Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year to everybody.  2017 has just arrived on the scene.  2016 was another unusual year beginning with Donald Trump's victory to the White House.  Who would've thought that Trump would've had a chance to win the election.  He's never held elective office.  He was considered as a political outsider.  However, he's had his political connections over the years.  He's donated to candidates in both political parties for several years.  Many of us thought Jeb Bush would win the GOP nomination and face Hillary Clinton in the general election in the Fall.  I'm thankful neither Jeb Bush nor Hillary Clinton won the election. 

There were many other stories that took place such as police shootings all across the nation and terrorist activity.  We've had incidents with the LGBT movement trying to force our country to allow transgenders use whichever restroom they choose to use.  This mostly revolves around males who consider themselves females and desire to use the women's restroom.  It's perverted. 

I'm very thankful Donald Trump will be taking the oath of office on January 20, which is just a few weeks away.   I've sensed much optimism surrounding our country as a result of the election results last fall.  I can understand the optimism, given some of the things Trump promised during the campaign last Fall.  However, I would greatly caution people, especially those voters who think themselves to be conservative in their thinking, to be very cautious in their optimism towards the President-elect.  Trump has made numerous promises concerning the economy, illegal immigration, and terrorism, for example.  But Trump is a politician.  If Trump is sincere, like I hope he is, he will have a huge battle on his hands with the globalist forces.  The globalists are the ones that control the money and the events that shape our world.   Globalists like Henry Kissinger, James Baker, and David Rockefeller aren't going to disappear because Trump supposedly isn't a globalist.  The globalists control the presidency and Trump will have a battle on his hands if he's sincere about the promises he made about making America great again.  The direction that America has been headed the last several decades is the direction the globalists desire it to go.  It's no accident.  We need to pray for Trump and pray that his motto will be God, Country, and the Constitution.  That's what it's all about.  Our nation was built on Judeo-Christian principles and it doesn't stand a chance if we abandon those principles. 

I'm excited about this upcoming year.  I pray it will be the best year ever.

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