Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Despite War Against Al Qaeda in Yemen, Obama Seeks to Release 47 Yemenis From Gitmo

Despite War in Al-Qaeda, