Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Black History Month

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Beginning today and running throughout the month of February until the 28th is black history month.  Black history month started in 1926 by the historian Carter Woodson and some other prominent black people.  It was originally designated the second week of February to honor both Abraham Lincoln, who as president freed the slaves through the 13th amendment, and Frederick Douglass, a black abolitionist.  It used to be referred to as Negro History Week and later it was changed to Black History Month throughout the entire month of February since 1976.  The purpose of black history month is to celebrate the achievements of blacks or African-Americans in America. 

This month we'll probably be featuring some historical posts relating to black history month.  I'll probably also discuss the issue of racism and state who I believe is behind much of the racism taking place in America today.  This year's black history month will be a little different.  However, it will be worth reading about.  Stay tuned for some exciting posts on black history month.

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