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Dottie Rambo: The Gifted Songwriter of the Twentieth Century (Part 2)

Don't Lift the Anchor

Touch Through Me

Dottie Rambo's Early Life (Continued)

To recap from last time I ended with Dottie discovering her gift of songwriting when she was an eight year old girl.  She was composing a song while she was at the creek bank.  She went inside and told her mother about it.  Her mother stated that she would pay a dear price for that gift.  That has definitely proven true throughout Dottie's life.  The truth is Dottie's first time she would pay a price for her gift was just four years later. 

When Dottie was a young girl, she had a great spiritual influence through her grandfather, who was a Baptist preacher.  I think his last name was Burton, but I'm not quite sure.  Dottie mentioned in an interview she had with Joanne Thompson on the Dove Network that she wrote the song entitled, "I'm Gonna Leave Here Shoutin'" as a result of her grandfather's death.  He told her that he was "going to leave her shoutin'" on his deathbed.  So she wrote the song.  Dottie Rambo would remember as a child she would crawl into bed with her grandfather for nightly prayers.  He taught her to pray with her heart as well as her mouth.  He would sing hymns while she fell asleep.  Dottie said when she would sing words that she never had heard before, she said she had that feeling when her grandpa was praying.  She said the melody and words came so fast that it scared her.  However, her grandfather's influence would eventually play a role in her salvation at age 12. 

Following the incident by the creek at age eight when she first discovered she had the gift to write a song, she started singing and writing country music.  She liked country music.  She would listen to the Grand Ole Opry on WSM radio and it was through listening to Chet Atkins that she learned to play the guitar.  She learned to play the guitar by listening to the chord sounds on radio.  She would play her older brother's guitar to learn to play music.  Eventually her brother who arrived back from service in World World War II, make her a homemade guitar so she could play it.  She would play and sing on radio and even county fairs and other events as long as there was no liquor or carousing taking place.  Her father was delighted to see her sing and play country music.  He would have her play and sing to his coon-hunting and fox-hunting friends.  Her father didn't mind her using her talent as long as she played country.  He had grand dreams for her to use her talent for country in huge gatherings.  However, that all changed when she went to a local revival meeting.

When Dottie was twelve, she became aware of a revival meeting at a Pentecostal church.  She asked her brother Eddie to take her there.  He agreed and they sneaked out so she could attend the meeting.  Eddie dropped her off and spent his time with other endeavors.  While she was at the meeting the preacher was preaching and she felt the same feeling she felt when her grandfather would pray.  She felt the need to go the altar to get saved.  Somebody told her that she needed Jesus and she said she knew it.  She told him to get out of her way.  That night she was saved.  As a result of her conversion, her desire to sing country faded.  Now she desired to devote her time and talent to sing gospel.  She wanted to sing praises to her Lord.  That didn't bode well with her father.  He wasn't a Christian.  He gave her an ultimatum:  She either sing country or stay home or sing gospel and leave.  She then made preparations to leave home because she knew in her heart she desired to sing gospel more than anything else in the world.  What was the length of time between the time she was converted until the day her dad gave her an ultimatum?  I don't know.  But according to Dottie's testimony her dad gave her that ultimatum following salvation.  So her mother started packing her belongings.  Her mother packed Dottie's clothes in a cardboard suitcase.  She packed Dottie's guitar and her Bible.  She would place her Bible at the neck of her guitar.  Her mother also packed some of Dottie's dresses.  However, Dottie didn't have a Sunday dress.  So Elizabeth took the best dress she had and had it tailored to fit Dottie.  She told Dottie that she would benefit more from the dress than she (Elizabeth) would.  Finally, they headed out to the Greyhound Bus Station where Dottie was headed for departure.  Elizabeth told her "Dottie, I'm going to worry God to death over you."  Dottie would say in some of her interviews, "How do you worry God to death?"  "However, it worked for her."  God would protect Dottie many times throughout her singing journey as a young teenage girl. 

At the age of 12 Dottie already had to pay a price for the gift God endowed her with.  She was given an ultimatum by her father either she sing country or stay at the house or sing gospel and leave home.  Dottie chose the latter and as a result Dottie was out on her own.  Life had presented many experiences for Dottie.  Beginning at 12 years of age, Dottie would sing in certain parts of the country and many young and old people would come and hear her sing and play the guitar.  The Lord protected her throughout that time.  I'll end this post on that note and I'll begin the third installment detailing the beginnings of Dottie's gospel singing journey and the day she met her future husband, Buck Rambo.

"John the Baptist" Leonard Ravenhill

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Herman Cain Apologizes For Offending Muslims

Herman Cain apologizes for offending Muslims The Tennessean

Herman Cain: "Muslims, like all Americans, have the right to practice their faith freely and peacefully."

For those of you who believe former CEO Herman Cain would make a great president, you need to read the above link from The Tennessean where Herman Cain apologized to Muslim leaders about some remarks he made about Islam in Murfreesboro, Tennessee two weeks ago.  He was making comments about mosque construction projects.  Cain stated that mosque construction projects were an attempt to "sneak" Shariah law into the legal system and that communities should be allowed to ban mosques from being built.  I firmly stand behind that particular statement he made a couple of weeks ago.  The truth is you don't know what breed of Muslims you are dealing with when it comes to religious freedom.  I know many liberals and Progressives teach that America is a country in which the Constitution guarantees religious freedom for all.  They believe that the Constitution calls for religious diversity.  That all may sound fine, but if you know the history of Islam in the Middle East you know that Islam isn't a tolerant religion there.  Those countries in the Middle East that are controlled by Islam aren't free societies by any definition of the word.  Many Muslims in the Middle East are terrorists.  Some belong to terrorist groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas.  Some Muslims are involved in suicide missions.  America plainly saw an example of a suicide mission on September 11, 2001 when four planes were hijacked by nineteen hijackers.  The planes crashed into the twin towers at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and one crashed in Shanksville.  Muslims have proven in the Middle East and throughout the world they aren't a tolerant and peaceful group of people.

This past Wednesday the 2012 presidential candidate Herman Cain met with Muslim leaders at the ADAMS Center in Sterling, Virginia.  He stated he "enjoyed heartfelt fellowship and thoughtful dialogue" about people of different faiths trying to restore the American dream.  How is the Muslim leadership trying to restore the American dream?  All I see them doing is they're trying to silence the voices of dissent who speak against them.  I do recognize there are some individual Muslims who are peaceful but I don't know for certain how strict they are in following the tenets of Islam.  The problem is we don't know which Muslims are peaceful and which aren't.  I do know that the Muslim front groups such as CAIR (Council of the American Islamic Relations) isn't peaceful.  They are working to spread the Muslim influence throughout the entire country.  There are definitely those within the Muslim leadership in America that seek to impose Sharia law in our country.  I wouldn't be surprised that's the goal of CAIR.  We have no business catering to these Muslim groups.  If Herman Cain were to be elected president next year, would he appoint Muslims to his cabinet or judgeships?  It makes you wonder.  Why does he all of a sudden feel the need to apologize to the Muslim group in Tennessee?  So he can be politically correct?  That's something we don't need in a presidential candidate.  Look where political correctness has placed us.  9/11 could've been prevented if our elected elite would've enforced immigration laws and not allowed certain groups of people not cross our borders.  Why do we allow Muslims to cross our borders today considering what took place on 9/11?  It's insanity!

I recognize that Herman Cain's chances of winning the Republican primary are nil.  He's just another go-along to get-along man.  That's the impression I'm receiving of Herman Cain.  That's something we don't need in a president.

Senate Tables Boehner Bill Passed by House

Senate Kills Debt-Limit Bill Passed by House GOP

John Boehner Speech on Election Night November 2, 2010

Senate Leaders Dick Durbin (D-IL), Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), and Chuck Schumer (D-NY) at a press conference following the Senate's 59-41 to kill the Boehner bill. 

Yesterday evening the Senate tabled the House bill's plan to raise the U.S. debt limit as the nation nears the "magical" August 2nd deadline.  President Obama and the pundits in the news media have been saying that our nation could go into default if there isn't a compromise deal reached within the next few days.  I watched the coverage over Fox News last night.  Three Senate Democrats, which consisted of Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL), Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), and Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), were giving a press conference last night stating the reasons why they couldn't support the Boehner bill.  They were saying that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell needs to come up with a compromise on this budget deal.  It was disgusting listening to these so-called leaders in the Senate speaking before the American people on why they tabled the Boehner bill.  I firmly agree that the bill that Boehner wrote yesterday wasn't sufficient when it came to eliminating unnecessary expenditures in Congress.  Boehner is nothing but a go-to-guy when it comes to making deals with President Obama and the Democrats.  As I've stated to begin with Congress and the President have their priorities backwards when it comes to the debt ceiling.  President Obama wants to raise the debt ceiling but isn't intersted in eliminating wasteful spending in Congress.

The President and much of the media want to take this nation into hysteria and make us think that if the Republicans don't cave in by or before August 2nd our nation's Senior Citizens, soldiers, and Medicare recipients won't be paid by the government.  I'm not sure if I believe that assertion.  Our federal government has various obligations it must fulfill regardless what else may take place.  If our elected elite were so concerned the nation's elderly wasn't going to be taken care of sufficiently, they would be taking a hedge trimmer and eliminating all the wasteful spending they could so the government's fiscal house would be in order.  President Obama and the Democrats are only interested in borrowing $4 trillion to spend but they aren't interested in capping spending.  That's foolish!  A business can't function that way in the private sector.  If a business doesn't control their expenditures, they will eventually be out of business.  However, we have elected officials that give the appearance they don't know anythiong about economics.  The truth is they do, but they are on a crash course in destroying America's capitalist system.  They're purposely spending this nation into an oblivion.  I believe that wholeheartedly.  I have no time for either party.  The Republicans in the House knew a long time ago that this moment was coming up.  They should've been using their powers in the House of Representatives defunding Obamacare and a whole host of other spending initiatives earlier this year.  They didn't.  That's not their agenda.  They lied when they were campaigning that they would reduce spending if elected.  Now they said we need a Republican President and a Republican Senate to accomplish what they need to.  Remember when Bush was president and both the House and Senate were in Republican hands?  What did they accomplish?  They all want the issue but they have no intention to solve the problem.

I've heard radio talk show host Jim Sumpter repeatedly say a number of times that the elected officials in both the House and Senate behave like they're punks.  I don't ever use that term very much but I will say that Sumpter's correct.  OUR ELECTED ELITE ON BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE ARE NOTHING BUT PUNKS!!!   They act and speak like punks.  They don't talk like intelligent people when it comes to "debating" these issues.  Of course, it's nothing but a show.  I don't have any use for hardly any of them.  That's why we need to vote out these incumbents in droves in 2012!

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Dottie Rambo: The Gifted Songwriter of the Twentieth Century (Part 1)

Unmerited Favor

I Heard Footsteps

I failed to mention in the introductory post of "Dottie Rambo: The Gifted Songwriter of the Twentieth Century" that Dottie Rambo was killed in a bus accident along Interstate 44 on May 11, 2008.  She died of injuries as a result of the accident.  She was on a bus headed to a special Mother's Day event in Texas who was supposed to sing with Lulu Roman and Naomi Sego.  The 1997 Prevost bus she was traveling struck a guard rail and hit an enbankment.  Rambo was pronounced dead on the scene.  Larry Ferguson, Rambo's manager was injured on the bus as well as another passenger, Chris Barnes.  It took place at 2:00 a.m.  There were severe storms that took place that day.  However, it was later revealed it wasn't weather-related.

I'm sure some may wonder why I have taken such a keen interest in the life of Dottie Rambo.  The first time I became aware of her was when I was a young child.  My father had bought a double album of gospel greats three decades ago.  One of the songs on the album was "He Looked Beyond My Faults and Saw My Need."  It was sung by the Rambos.  When I was a teenager I recall when I first heard the song, "I've Never Been This Homesick Before" and I remember hearing she penned the song.  Then in 1991 I recall hearing about her being in poor health as a result of her back rupturing during a TBN telethon.  Otherwise, my knowledge about her was primarily sketchy.  It wasn't until a few months after she died that I started taking an interest in her.  Prior to her death back in 2007, I was listening to the "Radio Church Chapel" on Owensboro's local radio station on 1490 WOMI AM.  Edith Bennett, who hosted that show, was playing a song Dottie Rambo wrote and sung entitled, "I Will Glory in the Cross."  Periodically she would play that song during her Sunday morning program on WOMI.  I enjoyed that song so much that I decided to go to the Christian bookstore to find a CD with a copy of that song.  Unfortunately, I never did find a Rambo CD which contained the song "I Will Glory in the Cross."  So one day in the fall of 2008, a few months after Rambo died, I decided to search for the song on YouTube.  I found the song and I listened to it.  It was from listening to that song on YouTube that I started listening to other Dottie Rambo songs.  Then before you know it, I viewed a program which was then featured on entitled, "The Dottie Rambo Story" from the Inspiration Network.  That peaked my interest even further.  Then things proceeded on from there.   Then in 2009 I applied for an interlibrary loan to read a book entitled, "The Legacy of Buck and Dottie Rambo."  It was during the Spring of 2009 that I first began the essay on Dottie Rambo.  However, I didn't feel my knowledge about her was adequate at that time, so I didn't continue writing the essay.  Two years later and after two other YouTube specials talking about the life of the late Dottie Rambo, I feel I possess enough information to proceed forward with this essay.  It was a struggle trying to pinpoint the dates when certain events took place.  I've heard different dates from different sources concerning particular events in her life.  I'm a stickler on dates because it gives me a sense of chronology and it helps me to understand the sequence of events.  I'll do my best in presenting all the facts I know from listening to Dottie Rambo specials over the last two years.  Now let's get started into tracing the journey of this spectacular songwriter.

