Monday, February 6, 2017

Pence "Confident We're Going to Prevail" on Immigration Restrictions

Pence Confident We're Going to Prevail on Immigration Restrictions

Vice-President Mike Pence stated on NBC's Meet the Press that they're confident they're going to prevail concerning President Trump's temporary suspension of immigration from the six countries that are compromised by terrorism.  The terrorism refugee ban on Syria is indefinite for the time being.  Pence stated that even legal analysts who object to the substance of Trump's executive order falls within his constitutional authority.  The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco refused to stay the ruling as it waits to hear from the Trump administration later today. 

President Trump, please stand your ground on this issue.  Don't waver, don't compromise on this issue.  It's for the safety of our country.  I appreciate how you've stood so far on this issue.  The heat will be turned up even hotter as time rolls along.  There's a huge battle out there with people working overtime to destroy America's foundation.  Please stand for what is right.  Many fellow Americans support you in this endeavor. 

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