Monday, January 16, 2017

National African American Day

Todatt the civil rights community and those in academia are celebrating Martin Luther King Day. I use those day to honor a black person who deserves to be honored, hence National Africann American Day.  We have been hearing in the news where at least a dozen or two Congressional Democrats were going to skip Friday"s inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump. Rep. john Lewis (D-GA) a longtime civil rights leader and now a Congressman stated he would not be attending Trumps inauguration because he did not believe Trump was elected legitimately. he believes it is due to Russian hacking of the Democratic party and that gave Trump an unfair advantage. The Democrars lost the November election because of Hillarys trail of corruption she left behind. The revelation of Hillarys emails by WikiLeaks Julian Assange led to her defeat, according to my opinion.

Many of todays civil rights leaders such as Al Sharpton hail King as a great civil rights icon. However, King was poles apart from such civil rights movements as Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter has supported violence against law enforcement and supports rioting in the streets of our major citiws. King suppoted protesting without causing violence. The civil rights movement over 40 years ago promoted no violence.  I think it was referred to as passive resistance. The violence we are seeing today is rebellion against authority.  There is no comparison between todays so-called civil rights movement and the movement during Martin Kuyher Kings time.

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