Dotttie Rambo's Early Life

Joyce Reba "Dottie" Lutrell was born on March 2, 1934 in Madisonville, Kentucky to Vernon "Chick" and Elizabeth Lutrell.  She was one of eleven children.  When she was real little she was so small that she was given the nickname, "Little Dottie."  Thus, the name Dottie stuck with her throughout her entire life.  I'm not sure about her particular birth order.  From what I've heard her say, I believe she had a younger brother and sister.   I know she had two older brothers.  One of them was named Eddie and the other one was J.D., I believe.  She also had an older sister named Nellie as well.  She was born in the midst of the Great Depression.  Like many other families, the Great Depression impacted most families during that time.  The family didn't possess many earthly goods.  Even though she was born in Madisonville, she didn't stay there very long.  Her father moved their family to Morganfield, Kentucky where he was charge of a German prisoner-of-war camp.  He worked for the government and he was in charge of the German prisoners-of-war.  Dottie's mother was a wonderful Christian lady.  Her father was a strict disciplinarian.  He was a drunkard and he had no interest in spiritual things.  He wasn't a Christian at the time.  He was physically abusive to Dottie's mother and mentally abusive to Dottie and her brother Eddie.  When Dottie was eight years old she was out playing by the creek.  She was barefoot and had her feet in the water.  It was during this particular day that she discovered for the first time the gift God had endowed her with.  She composed her first song.  She was eight years old.  In an interview with Joanne Thompson on Dove Nightline a few years ago, Dottie stated she couldn't recall the name of the first song.  I've read somewhere that the song she composed had words that rhymed with profanity.  She wasn't saved at the time she wrote her first song and she was around those that cursed constantly when she was young.  She was raised around a family of sinners with the exception of her mother and Nellie.  After composing her first song, she went inside the house and sang it to her mother.  It caught her mother's attention.  Her mother asked her, "You didn't get this out of a songbook did you?"  Dottie said, "No, mother."   Elizabeth told her, "Darling, you'll pay a dear price for this gift."  Those couldn't be truer words.  Truthfully speaking, Dottie has paid a great price throughout her life with the gift of songwriting that God placed in her.  She never realized then how soon she would have to pay a price for her gift for the very first time.  I'm going to end this first post right here and pick up from here on part 2 on the next post. 

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For Those Who Believe in Increasing Taxes for the Rich . . . . .

President Obama--Tax the Rich

During the negotiations in which both parties are supposedly trying to work out a compromise deal on deficit reduction, President Obama has been repeatedly saying that the rich need to pay their fair share of taxes.  He's been saying that we can't afford to give tax breaks to the rich because of the severity of the national debt.  The rich must pay their fair share of taxes, according to the thinking of President Obama.  Why is it that General Electric and its CEO Jeffrey Immelt were exempt from paying taxes in 2010?  Is the Obama administration playing favorites with the super wealthy?  One question I would like to ask is which income category should pay higher taxes?  Is it those with income levels of $250,000-$1 million?  Does he believe billionaires should pay higher taxes?  All this talk about the rich is very ambiguous because I don't know which group of wealthy people are going to be taxed.  Will the super wealthy be subject to an increase in their taxes as well, or can they exempt themselves from paying higher taxes by buying off the government?  Who will the Obama administration play favorites with?  These are important questions.  I do agree he wants to target the emerging rich.  However, the super rich always find a loophole or buy their way out of paying taxes. 

What about government officials?  There are many in Congress such as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi who are wealthy?  President Obama is wealthy.  Are they going to pay higher taxes?  They are always trying to lecture us that we can't afford to give tax breaks to the rich.  Why don't President Obama and Congress set the example by contributing 25% of their incomes to taxes, for example?  I'm tired of the hypocrisy of President Obama and the Democratic leaders in Congress.  Those same people who preach the rich should pay their fair share more than likely don't pay their fair share themselves.  If they really believe we can't afford to give the rich tax breaks, then why don't those in Congress who are wealthy donate 25% of their incomes to reduce the deficit.  As wealthy as some Congressmen are, they have more money to spare to donate to the government than the average taxpayer.  I think it's time they start putting their money where their mouth is and donate a percentage above and beyond the percentage they already pay.  I believe that's fair and just.  Those in Congress and the Presidency are on the public dole.  Our tax dollars fund their salary.  Since revenues have been down the last 2.5 years, why don't they donate a larger percentage of their incomes to rein in federal spending?  I guarantee you they are far more capable of paying a larger percentage of taxes than the average taxpayer.

The people who are going to be the most affected are those who can't afford to pay it.  Those who believe that the rich should pay a higher percentage of taxes don't know what they're talking about.  First of all, the rich are the ones who create jobs in America.  Loading them down with new taxes means they'll pass them onto their customers in the form of higher prices.  If taxes are increased on the oil companies it will result in even higher gasoline prices.  The oil companies will pass those costs to the consumer.  Who is the consumer?  The consumer is the person who purchases a product and they come from every kind of socioeconomic class.  They range high income earners all the way down to low income earners.  However, there are many more lower wage earners than higher wage earners.  The brunt of higher taxes will be felt by middle or lower income earners.  Increasing taxes on the wealthy will boomerang on the average American.  The average American is always affected by higher taxes on the rich. 

The $14.5 trillion national debt isn't partly the result of tax cuts for the rich, like Alan Colmes and some liberals like to say.  It's always right to reduce taxes upon the American people.  I personally believe we need to revamp the tax code and scrap the progressive tax system.  I believe we should implement either a flat tax or a national sales tax.  The tax code should be made simpler.  The problem is the governemnt is all about controlling the American people.  There's an old adage that says that the power to tax is the power to destroy.  The federal government is trying to squeeze every penny they can out of the average American.  They're hypocrites!  I guarantee you they wouldn't subject themselves to a tax increase.  But they want to tax those in the private sector who are responsible for creating jobs.  I'll repeat what I said in the first paragraph.  President Obama and the Democrats need to place their money where their mouth is and donate an extra portion of their incomes to reducing the national debt.  That's fair.  Since they lecture us that the rich need to pay their share, Congress needs to lead by example.  They won't do that.  They're all about destroying the capitalist system in America.   They're nothing but socialists.

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Alex Jones & Webster Tarpley: Norway Terror Attacks a False Staged Event

Part 1

Part 2

Alex Jones hosts Webster Tarpley on his program speaking of the Norway bombing over the weekend.

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Dottie Rambo: The Gifted Songwriter of the Twentieth Century (An Introduction)

Dottie Rambo and the Imperials "Remind Me Dear Lord"

Dottie Rambo's death

Nearly two-and-a-half years ago I started an essay writing about the life of Dottie Rambo.  It is entitled, "Dottie Rambo: The Gifted Songwriter of the Twentieth Century."  I've hardly got it started.  Now I'm ready to proceed full steam ahead.  After researching on the internet and listening to YouTube specials about the life of Dottie Rambo, I feel I'm at the point I can type out this essay.  This particular post is just the introduction.  I'm going to write a few posts on the life of Dottie Rambo in relation to her music and songwriting.  I don't know how many posts it will take until I complete it in its entirety.  It was challenging to gather all my information because I had a difficult time in chronicling certain events in Dottie Rambo's life.  I've listened to different YouTube specials about Dottie Rambo and some of the information is conflicting in some areas.  I've had some difficulty in trying to put some things together in chronological order because I heard different things from different people when certain events took place. For example, when Dottie Rambo was going through a trial back in the 1970's, she went away to the Ozark Mountains in Missouri for a week and I heard her say in an interview with Joanne Thompson that through that incident she felt inspired to write the song entitled, "He Changed My Tears to Showers of Blessings.  In another Dottie Rambo special, it was said that out of that experience from the Ozarks she felt inspired to write a song entitled, "Love Letters."  Are they both correct?  They probably are.  I believe when she was undergoing some trying times in her life, she probably wrote a series of songs that followed that trial she was facing.  Another example was the date when she wrote the song entitled, "He Looked Beyond My Fault and Saw My Need."  I've read on a website she either wrote that song in either 1968 or 1970.  However, in one of Dottie's last interviews, the narrator claimed when she and the Rambos were called to the floor to sing at the National Quartet Convention in 1964, they sang a new song she write entitled, "He Looked Beyond My Fault and Saw My Need."  Some would say the date that song was written is trivial.  I understand what they're saying.  However, it helps me piece events together in a chronological fashion if I know when they took place.  That's why I place a premium on dates.

Anyone who has read this blog has seen posts written about Dottie Rambo.  When this blog first began in June 2009 I wrote a post about Dottie Rambo on June 23, 2009 entitled, "Dottie Rambo--The Prolific Songwriter of the Twentieth Century.  On March 25, 2011 I posted five YouTube videos of Dottie's last interview on March 27, 2008, entitled, "Faith and Fame."  I've also posted several songs she sang as well as her family the Rambos.  Dottie Rambo was dubbed as "Songwriter of the Century."  Dottie wrote more songs during the twentieth century than any other songwriter.  The Gaithers (Bill and Gloria) wrote approximately 700 songs.  Dottie has written at least 2500 songs--maybe more.  She's second to Fanny Crosby, who in the nineteenth century wrote around 8000 songs.  Dottie discovered her talent for songwriting when she was eight years old when she was at the creek and she had written her first song.  From eight to twelve years old she wrote and sang country songs.  She used to listen to the Grand Ole Opry and it was through that she learned how to play the guitar listening to Chet Atkins.  When she was twelve years of age, she became converted and she had a desire to sing praises to God instead of singing country music.  That didn't set well with her father.  As a result, she had to leave home and since that time she was singing and writing songs.

Some of the most famous gospel songs Dottie wrote were "He Looked Beyond My Fault and Saw My Need", "I Go to the Rock", "Come Spring", "We Shall Behold Him", "Sheltered in the Arms of God", "In the Valley He Restoreth My Soul" and many more.  I will be featuring several posts of this gifted songwriter beginning with her childhood all the way to the time of her death.  I will be chronicling her musical "career", for a lack of a better term, and we will be learning the background behind some of the songs she wrote.  I'll also be mentioning about the problems she had in marriage as well as the time her back ruptured in either 1986 or 1987.  I'll also mention some of the rewards she received throughout her lifetime in singing gospel music.  Dottie was definitely a legend. 

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Should the Tea Party Compromise its Position on the Debt Ceiling?

Bill O'Reilly Talking Points: Is Tea Party Self-Destructive?

Fox News Commentator Bill O'Reilly on the O'Reilly Factor was posing the question on his Talking Points Segment is the Tea Party self-destructive?  He stated that he has supported the Tea Party since its inception because it empowers individuals along with the fact that it calls for fiscal responsibility in government.  O'Reilly was making reference to the current debate in Congress about whether or not Congress or the president should raise the debt ceiling in order to prevent the nation from "defaulting on it's financial responsibilities to Senior Citizens and Medicare patients."  The Tea Party has been staunchly opposed to any compromise on raising the debt ceiling.  The Tea Party has encouraged Congressional Republicans to "say no" to raising the debt ceiling.  The Tea Party's position is that government is too large and it's spending its way into an oblivion.  It believes that raising the debt ceiling will just enable President Obama and the Democratic Congress to continue it's spending ways as usual.  Some Tea Party officials say if Republicans support raising the debt ceiling, then the Tea Party will campaign against those Republicans in the Republican primary next year, including House Speaker John Boehner.  The Tea Party says Republicans could stand to lose seats if they don't stand firm and hold their ground on this debt ceiling debate.

O'Reilly was beseeching the Tea Party to reconsider their position on the debt ceiling issue for the "good of the country."  O'Reilly was citing Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK), who is considered a fiscal hawk in the Senate who is a member of the "Gang of Six."  O'Reilly was stating that as staunch a conservative as Coburn is on fiscal issues that if Coburn saw the need to compromise then the Tea Party needs to do likewise. O'Reilly stated the Tea Party could evaporate if it doesn't use any sense and recognize that sometimes compromise must take place for the good of the country.  He stated the consequences could be quite severe if the debt ceiling isn't raised such as the stock market plummeting or our nation goes into default on its debt obligations.  He also mentioned that Standard & Poors could downgrade America's Triple A rating if Congressional leaders don't strike a deal soon which includes raising the debt ceiling and major spending cuts.

I don't know for sure if all this hysteria about the consequences of not raising the debt ceiling by August 2nd is true or not.  However, it befuddles me how Congress's priorities are backwards.  We have Senator Mitch McConnell who is willing to give President Obama the authority to raise the debt ceiling if an agreement isn't reached by Congress.  That doesn't make sense.  Ever since the Republican takeover of the House, there hasn't been any serious effort to whittle away all the unconstitutional spending taking place in Washington.  The Republican leadership is all talk but no results.  They have the power in the House of Representatives to defund unconstitutional spending and they refuse to do so.  They will try pass bills in the House that has virtually no chance in passing the Senate, such as the "Cut, Cap, and Balance" bill.  The House can refuse to fund programs that are unconstitutional.  I'm tired of hearing Congresswoman and 2012 Presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann speak of repealing Obamacare and she won't gear her efforts towards defunding Obamacare in the House.  The Tea Party needs to encourage new candidates to oppose the incumbent Republicans in next year's primary.  Most of the Republicans have proven they don't have the backbone to stand against unconstitutional spending.  They don't even use the right strategy to stop Obama's agenda.  They are all corrobating together in this debt ceiling issue.

Should the Tea Party compromise its position on raising the debt ceiling?  It's puzzling that Mr. O'Reilly encourages raising the debt ceiling before he demands that Congress rein in federal spending first.  It's backwards to raise the debt ceiling without making spending cuts.  Raising the debt ceiling enables the president and the Democrats in Washington to continue their wild spending spree.  Under no circumstances should Congress raise the debt ceiling before unconstitutional spending is eliminated.  What should've happened is all unnecessary spending should've been eliminated first.  Then they can determine with the spending cuts is there enough revenue coming in to meet all their obligations in Washington without defaulting.  That's how it should work.  You can call it extremism if you desire but it's insanity to allow the Obama administration to be allowed to borrow another $4 trillion and there hasn't been any significant spending cuts.  The Obama administration is all about destroying the economy of the United States.  China holds over a trillion of our nation's debt and I've been hearing reports they are demanding some of America's land such as the national parks as collateral for China's purchasing America's treasury bills.  We don't need to continue borrowing and spending and become more and more enslaved to China and other countries.  We're just about to the point of no return economically if we aren't already. 

It's always right to stand by priciple.  The Tea Party should stand by it's principles and speak out against raising the debt ceiling.  You can't trust Congress to rein in federal spending.  There will probably be a deal struck where there'll be promise of spending cuts in exchange for raising the debt ceiling.  Consequently, Congress will raise the debt ceiling and continue its wild spending.  Nothing's going to change.  That's sadly my prediction. 

House Speaker John Boehner Breaks Off Deficit Reduction Talks With President Obama

Angry Obama Demands Tax Increases or No Deal

House Speaker John Boehner broke off talks with President Obama yesterday afternoon due to not reaching a deal on a deficit reduction deal.  President Obama wants to strike a deal that would include tax increases.  Speaker Boehner said that he would hammer out the details with the U.S. Senate.  Boehner said in a letter to fellow lawmakers that he and President Obama failed to reach an agreement on a broad deficit reduction package they had been negotiating and that the two had different visions for the country.  Today, President Obama had an emergency meeting with Congressional leaders this morning.  They still haven't come up with a plan as of yet. 

Standard & Poors, a leader of financial ratings, has repeatedly warned that it will downgrade the U.S.'s AAA-1+ credit score pending the outcome of the debt ceiling and deficit reduction talks.  The website said that a downgrade could have a domino effect on lenders (U.S. Treasury bond buyers), it could require a higher interest rate on American debt, which in turn could trigger higher interest rates on "business loans, mortgages, credit cards, and student loans.  There has been mounting pressure on the House Republicans to cave in and raise the debt ceiling, which is something President Obama and the Democrats desire.  If the Republicans cave in to raise the debt ceiling, it will enable President Obama to continue the usual runaway spending.  They desire to raise the debt ceiling, but they don't want to eliminate wasteful spending. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Democrat Steve Wynn Slams President Obama For His Socialism

Wynn Slams Obama for Scaring Businesses As Company Profits Soar -

Steve Wynn Blasts "Pure Socialist" Obama

Casino mogul Steve Wynn from Nevada blasted President Obama's economic policies this week, accusing him of scaring businesses with meteoric usually reserved for "pure socialists."  However, Wynn's company profits have soared in 2011 despite the sluggish economy.  Even though I'm strongly opposed to casinos, the point Steve Wynn made concerning President Obama scaring businesses is correct.  He stated that businesses by and large are being stifled by the Obama administration, calling it the "greatest wet blanket to business, and progress and job creation in my lifetime."  He claimed his firms and other customers in the hospitality sector are "frightened" of the administration.  No wonder.  President Obama and his cronies have done more to stifle job growth in the private sector than any other previous presidential administration.  Last year Congress passed the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, which is loaded with all kinds of regulations that I doubt most of our lawmakers are even aware of nor do they care.  The sad part of the whole ordeal is most businesses don't have any idea what they're going to have to pay for employee health insurance.  There have been numerous corporations that have received waivers from the Obama administration which means they won't have to comply with the new health care law.  The fact that certain key businesses are being allowed to opt out of Obamacare tells me that the legislation is terrible.  However, that's what the president and his cronies desire.  Congress passed that bill because it gives government control over 1/6th of our nation's economy.  Congress wants control over the American people.  That's what Obamacare is all about. That's the goal of the forces of Nimrod. 
Also, Congress passed a financial regulatory reform bill last year which will further stifle businesses and prevent them from investing in new jobs for America.  President Obama also desires for corporations to invest in green technologies that are supposedly more environmentally friendly.  However, some of those ideas aren't even realistic.  The administration has halted further offshore drilling due to the Gulf Coast oil spill crisis last year supposedly.  It was a good crisis that gave the Obama administration an excuse to halt further offshore drilling.  That means that America can't be energy independent.  America needs to stop depending upon the Middle East to supply its oil. 
When President Obama campaigned for president in 2008, he revealed to Joe the Plumber (Joe Wurzelbacher) that he believed in the redistribution of wealth.  He's plainly proven that.  When he became president he continued the TARP bailouts that former president George W. Bush started at the end of his administration when Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and AIG were on the verge of collapse.  His administration has passed more laws that have added more regulations to businesses.  Some lawmakers have criticized the corporate tax placed on business.  The problem isn't so much the corporate tax but all the foolish, silly regulations which hamstring business.  If those regulations were removed from small businesses, then our economy would grown once again.  Consequently, the destruction of capitalism is their goal.
Many liberals such as Alan Colmes and Bob Beckel will tell you that President Obama isn't a socialist.  Even though our country hasn't turned into a complete socialist state overnight doesn't mean he isn't a socialist.  President Obama knows that you can't transform America into a socialist country overnight.  It has to be done in phases.  President Obama and former president Bush have done a masterful job in such a short period of time in transforming this country into a socialist nation.  President Obama placed the foot to the metal when he became president and he's about succeeded.  He's led this nation to socialism quicker than any other president in history.  The American economy won't recover unless the stifling regulations the federal government has placed upon them is removed. 

Opposition Grows to ‘Gang of Six Plan’

Opposition Grows to ‘Gang of Six Plan’

From left Senators Mark Warner (D-Va), Richard Durbin (D-IL), Kent Conrad (D-ND), Saxby Chambliss (R-GA), Mike Crapo (R-ID), and Tom Corbin (R-OK)

The "Gang of Six", which is composed of Senators Mark Warner, Richard Durbin, Kent Conrad, Saxby Chambliss, Mike Crapo, and Tom Coburn, are working towards a compromise deal where a deal can be struck to raise the debt ceiling coupled with "spending cuts."  They have been viewing options such as $1 trillion in taxes, under the guise of controlling the national debt and balancing the budget.  Didn't I mention last week that Congress was looking for a way to sneak in a tax increase.  If the "Gang of Six" has their way with their current proposal, then in all likelihood there will be a tax increase and middle income earners will be hit the hardest.  Anytime I hear President Obama or the Democrats speak about the top earners needing to contribute their fair share of taxes, I'm going to automatically assume he's speaking of those that make $250,000 or less.  The super rich aren't going to pay extra taxes.  Instead, they'll find a way to pass off the costs to those it will hurt the most by raising prices.  In spite of the fact that raising taxes are going to hurt middle-class Americans, President Obama is insistent upon making sure there will be a tax increase.  This particular plan from the "Gang of Six" could be one way that some Republicans will cave in if this proposal passes the Senate.  What's surprising is one of the members of this "Gang of Six" is Tom Coburn, who is considered a fiscal conservative supposedly.  Is he going to cave in on tax increases?  It wouldn't surprise me because he's a politician.

The problem, as I've repeatedly mentioned, is out-of-control spending.  That's why we have a huge deficit to begin with.  Congress refuses to spend within its means.  Sadly, I don't think it's an accident.  I belive it's part of the global agenda to financially collapse the economy of the United States.  The spending is insane.  The Republican leadership is looking for an excuse to cave in to allow the debt ceiling to be raised without losing their core base support.  If the Republicans in the House were serious about eliminating wasteful and unconstitutional spending, they would be using their power in Congress to defund those programs that are wasteful and unconstitutional.  They won't do that.  The attempt to pass a cut, cap, and balance bill will fail because the Senate and the presidency are controlled by Democrats.  The Republicans in the House could stop many of Obama's programs but they won't.  I have a problem in finding an excuse to raise the debt ceiling when there hasn't been any elimination of unconstitutional spending.  As far as revenue is concerned, the way for the government to draw more revenue is to revoke many of the regulations placed upon business which do nothing but hinder them from hiring more workers.  If more private sector jobs are created, then more revenue will go to the federal government. 

To read the article entitled, "Opposition Grows to "Gang of Six Plan", clink on the above link. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

House Votes 234-190 to Pass 'Cut, Cap, and Balance'

House Votes 234-190 to Pass 'Cut, Cap, and Balance'

President Obama the day the House voted to pass "Cut, Cap, and Balance."

The U.S. House of Representatives voted 234-190 to pass legislation allowing for a $2.4 trillion increase in the nation's borrowing cap on a tea-party backed plan to require immediate spending cuts and a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget.  The bill will head to the Senate which will have virtually have no chance of passing, which the House Republicans already know won't happen.  Since the House has already passed the bill, the Senate is working on a plan which will provide President Obama authority to impose an increase on the debt without the approval of Congress and on the Senate "Gang of Six" proposal to supposedly cut the deficit by almost 4 trillion over the coming decade. 

As I've heard Rush Limbaugh use the phrase nearly two decades ago, the House vote is just "symbolism without substance."  First of all, the House Republicans know the Senate is in control of the Democrats along with the presidency.  In order to stop unconstitutional spending in the federal government, the House needs to use the arsenal that is at its disposal and that is the power to defund spending programs.  Why haven't the Republicans defunded Obamacare or eliminated pork-barrel spending, or eliminated needless government spending?  Evidently, it's not part of the plan or else they would be doing so.  The Republican leadership in the House isn't committed to eliminating wasteful spending, according to their actions thus far. 

Another problem I have is with the proposal of the balanced-budget amendment is that Congress already ignores the Constitution when it comes to spending matters or other issues.  One example is with the proposal Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) made by giving President Obama the authority to increase the debt limit without the approval of Congress.  They invoke the Constitution only when it's at their expedience.  Consequently, our elected elite aren't committed to following the Constitution when it concerns the principles of government.  Let me ask this question:  Why do we need a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution anyway?  Over 25 years ago, Congress passed a bill entitled the "Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985."  This act was to require the federal government to cap spending and balance the budget when spending was out of control during the 1980's under the Reagan administration.  Did this measure force Congress to restrain spending and balance their budgets?  No.  Why should I expect anything different if a balanced-budget amendment was passed by both Houses of Congress and 2/3's of the states?  Congress refuses to abide by the laws it imposes upon itself.  They will always find an excuse to raise the debt ceiling and bypass any laws that require them to balance their budgets every year.  We already have enough laws on the books as it is.  We don't need more laws made, esp. on balancing the budget.  Congress will always exempt itself from being required to control spending.  This balanced-budget amendment proposal is just another example of symbolism over substance. 

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Monday, July 18, 2011

The History of McDonalds

Here's the fascinating store of the history behind McDonalds Hamburgers.  I was employed at McDonald's for nearly 12 years.

Ray Kroc and the History of McDonald's National History Fair

Ray Kroc--The Pioneer of Fast Food Franchising

Ray Kroc Documentary: McDonald's History

McDonalds" The History of Fast Food Industry

American Masters: McDonalds

My Personal McDonalds Memorabilia Collection on Camera (Part 1)

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You Deserve a Break Today--1970's

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Need for a Second American Revolution (Part 3)

Last Sunday I had intended on finishing this particular post but instead I was rambling and wasn't focused on the thought I wanted to expound upon.  Lord willing today I'm going to be succinct and bring forth the thought that I had intended to bring last Sunday.  As I closed last Sunday's post I stated I was going to be discussing what areas I'm referencing when I say America needs a second revolution.  The question that needs to be asked is where does a second revolution need to take place?  Am I making reference to the federal government?  As I stated in the last post and the previous post on Memorial Day, I don't think that it's very probable that we can reform or revolutionize our government.  The problem is we aren't just dealing with 535 Congressmen and Senators plus the president.  They are controlled and manipulated by the forces of Nimrod or globalist forces.  There all all types of influences in Washington that we're not even aware of.  Also foreign countries such as China holds a certain percentage of America's debt, which doesn't bode well for us.  With all the international forces that control and manipulate our government, I don't see how it's possible to turn our government around.  I know with God all things are possible, but we focus too much of our attention on reforming government and neglect those things that we can change.   If we could've turned things around we would've had to done it over 30 years ago.  Today, I'm afraid it's virtually impossible.  The globalists or the forces of Nimrod have just about completed their agenda for a new world order.   They have a tight grip on this country.

As I mentioned in the previous two posts, when I speak of America needing a second American revolution, I'm not speaking of Christians taking up arms fighting each other.  Ephesians 6:12 says, "For we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."  We're not wrestling with flesh and blood, we're wrestling against Satan.  The question needs to be asked who or what needs a revolution?  It's the American people that need a revolution.  The United States is comprised of the American people.  I'm not downplaying the importance of government.  There is a role for government, but the greatness of America doesn't lie in America's system of government.  It lies in those who fear God.  Our great nation was built from the bottom up.  When you drive across the country and view the landscape and infrastructure of America, it was people who had a strong work ethic that built and developed this great country.  A country is comprised of its people.  The heart and soul of America is its people.  IF America is to ever have a chance to survive, then it's people need a transformation.  First all, we need to recognize that America needs an awakening from God.  We must recognize that America is in a terrible condition spiritually, morally, and socially, and politically.  The only way for Americans to get help is for us to be awakened to the fact we're in trouble morally, spiritually, socially, and politically.  Our answers don't come from government.  It comes from God.  The biggest problem with America is the fact we've strayed from the Biblical principles our forefathers built this nation upon.  Ever since the hippie movement of the 1960's, America has been on a fast and furious downward slide.  Sin is prevalent on every hand.  We as a people cannot continue going the same direction without imploding.  Our nation is in a state of moral decay.  We have people that are strung out on drugs, alcohol, etc.  More and more Americans are cohabitating together.  Many marriages are in the rocks in this country.  Complacency grips this land.  Our youth are in trouble and are without any sense of direction.  America's schools are being dumbed down.  Children in schools are being taught that homosexuality is a normal, acceptable lifestyle.  Since 1973 millions of unborn children have been slaughtered from their mothers' wombs.  We definitely need a revolution.

We as a country need a revolution in our thinking and our lifestyles.  America's churches and America's school systems need a revolution.  God's people need revival and millions need to hear a clear-cut presentation of the gospel so they can be saved.  If God's people experience a real revival, that would solve many of America's problems automatically.  The things that we hold dear in life, the things that are important to us would change.  Instead of being concerned about purchasing the latest i-pad, things that are of eternal significance would take precedence.  I'm not opposed to material wealth and there's nothing wrong with possessing goods as long as we don't forget the Lord in the process.  In our land we need preachers standing in pulpits once again preaching the Bible with fire and power and once again preach "Thus saith the Lord."  We need Christians to place a proper emphasis upon the things of God and to recognize this world we're living in is temporal. 

