Saturday, May 7, 2016

God Hates Cowards--Frankliin Graham

God Hates Cowards--Franklin Graham

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I have great respect and admiration for Franklin Graham, the fourth youngest child of Billy Graham.  He's spent the last several years making stands for righteousness when it comes to our nation.  He's been steadfast in standing against abortion, same-sex marriage, homosexuality, Islam, the Obama administration, and the list continues.  He even made mention in this message that Islam isn't radical Islam but Islam.  In other words, it's the nature of Islam to believe in Jihadism.  Terrorism and violence is a part of Islam if "infidels" don't convert to their religion.  Graham has been right on the money with everything he's been preaching lately.  I read the articles about him on and other websites.  I want to say God bless you, Franklin Graham, for taking a standing against the sins that are plaguing America.  Keep up your stand.  We appreciate it.

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