romney wants to be the GOP nominee, he would help his case by releasing his tax returns ASAP.

The CNN GOP Debate in Charleston, South Carolina

Gingrich delivers show-stopper at beginning of South Carolina debate - CNN.com

The CNN GOP Debate in South Carolina on January 19, 2012

This GOP debate is in Charleston, South Carolina.  This is the last GOP debate in South Carolina before the primary today.  I want to remind all voters in South Carolina to vote today.  It's very important!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Obama Administration Rejects Keystone Pipeline Permit

Obama Administration Rejects Keystone Pipeline Permit Fox News

President Obama announced Wednesday that he will deny a permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline, blaming Republicans for imposing a "rushed and arbitrary" deadline which he said didn't give officials enough time.  The decision doesn't necessarily kill the project.  The State Department says the denial "does not preclude any subsequent permit application" and within hours pipeline company TransCanada announced that it would reapply for a permit.  The initial proposal for this project calls for a pipeline to run from Canada down to Texas through a sensitive Nebraska aquifer.  The pipeline has been through several federal, state, and local approvals, but the department backed away from signing off the plan last year after environmentalists and local lawmakers complained.

President Obama's decision to deny a permit for the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline has nothing to do with environmental concerns.  It's all about controlling the economy.  There are ways to construct the pipeline to make it environmentally safe.  The Trans-Alaska Pipeline hasn't had any problems since it was completed in the 70's.  We have the means through modern technological and engineering standards to construct pipelines that will endure regardless of external conditions.  President Obama and his minions are implementing socialism in this country.  There are enough sources of oil that the U.S. can tap into that will last for at least over 200 years.  One example is the Bakken Oil Reserves in the Midwest.  I've heard it said there's more oil in the Bakkan Reserves, which covers Nebraska and Montana, than all the Middle East.  However, our elected elite choose to import oil from the Middle East.  All the talk I've heard from Republicans about energy independence is bogus.  I don't see any of the GOP candidates for president serious about utilizing our natural resources to produce oil so the U.S. can stop importing oil from the Middle East.  Our politicians are manipulated by the forces of Nimrod, who are in the process of establishing a new world order.  In this new world order, the U.S. will no longer be sovereign and independent.  That's where our nation's headed.  We need this pipeline.  This is no time to be importing oil from the Middle East.

Juan Williams and Newt Gingrich Have Intriguing Exchange at the Debate

Gingrich Comes Out Swinging In South Carolina Debate Fox News

I'm going to say at the outset that I'm not a Newt Gingrich fan.  I don't want Newt Gingrich to secure the GOP nomination for the presidential race this Fall.  I believe if he were to win the nod for the GOP nomination, he would lose badly to President Obama in the Fall.  However, I possess the objectivity to grant credit where credit is due.  Newt Gingrich did a superb job in answering the questions that Fox News analyst Juan Williams asked him during one point in the debate.  Williams stated that Gingrich said that black Americans should demand jobs instead of food stamps.  He also purported that poor children lack a work ethic and should work as janitors.  Williams asked, "Can you see that this at a minimum is insulting to all Americans, esp. black Americans."  Gingrich replied, "No, I didn't see it that way."  On hiring kids to work odd jobs at schools, Gingrich explained that it was practical and good for the children to work odd jobs after school.  He also said, "Only the elites despise earning money."  Gingrich cited his daughter as an example.  Jackie Gingrich Cushman obtained her first job at First Baptist Church in Carrolton, Georgia doing janitorial work at age 13.  She enjoyed it because she was able to earn money and she learned responsibility as well. 

