Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Which Candidate Should I Choose?----- Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton

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Today is Election Day.  I strongly encourage everybody out there to vote that's registered.  It's a critical election.  I know it's very difficult for some people because neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton are great choices.  In this election I believe that we need to vote directly against Hillary Clinton.  With all the revelations taking place of the corruption that's occurred under Clinton as Secretary of State in President Obama's first term as well as things that have taken place through the Clinton foundation,  the only way we can vote directly against Hillary Clinton is to cast our vote for Donald Trump.  This election isn't as much about voting for Donald Trump as it is in preventing Hillary from winning the White Houser.  Mrs. Clinton has proven herself to be very corrupt.  She has left a trail of corruption behind her since she's been involved in politics.  As imperfect as Trump is, I would much rather take a chance on someone who's never held elective office vs. someone who's had experience in politics and has proven herself to be totally corrupt.  There has been all kinds of news on the numerous emails she has destroyed the last several days.  It would be a terrible thing if she were to take the oath of office next January.  She deserves to go to jail.  Anyone else wouldn't went to prison under less charges than she as.  Sad to say, the FBI under James Comey is in the tank for Hillary and they're trying covering her tracks.  He needs to step down as FBI director. 

I know there are a number of people that probably won't vote for either Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton.  I do understand and my only response is that you as an individual have to vote your conscience.  I know it's the same scenario: the lesser of two evils.  I also know the lesser of two evils is still evil.  I do remember during the presidential election of 2008, I wrote in the name Alan Keyes president.  I didn't vote for John McCain because not only was he a RINO, but because of his support of Congress bailing out the commercial banks because of the revelation of the mortgage crisis in September 2008.  I was so sick of both parties and the phoniness of the GOP and the direction than then-president George W. Bush took it, I decided to write in Alan Keyes.  I haven't written in a candidate for president since then.  In 2012 I voted for Mitt Romney as an anti-Obama vote.  In this year's election, I voted for Donald Trump in the absentee ballot. 

There's much about Donald Trump I don't like.  I don't like much of his foolish talk many times when he's speaking.  I also didn't care for that tape of the statements he made concerning fondling women.  Of course, that's nothing new.  Bill Clinton did that and probably even worse when he was president and before.  The Republicans and Democrats aren't bothered by Trump's statements.  They're using Trump's statements as a leverage against him.  Even though I do agree with some of his platform such as building a wall and stopping some of these trade deals such as NAFTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, if history of these past presidential elections is any indication.  Then he's lying just like the other GOP candidates have.  However, there's one thing that he has going for him and that is he's never held elective office.  I'd much rather take a chance on somebody with no experience vs. someone with tons of experience like Hillary Clinton who's left behind a trail of corruption.  She's corrupt to the core.  She's a liar and we don't need her ascending to the presidency.  She's a globalist through and through.  So this election isn't so much about voting for Trump as it is about voting against Hillary.  We need to vote directly against her and the only way possible is to vote Donald Trump.  These are the only two candidates who will win the presidency.

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