Saturday, March 19, 2016

Who is the Real Heidi Nelson Cruz?

Who is the Real Heidi Nelson Cruz

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There are many talk show hosts such as Glenn Beck who strongly support the candidacy of Ted Cruz for president in 2016.  Many conservatives and Tea Party members support Ted Cruz for president.  However, if anyone believes that Cruz is a God, Country, and the Constitution kind of conservative, they're wrong.  Cruz is a globalist himself, along with his wife Heidi Nelson Cruz.  They are a part of the Bush cabal.  They both worked on Bush's campaign for president in 1999-2000.  Heidi Cruz isn't the typical devoted wife and mother one would think.  When I say that I'm not insinuating there's marital infidelity that's taken place but that Heidi Cruz is a globalist herself who's had ties with the Bush White House.  She worked for former National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice years ago.  She also worked for Trade Representative Robert Zoelllick.  She also is an American investment manager at Goldman Sachs but right now she's been in Texas to help with Ted Cruz's campaign for president.  She also was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations where she chaired a group that advocated the U.S. erasing it's borders with Mexico and Canada to become united as the North American Union.  They're far from the red, white, and blue Americans we would desire to occupy the White House.  Even though I would vote for Cruz over Hillary Clinton, he isn't my choice to nominate as the next president of the United States in the primary.  Cruz postures himself to be the conservative that I don't believe he is.  I believe if he were president he would support amnesty.

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