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Tis The Season

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The Bells of Christmas--Julie Andrews


The Christmas season is upon us once again.  I always look forward to the Christmas season.  That's a blessed time of year when we can reflect upon God's goodness throughout our lives.  It's the time we celebrate Jesus' arrival upon this earth as the babe in a manger who would one day die for the sins of the world.  It's because of that truth we can celebrate Christmas.  If things work out, I plan on writing about the doctrine of the virgin birth.  It depends upon how much time I have.  I will be playing several YouTube videos of Christmas music.  I also will write about the history of Christmas and feature posts about the Christmas culture and many different things we celebrate during the season of Christmas like I've done the last several Christmas seasons.  I'm thankful for the season of Christmas.  I like the decorations, lights, musicals,, etc.  Anything that's associated with Christmas that revolves around the Lord's birth I like.  I hope everyone has a great Christmas season the next month.  Don't forget the reason for the season.

Oh No! Not a Recount!

Oh No! Not a Recount

Three weeks ago, Donald J. Trump was declared the winner early Wednesday morning on Wednesday November 9 around 2:45 a.m. EST.  Hillary Clinton conceded the election to Donald Trump sometime later Wednesday morning.  From that time forward President-elect Trump has been working on his transition into the White House by making cabinet picks.  Then all of a sudden this past week, former Green Party candidate is filing a petition for a recount in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.  The Clinton team are joining in the effort as a well.  A Trump aide is launching a defense fund. 

A recount is a long and complicated process in which there is a lack of time since Stein waiting three weeks to file a petition on recounts in three states.  The deadline to certify the election results is within a matter of days within Wisconsin or Michigan.  Pennsylvania doesn't allow for statewide recounts like Stein requested unlike some other states.

Most experts believe the outcome isn't going to make any difference because Trump will still come out on top even if the election were to be thrown in the House of Representatives.  This recount effort is probably being spurred on by George Soros of MoveOn.org and the Democrats.  They're using Jill Stein to do the dirty work.  I believe this recount is nothing but a distraction.  If a recount was going to take place, it should've immediately taken place following the election--not three weeks after.  It's a sham, as far as I'm concerned.  Time is running out before the electoral college meets which is December 19.  Click on the above link to read the full story.

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Donald Trump

Fidel Castro, Cuba's Dictator, Dies at 90

Fidel Castro, Cuban Dictator, Dies at 90

Former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, whose time at Cuba spanned 11 U.S. presidents since the time he took over Cuba in 1958, has died.  Castro has been in failing health for years.  His brother, Raul, has been in charge of Cuba since 2008.  Under the dictatorship of Fidel Castro, the world was on the verge of nuclear war.  Cuba was one of the longest running communist regimes in the Western Hemisphere.  There will be nine days of mourning for Castro and the burial will take place on December 4.  Click on USA Today to read the story.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I want to wish all the blog readers a Happy Thanksgiving!  We have so much to be thankful for as Americans.  When we head to our families today to celebrate Thanksgiving and partake of the great  east that's presented for us, it reminds us of the goodness of God in our lives.  God's good to us.  In spite of all the wickedness that takes place in our society, God is still good to America.  God was very merciful to us on election day.  I'm very thankful we didn't get what we deserve when it comes to the choice of political leaders that we elected on election day.  I'm thankful for the liberty we still have as Americans.

I was thinking about liberty just a little while ago and one of the great privileges we have as Americans and even those who are Christians is liberty.  When we read Genesis 2, we read where God gave Adam a choice.  He had the liberty to choose to either partake of the fruit of the Garden of Eden on that tree or not to partake of the fruit on the tree.  Adam was given liberty by God to make the choice to either obey God or disobey God.  Sad to say, he chose the latter, but God gave him the liberty to make a choice.  That's amazing because God could've chosen to have created man as a robot.  He could've programmed man to serve Him.  But God didn't desire that.  He wants man to worship God out of his own volition.  God's granted every person liberty to choose whether they want to accept God and follow Him or reject God and follow Satan. 

On this Thanksgiving Day we need to cherish the liberty we have as Americans.  We can lose our liberties if we're not vigilant.  Liberty is a precious commodity.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Jim Marrs: The Plot That Killed Kennedy

Jim Marrs: The Plot That Killed Kennedy

Jim Marrs explains the plot that killed John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. 

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The 53rd Anniversary of the JFK Assassination

Walter Cronkite Covers the Story of the JFK Assassination

Walter Cronkite's Coverage of JFK's Assassination


Actions Trump Plans on Taking on First Day in Office

Trump's First Day in Office

President-elect Donald Trump on a video has stated several things he desires to do on his first day in office.  The first thing he mentioned was he intends to withdraw the United State from the Trans-Pacific Partnership which was passed by Congress last year.  He stated he wanted to re-negotiate these trade deals and create a bilateral trade deal which would bring jobs back to America.  One of the cornerstones of his presidential campaign this past year was to re-negotiate NAFTA and these trade deals which have shipped millions of American jobs overseas. 

Trump also stated that he wanted to ask the Defense Department and the Joint Chief of Staff to develop a plan to protect our nation's infrastructure.  Another point Trump made was he wanted to kill all the regulations which inhibit the development of our nation's energy resources, which affect oil production, fracking, clean energy, etc. 

Trump also desires to ban executive lobbyists from serving in Washington after the end of a presidential administration.  He also desires a lifetime ban on lobbyists lobbying on behalf of a foreign government.

Lastly, for every new regulation created, two old regulations must be repealed.  We'll wait and see what happens when he takes the oath of office.  Trump definitely has a battle on his hands.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Donald Trump Elected President

Donald Trump Wns Presidency

Congressional & Senate Races
President-elect Donald Trump

Around 2:00 a.m. Wednesday morning, the state of Pennsylvania was called for Trump, then he had 20 electoral votes added to his 254 which placed him over the top.  He won several key battleground states such as Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and North Carolina, to name a few.  Donald Trump will now be our nation's 45 president.

In other races such as the U.S. Senate, Illinois Senator Mark Kirk was defeated by Illinois Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth, a former Iraq veteran who lost both of her legs when she was in Iraq.  She's been a Congresswoman since 2013.  Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire was defeated by Maggie Hussan.  Both the House and Senate remains in Republican hands.  So when the 115th Congress convenes next year, both Houses will be in Republican hands and we'll have a Republican president.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tight Race for White House Too Close Too Call in Key Battleground States

Tight Race For White House Too Close Too Call

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As of right now, there are tight races in the key battleground states of Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, and Ohio to name a few.  Donald Trump has victories in Kentucky, Indiana, South Carolina, West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Alabama to name a few. Hillary Clinton has won primaries in Illinois, Delaware, Massachusetts, and Maryland, to name a few.  The electoral count right now has Donald Trump with 123 electoral votes and Hillary Clinton with 97.  We still have a long way to go until the presidential race is decided.  Click on the above link to read the full results.