Saturday, January 21, 2017

Trump Pursues New Vision For America

Trump Persues New Vision For America

Image result for trumps swearing in        President Trump's swearing-in ceremony

The Inaugural Ceremony (YouTube)

President Trump in his inaugural speech took a drastically different term in which Fox News' Charles Krauthammer stated was a populist message.  Trump said that he was going in a new direction with America and stated that he won't forget the "forgotten" man and that he will never let the American people down.  He stated that he would renegotiate past trade deals which have sent millions of American manufacturing jobs overseas.  He said he would bring jobs back to America.  He said we would hire American and buy American if I'm correct.  He said that we must eradicate ISIS and Islamic terrorism around the world. 

Trump gave a great speech.  It was very patriotic, pro-American.  It was a speech which I personally characterize as God, Country, and the Constitution speech.  It was not a "liberal-conservative" type of speech.  He invoked scripture in his inaugural address.  It was a speech talking about how we can make America Great again.   I pray that he's as sincere as he's sounded in his speech.

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