Saturday, March 26, 2016

Is ISIS Faithful to Islam?--Pat Buchanan

Is ISIS Faithful to Islam?

Syndicated columnist Pat Buchanan brought up the subject of what some would refer to as "radical Islam".   Ohio Governor John Kasich made the statement that we aren't at war with Islam but radical Islam.  Our talking heads in Washington want you to believe that most Muslims are peaceful and that only a few are of a jihadist nature.  However, if one were to seriously search the Koran, you would find where it teaches to kill the infidel.  That's the Koran.  So therefore, the killing of the infidel is what Islam teaches.  It's not what some would call the perverted form of Islam.  Islam as a religion is perverted.  The federal government doesn't need to be sanctioning Islam.  It shouldn't allow any Muslim immigrants to come into the United States.  Murdering those who won't conform to Islam isn't a different branch of Islam.  It's mainstream Islam and unless our elected officials, including President Obama and the Democrats recognize that, then we won't defeat Islam nor ISIS.  We have to recognize who the enemy is.  A person who makes a distinction between radical Islam and mainstream Islam is delusional because what those who refer to as radical Islam is mainstream Islam.

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