Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Constitution--Only For a Moral and Religious People

The Preamble               

The Constitutional Convention

"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other."  John Adams
I recall hearing someone make a statement the other decrying the moral/spiritual deterioration of our country.  Our society is in a huge mess.  We have numerous abortions still being performed everyday even though I believe there's a decline in the number of abortions taking place on a daily basis than there used to be.  The homosexual community is having a heyday with the federal district courts overturning the gay marriage ban in 20 states.  Take a look at the progression of the gay rights agenda from 1969 with the Stonewall riots in New York up until the present hour where gay marriage advocates are having their day.  The homosexuals have drastically advanced in gaining power in the United States as a result of Congress and President Obama wholeheartedly supporting their agenda.  The politician you can thank with the rapid rise of the homosexual agenda is none other than former president Bill Clinton.  It started in 1992 with his promise to lift the ban on homosexuals serving in the military.  I knew when was reaching out to homosexuals then that lifting the ban on homosexuals in the military was just the tip of the iceberg and how true that was.  The gay rights agenda is wicked, ungodly, and totally against what built America.  With this gay marriage issue that's being pushed on Americans, we have reached the bottom of the barrel when it comes to what God describes as unnatural and an abomination.

I will never forget what the preacher said.  He said that things are in such an upheaval it will take a dictator to straighten things out.  Sadly, he's correct.  However, no earthly dictator will ever straighten things out.  The upcoming dictator will be the antichrist.  But that dictator is after Satan and this world will turn into a bloodbath during the Great Tribulation period.  The only ruler that will ever come into this world to straighten things out is when Jesus comes back during his Second Coming and he establishes His kingdom during the Millennial Reign. 

When I heard the preacher make the statement, the quote from John Adams came to mind.  Adams was exactly on target.  The reason why America has endured with level of freedom we've enjoyed over 238 years is because when the Constitution was signed, was because the type of people who dwelled in this country were of totally different character than the last few generations we've produced in America.  The people who dwelled in America in 1787 were responsible, God-fearing people who understood what the true meaning of liberty was.  Today's society equates liberty with licentiousness.  They believe in this secular humanistic philosophy that "whatever feels good do it."  Today's society espouses the philosophy of "situational ethics," which means right and wrong as based on a person's particular situation.  It's up to the individual or society to determine what truth is.  The Bible no longer holds sway as truth to most Americans.  The Bible is no longer regarded as truth to most so-called churches in this hour.  There are so-called churches that ordain homosexual clergyman or allow gay marriages in their churches.  No wonder why this generation is in a pitiful shape spiritually.  The Constitution isn't designed for those who disregard God or the Bible or who don't practice self-restraint.  The reason why the Constitution has worked so well for 238 years is because there were groups of people who were God-fearing, disciplined, and knew how to practice self-government.  They had a sense of right and wrong.  They also believed if men was going to make it in this life, they had to learn how to labor diligently.  They believe it was a man's responsibility to provide for himself and his family.  They didn't possess this mentality that it was the government's responsibility to provide benefits to all Americans.  They believed man was to earn his keep through diligent labor.  As a result, we produced generations of Americans that made America the wonder of the world.  America was able to allow maximum freedom to Americans because we had Americans that knew a society would crumble if they were lazy, irresponsible, and didn't fear God. 

We live in a generation in today's society in which the Constitution doesn't really apply to.  We've produced a generation who has lost its work ethic, doesn't believe the Bible is the Word of God or doesn't believe in absolute truth.  We live in a generation which is loose with it's morals.  We also live in a generation which doesn't know it's history.  America has advanced in such a dramatic fashion from the time of the first settlers in Jamestown, Virginia in 1607 when this nation was nothing more than a wilderness.  We've made many advances in farming, technology, roads, and buildings, to name a few.  We've built huge metropolitan cities in America.  We've become a modernized society with i-pads, i-pods, the internet, and smart phones, to name a few.  I believe much of today's young people don't know how to appreciate the uniqueness of America.  I believe there are some young people who believe we've always had cell phones, i-pads, and the internet to name a few.  Our young people don't know their history.  It's destroying this nation. 

I will conclude this post another time.  My time has run out.

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