Given the fact the public school systems have been secularized in today's society, many parents have chosen to take their children out of the public schools and either place them in a Christian school or to homeschool them.  The homeschooling movement has grown considerably in the last several years.  I would like to see major changes in the public school system.  However, as long as the educrats have control of our educational system, our nation's schools have no chance for a reform.  Those who are in charge of our schools today have a social agenda they're trying to push through the school system.  They aren't concerned about America's children being academically competent.  They're all about teaching children to be tolerant towards those things that God despises such as sodomy, abortion, fornication, and sin in general.  Schools today are brainwashing our children away from the Bible and the God of the Bible.  They have taught that man is the measure of all things and life is all about this present world.  Society has done a great job diverting our attention away from the fact that there is an eternity and that we need to prepare for eternity.  Life on this earth is just a vapor, but eternity is forever.

I know the thoughts that I've presented are sketchy and don't have much meat on the bones.  However, I have other things I need to do right now so I'm going to end it in this fashion.  America's problems are primarily spiritual in nature and America's solution is to return to the God of the Bible.  America's only hope is in God almighty.  If we don't turn back to God and serve Him, this nation will be finished.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

David Barton: The Bible's Influence in America/American Heritage Series

David Barton Speaks on how the Bible had a profound influence on early American history which includes our system of government, law, education, our free enterprise system, etc.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

The Conversation Should be Centered Around Eliminating Wasteful Spending

GOP says Obama resorting to scare tactics - Washington Times

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky (left), with Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl of Arizona, said he no longer thinks a debt solution is possible "as long as this president is in the Oval Office." Mr. McConnell proposed a backup plan that would, in effect, let the president increase the nation's debt limit with only Democratic votes. (Associated Press)
Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) with Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl (R-AZ).  Senator McConnell proposed a backup plan which would allow the President the privilege to raise the debt ceiling.

President Barack Obama was resorting to scare tactics Tuesday that Social Security benefit checks might have to be halted on August 3rd if there isn't a deal worked out by Congressional leaders to raise the debt ceiling.  President Obama and the Democrats like to use such scare tactics that Seniors will not receive their benefits or that U.S. troops won't be paid if Republicans don't bow down to their scare tactics.  Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said that he doesn't think there's any way a debt solution is possible as long as the President occupies the Oval Office.  Consequently, Senator McConnell came up with a plan which would give President Obama the authority to raise the debt ceiling without Republican votes.  A couple of weeks ago I heard that the President may invoke the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution to ensure that the federal government's obligation to our Senior Citizens is fulfilled.  House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), is about ready to cave in on a compromise with President Obama.  On a new note, President Obama and Congress decided to postpone meeting today for further talks about the debt ceiling.

What's infuriating about this whole situation is there is no serious discussion on the part of the Republicans about eliminating unconstitutional spending immediately.  I do recognize given the fact that the Democrats control the Senate and the White House that the Republican House is limited on the type of legislation that can be passed through Congress.  However, the Republicans do have the power to allocate where the money goes in the budget.  If the Republicans in the House were serious about eliminating wasteful spending, they would've defunded Obamacare, the wars in the Middle East, and all other types of unconstitutional spending.  There is so much wasteful spending in Washington that it would astound us if we know all that was being spent.  However, the Republican establishment in the House isn't interested in reining in spending.  They just want the issue for campaigning.   It was a good campaign issue for them last year. 

The conversation should be centered around eliminating wasteful spending before there are talks about increasing the debt ceiling.  President Obama and the Democrats want the ceiling raised another $4 trillion so they can continue their spending spree.  I guarantee you if the debt ceiling is raised there won't be any substantial cuts, if any.  The Republicans aren't serious about shrinking the federal bureaucracy.  Their whole approach to these budget talks should be about eliminating wasteful spending today--not the next eight to ten years.  It's misplaced priorities to be debating about raising the debt ceiling without first eliminating all wasteful spending.  That goes to show nobody in Congress is serious about reining in spending in Washington.  The Republicans in the House can choke off spending in certain areas.  They refuse to do that.  The focus of the conversation can't be about enabling Congress to continue their spending ways.  It has to be that Congress must operate under a budget.  They can't spend more than they take in.  They can't be wasteful in how they spend money. 

One of the tactics President Obama and the Democrats have been using is the call for increasing taxes upon the wealthy.  I've never seen how persistent the Democrats are in trying to find ways to increase taxes upon the American people.  What income level constitutes the rich according to President Obama and the Democrats?  $250,000 and below.  I don't believe they're going to force the super rich to pay their fair share of taxes.  Take a look at Jeffrey Immelt at GE.  This past year GE didn't pay any corporate taxes.  Immelt hired tax preparers to find a way where he wouldn't have to pay taxes.  The rich will find a way to buy off our elected officials.  I guarantee you the super rich won't be paying their fair share.  It will be those with income levels at $250,000 or less that will be saddled with a tax increase.  Here's another point that needs to be pondered:  If the tax rates on the wealthy are increased, then the middle class will be affected by those tax increases.  If Congress exacts a tax increase on the wealthy, then that tax increased will be passed to the middle class by the way of higher prices.  Higher taxes on the wealthy will eventually affect the lower class in America when they try to purchase gasoline, groceries, or other goods.  The prices for those goods will be raised. 

I've been opposed to the debt ceiling being raised and I still am.  I've listened to commentators on Fox News such as Bill O'Reilly who believes the debt ceiling needs to be raised one more time so our nation doesn't default on the obligation to our Seniors as well as he believes the failure to raise the debt ceiling could have major repurcussions on our economy.  The problem is Congress will continually be raising the debt ceiling year after year for the same reasons as they are about to do so this time.  They've overspent.  If we had Republicans that were more concerned about the welfare of this nation than about making deals with President Obama, they would have already defunded Obamacare and wasteful spending in the House.  My proposal is to first eliminate all the unnecessary spending and then determine with all the cuts being made would that be enough revenue sufficient to take care of our nation's financial obligations to our Seniors and to our soldiers overseas.  I happen to believe if Congress will automatically eliminate wasteful spending immediately, then we should have enough revenue coming in to meet our nation's financial obligations.  It makes sense to eliminate unnecessary spending before discussing the issue of raising the debt ceiling.  That's the way it should be.  That's what a corporation would have to do in the private sector if it wants to stay alive and competitive.  We don't need to enable Obama and the Democratic Party to continue their spending spree in Washington.  The answer is to eliminate wasteful spending.  We have a spending problem.  That's why our country is in the financial shape it's in.  It's not due to lack of revenue even though the treasury in Washington has lost a lot of revenue in the past few years due to millions of jobs being eliminated in the private sector.  The spending level is out of hand.  You can't spend more than you take in and not suffer the consequences.  That same principle also applies to Washington as well. 

Glenn Beck Speaking Before the Israeli Knesset

On Monday, July 11, 2011, Glenn Beck addresses the Israeli Knesset

Glenn Beck Visits Knesset

Glenn Beck Speaks Before Knesset

Thursday, July 14, 2011

General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt Calls on Businesses to Create Jobs

After Moving GE Positions Overseas, Immelt Calls on Business to Create Jobs - HUMAN EVENTS

Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of General Electric, who was chosen to head the President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness in January, said businesses need to create more jobs.  Here's a CEO whose corporation he heads paid 0% taxes to the federal government from the 2010 returns on a $5 billion profit.  Also GE receives federal funds from the government, GE's outsourced American jobs overseas in the last ten years, and GE has shed 34,000 jobs since he arrived at the helm in 2001.  General Electric owns NBC and anyone that pays attention to the media at NBC knows that NBC is a propaganda arm for the Obama administration.  What kind of right does Immelt have in calling for businesses to hire more people when GE didn't pay any corporate taxes for last year and he's shipped thousands of American jobs overseas? GE has an unfair advantage with the federal government.  Immelt and his cronies have bought off our elected officials in Washington.  All small and medium-sized businesses have to pay taxes.  Since Immelt has curried favor with the Obama administration, GE didn't pay any taxes this year.  That isn't right. 

