Sunday, March 6, 2016

What to do in a Postchristian America: Keep Calm and Carry On

What to do in a Postchristian America

Eric Metaxas wrote an interesting article on what to do in a post-Christian America.  I want to say first of all as important as it is for Christians to be politically involved in America when it comes to this year's presidential election, for example, the political system in America isn't going to save our country.  I believe in voting for the right candidates when it comes to the election.  I thank God for the huge turnout we had in the Republican caucus from where I was located in Kentucky.  But voting out incumbents and putting in "Christian" candidates in power isn't going to save this country.  To tell you the truth, most "Christian" politicians have been very disappointing.  Our hope isn't in our government.  America's hope is in God Almighty and unless we turn to Him to heal our land, our nation doesn't have a prayer.  God's people need to get right with God and we need to see a great awakening in our country spiritually.  Our priorities are wrong when it comes to spiritual things.  God says in Matthew 6:33 that if we seek ye first the kingdom of God all these things shall be added unto you.  We need God to move in our country and He needs to be acknowledged and recognized once again as Lord.  Jesus is the only answer to the social ills of our nation.  We need to rely on God.  He's our only hope.  If we go back on track spiritually speaking, then other things will fall into place in our lives. 

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