Monday, November 7, 2016

Comey Blink! Hillary Case Closed

Hillary Case Closed

Image result for comey blinks hillary case closed    FBI Director James Comey and Hillary Clinton
This past Sunday, FBI Director James Comey made half  the country angry when he once again closed the case on Hillary Cllinton and her emails.  He blinked and ruled in Clinton's favor, despite acknowledging she lied to the agency and not passing on the classified information on her personal insecure server and broke counter-espionage laws in which others are serving prison time.  He got the other half of the country when he re-opened her criminal case over a week ago.  Now, amid pressure from the Obama White House, he closed the case once again.

One thing that's obvious and that is justice isn't being served at the FBI.  Comey should resign as FBI director.  Any FBI director that can be bribed or pressure to drop a criminal espionage case such as Hillary, he's nothing but a danger to this country.  There's no telling of all the illegal dealings the Clinton Foundation has been into as well as the many donations they receive from Saudi Arabia and other countries.  Click on the link from WND to read the full story.

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