Even though I'm not a believer in corporations paying high tax rates, I believe all loopholes for corporations should be closed.  If a corporation that doesn't generate as much profit as GE has to pay corporate taxes, then GE should--no exceptions.  If the government is going to exact a corporate tax, all corporations should pay the same percentage.  The government has no business choosing which corporations pay corporate taxes and which don't.  General Electric is aligned with the Obama administration, which exempts them from having to pay corporate taxes this year. 

Daniel Estulin: True Story of the Bilderberg Group

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Desire to "_________________" More Than Anything Else in This World"

How many times do we make statements that are profound or in-depth and we don't know what we are saying?  Many times in church we'll sing one of the hymns in the song book entitled, "Oh How I love Jesus".  Do we really?  Do we know what we're saying when we declare that we really love Jesus?  Does that mean we love Him more than anything else in this world?  Does that mean we love him more than our spouse, children, mother and father, and possessions?  That's a powerful statement.  Another song I've heard people sing in church is "Whatever it Takes (For my will to break)".  Do they understand the impact of that song?  Does that mean they're willing for a catastrophe to occur in their life for their will to break?  Does that mean they're willing for God to do whatever it takes in their life to draw themselves closer to God, regardless of the costs?  It's very easy to make profound statements without contemplating the meaning behind them and the costs associated with those statements.  Many people fail to recognize the full meaning behind what they're saying. 

We live in a society today that doesn't pay attention to the words they use and how they use them in the English language.  I've made statements a number of times in my life and never comprehended what I was actually saying when I made those statements.  I've had to learn over the years we have to say what we mean and mean what we say.  In order to say what we mean or mean what we say we must first understand what's the meaning behind statements or phrases we use.  This past Sunday during the Sunday school hour, I heard a reference being made to one of the young preachers in our church who said that he wanted to involve himself in the ministry of God more than anything else in this world.  The Preacher asked a few rhetorical questions and asked is serving God more important than purchasing a smart phone whose pay plan you can't afford, for example?  How many times have people made the statement that they desire to do this or involve themselves with "fill in the blank" more than anything else in this world?  When you say you desire to involve yourself with this or you desire to have something in your life more than anything else in this world you're in essence saying you want this particular desire fulfilled in your life at the exclusion of anything else.  For example if you're a Christian who's faithful to the things of God and you say you desire to serve the Lord more than anything else in this world, you are in essence saying you're willing to sacrifice anything this world has to offer in order to serve the Lord.  It's easy to say we desire to serve the Lord more than anything else in this world, but are we willing to deprive ourselves of the pleasures of this life in order to achieve that goal?  Are we willing to work a job that doesn't offer a good a salary so we can spend more time serving the Lord in various church functions?  Are we willing to deprive ourselves of a meal a day, for example?  Are we willing to forego purchasing the newest i-pad Apple Computer has to offer?  When we say we desire to achieve a certain goal more than anything else in this world, we're saying we're willing to forsake other activities so we can focus on accomplishing the goal that means more to us than anything else in this world.  There's a sacrifice involved.  That's something you don't find too many people willing to do today.  I'll use a personal example myself.  I like to write and I enjoy writing posts on this blog.  However, I would be fooling myself if I said I want to use my writing talent more than anything else in this world.  The truth of the matter is I haven't gotten to the point that I'm willing to deprive myself of other things so I can focus more on my writing ability.  I usually write at my own convenience.  I don't inconvenience myself in other areas so I can devote my time to writing.  Many times when we say we desire to accomplish something or participate in a particular event, we are saying we desire to do so as long as we're not inconvenienced.  There aren't too many people today willing to pay the price, discipline themselves, dedicate themselves, and deprive themselves of certain pleasures to accomplish a certain goal.

I'll mention another phrase that I've heard used before.  I've heard the phrase "I would give anything if I could "fill in the blank".  One time one of the young preachers in the church was mentioning about a man that went to a concert and the pianist that played the piano there played it skillfully and eloquently.  He was very talented with the piano.  After the concert was over the man from the audience walked over to the pianist and told him that he would give anything to play the piano like he "the pianist" could.  The pianist told him that wasn't the case because while that man was having fun, he "the pianist" spent hour upon hour practicing the piano.  In other words if that man had a very strong desire to play the piano eloquently, he would have paid the price and devoted hour upon hour to practicing the piano and developing his musical ability.  Why do many people start playing a musical instrument then they eventually stop playing it after a few practice sessions?  Because playing an instrument requires repetition and repetition is grueling and demanding.  Most people who attempt to learn how to play a musical instrument have no desire to invest copious amounts of time in repetition so they can play that instrument skillfully.  Most people desire the end result of being able to play an instrument skillfully but they aren't interested in devoting the hours and practice sessions necessary to practice.  Practice isn't easy.  It's labourous.  It's weary to the flesh.  That's why many people (including young people) don't stick with learning a musical instrument.  They don't desire all the labor that's involved in perfecting their skills.  Most people, if they could, would rewrite the laws of repetition where they wouldn't have to participate in many practice sessions before they can successfully play an instrument.  There are some people that would like the ability to play the piano skillfully.  However, they have no interest in disciplining themselves to practice on a faithful basis.  They want to play the piano skillfully with only a handful of practice sessions.  It doesn't work that way.  If you're going to be successful in mastering an instrument, you must discipline and dedicate yourself in playing that instrument.  Otherwise, you'll stop playing after a few practice sessions.  There aren't that many people willing to pay the price and deprive themselves of other pleasures to achieve a certain goal.  Most people that I'm aware of who play an instrument spent hour upon hour in practice to be successful in playing that respective instrument.  That's how it works.  You're not going to escape the laws of repetition.  You've heard the old adage, "Practice makes perfect."

Words have meaning to them.  Sentences and phrases possess meaning.  Some more than others.  It's important when we make a statement, we contemplate the meaning behind that statement before we utter that statement.  We need to understand there are consequences in certain things we say.  I can recall many times over the years I've made statements that I didn' know what I was speaking of.  Words have meaning.  When we say we have a strong desire to accomplish a goal or fulfill something in our lives, we need to understand that we're saying we're willing to sacrifice to see that goal achieved in our lives.  When we make the statement we desire something more than anything else in this world, we're in essence saying we're willing to exclude all other things in our lives in order to see a certain desire fulfilled in our lives.  We're willing to sacrifice in order to achieve something that's dear to our heart.  Words are important.  That's why it's important to have a proper mastery of the English language.  We need to comprehend what we're saying when we make profound or loaded statements.  The Bible says we'll give an account for every idle word we speak.  God desires that we think before we speak.  That's why he gives us two ears and one mouth.  We're to listen and think twice as much as we are to speak.  We need to premeditate on what we're going to say before we say it.