Saturday, January 17, 2015

Obama to Call For New Tax Increases in the State of the Union Address

Obama to Call For New Tax Increases in the State of the Union Address

Here's President Obama once again playing the same old class warfare game in his upcoming State of the Union Address on Tuesday.  His plan calls for new tax increases on the wealthy in order to fund tax credits to help the middle class!  Ha! Ha!  What a joke.  One idea calls for new tax increases on the investment tax.  Another is to eliminate a tax break on inheritances.  The President also plans to call for $320 billion in tax increases the next 10 years.  Aside from funding new tax credits such as a tax credit for working families and child care tax credit, he also wants to use the money to make college more affordable and accessible--even some free college.  Guess who will pay for it.  It will be the middle class paying for everything.  The top earners will find a way to escape that loophole. 

Our elected elite (both Democrats and Republicans), are traitors to the highest degree on Capitol Hill.  They're nothing but liars, crooks, and thieves.  They rip us off through our pocketbooks.  They authorize our troops to "fight" wars in the Middle East that our elected elite have no intention of winning.  They are allowing (through the efforts of John Boehner) for Obama's executive order on amnesty go through by allowing the funding of it in December's omnibus bill.  There's not one person you can trust to stand for the American people on Capitol Hill.  That's the truth! 

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