Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Actions Trump Plans on Taking on First Day in Office

Trump's First Day in Office

President-elect Donald Trump on a video has stated several things he desires to do on his first day in office.  The first thing he mentioned was he intends to withdraw the United State from the Trans-Pacific Partnership which was passed by Congress last year.  He stated he wanted to re-negotiate these trade deals and create a bilateral trade deal which would bring jobs back to America.  One of the cornerstones of his presidential campaign this past year was to re-negotiate NAFTA and these trade deals which have shipped millions of American jobs overseas. 

Trump also stated that he wanted to ask the Defense Department and the Joint Chief of Staff to develop a plan to protect our nation's infrastructure.  Another point Trump made was he wanted to kill all the regulations which inhibit the development of our nation's energy resources, which affect oil production, fracking, clean energy, etc. 

Trump also desires to ban executive lobbyists from serving in Washington after the end of a presidential administration.  He also desires a lifetime ban on lobbyists lobbying on behalf of a foreign government.

Lastly, for every new regulation created, two old regulations must be repealed.  We'll wait and see what happens when he takes the oath of office.  Trump definitely has a battle on his hands.

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