Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Trump Was Told in January That Flynn Misled Pence

Trump Was Told in January That Flynn Misled Pence

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn

President Trump was told in late January that Michael Flynn, his National Security Adviser, had misled Vice-president Mike Pence concerning contacts he had with a Russian official.  Three weeks later, Flynn was ousted from his position.  Press Secretary Sean Spicer stated the reason for his firing was more driven by Flynn's misleading Pence rather than the legality of his speaking to the Russian official prior to Trump's inauguration.  Spicer stated Trump withheld judgment on Flynn until the White House counsel's office conducted a review of the legal issues raised by the calls.  Some say that Trump's friendly gesture toward Russia deepens questions about the incident. 

Such conversations supposedly breach protocol and violate the Logan Act, which states that private citizens can't conduct U.S. diplomacy.  However,  Flynn had already been tapped to be the next national security adviser in November.  I believe it's a technicality that the left are using to find something to nail Trump with.  I believe part of the reason for Flynn's ouster is because I believe Trump doesn't want an unnecessary distraction from the media with the battle he's already fighting on his immigration ban.  Trump had been conspicuously quiet about Flynn's standing with the administration for several days, then he took to Twitter and posed said the real story is "Why are there so many illegal leaks in Washington?"  I listened to radio talk show host Sean Hannity yesterday and after interviewing certain guests, discussed that those leaks could come from someone in the intelligence community.

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