Gingrich was speaking of the importance of poor young people obtaining a job for themselves so they can develop a work ethic and learn to make some money.  I concur with Gingrich's notion entirely.  The only thing I have to add is that not all children that lack a work ethic come from poor families.  There are some children who lack a work ethic come from affluent families.  The problem is we live in a generation where we're handed so many things.  Consequently, many parents don't instill a strong work ethic in their children, which is to their detriment.  Young people who aren't taught how to work will have major problems in finding a job as they enter the work force.  Our young people won't be able to compete in the work force unless they are taught work skills.  Take a look at the millions of jobs that are leaving our borders going into other countries.  I, myself like many other Americans am disappointed to see that happen.  However, if we don't turn things around in America and start inculcating a work ethic in our young people, then we won't have enough laborers in years to come to fill the manufacturing jobs.  Not only do we needs jobs for Americans, but we also need people who are willing to work as well.  Newt Gingrich is right on target about poor children needing to perform janitorial work in the schools.  It's a good thing for them and it enable them to earn money.  As a result, young people will develop a sense of accomplishment and self-esteem.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Facing Recall

Wisconsin governor facing recall after workers collect 1m petition signatures World news guardian.co.uk


Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker faces recall after more than one million signatures were gathered to recall the governor by Tuesday's deadline, which is roughly double the 540, 208 signatures required.  Last year he favored a bill which would change how much public sector workers would contribute toward their health insurance.   Last year there was a swarm of protests in Wisconsin over Scott Walker's proposal to make federal workers contribute more to their health insurance and pensions.  The capital of Wisconsin was the target of protests last year. 

A group called United Wisconsin said it gathered more than one million signatures to recall the governor by this past Tuesday's deadline.  The group opposes the collective bargaining changes made in last year's bill that Governor Walker signed as a first-term governor.  The filing of petitions won't automatically remove Walker from the governor's seat this year.  Instead, it will force Walker to face a special election recall sometime later this year. 

Last year I wrote a post concerning this incident stating that "When times are lean, concessions must be made."  With the unemployment rate being very high in Wisconsin, there has to be changes made in regards to federal workers salaries and benefits.  With many Wiscsonsin workers being unemployed, it means a shrinking tax base for Wisconsin, which means there are fewer dollars going towards paying for the federal workers' salary, healthcare, and pension coverage.  Even though I don't relish the thought of federal workers having to take cuts in their benefits, it's no different for federal workers having to make concessions vs. the private sector workers making concessions with their employer.  I don't think it's fair to the taxpayers of Wisconsin to have to continue paying the same percentage of their incomes for federal workers benefits when many Wisconsin residents lost their jobs due to the condition of the economy.  It's sad that Governor Walker is having to face a recall because of that.  However, the residents of Wisconsin have that right to file petitions to recall Governor Walker if they so desire.  I'm fearful if a recall vote is held this year, Governor Walker will be recalled.  However, if that happens, at least Governor Walker stood making the right decision for Wisconsin even if it costs him his seat.  To read the full story, click on the above link.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The GOP Presidential Debate at College of Charleston, South Carolina

U.S. Religious Leaders Back Santorum as Alternative to Romney - Businessweek

This past weekend evangelical leaders endorsed former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum on the eve of the final Sunday worship services before the January 21 primary in South Carolina, where 60% of the 2008 Republican primary voters polled stated they consider themselves "born again" or evangelical Christians.  Santorum received 85 of the 114 votes on the third ballot at a gathering of religious leaders on a ranch near Bleiblerville, Texas, defeating former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, according to Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council.  Click on the above link to read the story.

I'm also posting Saturday's debate (January 14, 2012) from the College of Charleston, South Carolina.  Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee moderates this debate where members of the audience asks prospective GOP candidates questions starting with GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney.

Part 1

Part 2

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Part 5

Part 6

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Common Thread That Binds People of Diverse Backgrounds Together is What Makes America Strong

Martin Luther King, Jr.   George Washington Carver

Dr. Charles Drew  Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

 Miguel Estrada    Dr. Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell: Diversity

