Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Bob Knight Explains Why He Endorsed Donald Trump

Bob Knight Explains Why He Endorsed Donald Trump

Image result for bob knight explains why he endorsed donald trumpFormer Indiana and Texas Tech Coach Bob Knight and 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump

Former Indiana and Texas Tech Coach Bob Knight's endorsement of Donald Trump began with a phone call that Knight initiated himself a few weeks ago.  He had never met Donald Trump before.  They both connected well.  Trump even told Knight he told him how he could use him for his campaign if everything works out and he receives the GOP nomination.  Knight stated that Trump was the man our country needed to get America back on track.  He praised Trump for his hard work as a businessman and said he was the most honest person he's seen, according to Knight.  Knight doesn't get into the particulars of politics.  He said he will allow Trump to figure that out.  Knight did disagree with building a wall across the U.S. Mexican border.  Knight stated he favored troops along the border or parts of the border. 

Knight's endorsement of Trump could be very huge as Indiana has its primary today in Indiana.  Polls have Trump leading his GOP rival Ted Cruz as of right now.  The Indiana primary could further held Trump secure the 1237 votes needed to win the Republican nomination.  Click on the above link from Time.com to read the story.

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