Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Trump Faces New Federal Lawsuit Over the Immigration Executive Order

Trump Faces New Federal Lawsuits Over Executive Order

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President Trump faces a new wave of federal lawsuits with at least 16 state attorney generals disagreeing with Trump's executive order on a temporary immigration ban from the seven terrorist countries that have an established terrorist network.  Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson, a Democrat, was strongly opposed to Trump's temporary ban for 120 days.  This executive order grants the president the authority under law to suspend immigration whenever he sees it as a national security issue.  Trump's order is a national security issue.  With all the police shootings and terrorist acts that have been committed in some of the major cities in the country, there needs to be an even harsher ban than the one Trump has issued.  But it's a good start on Trump's part and I'm thankful that he's bold enough to do that for the sake of our country concerning national security.  Trump told the Christian Broadcasting Company that he would give persecuted hristians from Syria like the previous administration was sympathetic to the Muslim refugees. 

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