One of the phrases I've heard used by those in academia and even in the media is the phrase is "There is strength in diversity."  That statement in and of itself is false.  One could make the case that you could learn from people who come from all backgrounds and walks of life.  That part is true.  However, diversity in and of itself isn't what has made America a strong and great country.  Diversity can be a detriment to a country.  Take a trip to Iraq and witness the ethnic and cultural divisions between the Kurds, Shiites, and the Sunnis.  Are they living in harmony due to their diversity?  No.  Take a trip to Eastern Europe and visit some of the Balkanized countries in those regions.  They're torn apart.  Why?  Because there's no unity amongst the races.  What is special about a multiracial country that possesses no unity?  There is none.  There has to be a unifying factor or some type of common ground that binds different races together in a country.  America's greatness isn't because of its diversity.  America's greatness is due to the element that binds people of diverse backgrounds together. I've mentioned numerous times there are two things that's made America great over the 235 years of its existence.  The first thing is the Judeo Christian foundation that placed this country on a solid footing.  This country was built on preaching.  We've had people who loved God that immigrated to this country so they could have a place to worship the Lord.  Our Founding Fathers, while many weren't individually Christians,  had a great respect for the Christian traditions in our society.  They recognized that a nation that forgot God couldn't endure long.  The second thing that built this country was the entrepreneurial spirit surrounding this country.  Millions of immigrants would come to our shores to search for better opportunities for themselves and their families.  They didn't mind hard work.  They believed in the Protestant work ethic that if you didn't work you shouldn't eat.  There was a time in generations past that Americans didn't believe it was the responsibility of the federal government to take care of them.  They believed if they were to survive, they would have to labor for their bread.  That mindset is what molded the character of generations of Americans.

Today as America has celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we need to remember the words of the late Dr. King where he said that it's not the color of a person's skin but the content of the person's character that counts.  That statement is so very true.  Even though Dr. King is not my hero, he couldn't have been more right when he made that statement.  America's greatness doesn't like in multiculturalism or multiracial diversity.  It lies in the fact that we are Americans and that America has been a beacon of liberty and hope throughout the ages.  Over the last few decades, America has become more of a polarized nation due to charges of racism leveled against whites by so-called civil rights activists Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.  Also the media, Congress, and the President of the United States have played a major role in dividing America by playing the race card.  Why do I say that?  Because our politicians are always pandering to minorities all the time.  If minorities are Americans, then what's the need for our elected elite to pander to them?  They know they need to rely upon the minority vote to remain in power.  I'm thankful for the diverse races that are represented in America today.  However, multiracial diversity alone isn't what's great about America.  It's the common thread that binds all Americans together regardless of race is what makes America special.  How can diverse groups of people live in harmony with one another if there's no common ground?  Common ground is essential.  I wrote a post back on July 7, 2009 entitled, "Let's Be Clear--No Common Ground."  I was emphasizing that unless there's agreement between various groups of people, then there's no common ground.  In order for there to be a bond amongst people of diverse backgrounds, there has to be agreement on certain key issues.  There has to be an element that bonds people of diverse backgrounds together.  There's no way to escape that. 

One of the wrongest things that some in the evangelical community try to do is to place an emphasis upon racial representation within the body of Christ.  When it comes to the church, the emphasis should be on preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying church.  It's God's business to add to the church.  There's nothing special about a multiracial church if there's no common ground amongst the laity, regardless of race.  Am I opposed to a multiracial church?  No.  But we shouldn't possess the same attitude as the government does and be preoccupied with racial representation.  The key should be the new birth.  What makes a church unique is members who are truly born again and have common ground when it comes to scripture and worship regardless of race.  If you have a church where the nucleus of people love God and have a desire to worship and serve Him, then that church can live in harmony even if its multiracial.  However, a church isn't special due to its racial composition.  It's special because it's built upon the solid rock.  I believe Christians of diverse races can have Biblical fellowship together if they're born again.  The gospel of Jesus Christ transcends all races and creeds.  It's the new birth that binds a congregation together, regardless of their race or creed.  It's not diversity.

I know some of the statements I made won't bode well with some people, but racial diversity alone doesn't make America a great country, like the media and our politicians would like for us to believe.  It's the common thread that binds diverse groups of people together that makes America great.  Our strength is in the element that binds diverse groups of people together, not our diversity.  Without that common thread, then America could become another Balkanized country.  There has to be something that unifies people of diverse backgrounds together if America is to live in harmony.  Otherwise, our differences could separate us.