Friday, November 24, 2017

Colin Kaepernick Joins "Un-Thanksgiving Protest at Alcatraz

Colin Kaepernick Joins Un-Thanksgiving Protest at Alcatraz
Colin Kaepernick at Alcatraz (Screenshot / Twitter)
Former NFL Quarterback from San Francisco 49'ers Colin Kaepernick

Former San Francisco 49'ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick joined the annual "Un-Thanksgiving" Protest by Native American activists at the Indigenous People's Sunrise Gathering on Alcatraz Island.  The demonstration is held each year to commemorate the occupation by Native American activists from 1969 until 1971, which was credited with encouraging changes in the Federal government's policy towards "Indian Affairs," according to the East Bay report. 

It's not surprising to see Kaepernick involved in an "Unthanksgiving" protest.  He was displaying his unthankfulness when he took a knee during the singing of the national anthem before the start of the game when he played for the 49'ers.  He remains a symbol for the Black Lives Matter movement.  Kaepernick inspired the wave of protests against the national anthem.  In return, it provoked a fan boycott.  It would behoove Kaepernick to stop and think about the number of African Americans that have given their lives over the years in the military during the numerous wars that have been fought to keep our country free from oppression and tyranny.  Race relations weren't perfect years ago, either.  But they still honored our flag and proudly fought for this country.  It's tragic people like him don't think upon that. 

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