Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Donald Trump Wins Indiana Primary

Donald Trump Wins Indiana Primary
Donald Trump wins Indiana primary

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump pulled out a resounding victory over rival Ted Cruz in Indiana.  Trump needs over 200 more delegates to secure the GOP nomination.  After Trump's victory over Cruz last night, Cruz decided to suspend his campaign.  As of last night Ohio Governor John Kasich was still in the race.  However, since this article was posted yesterday, word has it that Kasich has also dropped out of the presidential race.  Therefore, Trump no longer has any obstacles lying in his path to the GOP nomination.  He's now the presumptive nominee.  Trump is facing up with a presidential showdown with Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton.  Even though Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) won a narrow victory in the Indiana primary last night, there's no way he can catch up to Hillary's delegates.  Even though there are pledged delegates and super delegates on the Democratic side,  most of them are supportive of the former secretary of state.  So now it will be a Fall matchup between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.  Most GOP insiders considered Trump a fringe candidate when he announced his candidacy last year.  But he's fooled a lot of GOP insiders and now he's the presumptive nominee.  I believe Trump's victory in the GOP is the result of voter discontent in the GOP.  They're tired of the same old politics from the GOP so they decided to try Trump, who doesn't or has never held elected office.  That's my opinion.

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Trump Pivots to General Election Fight as Kasich Bows Out

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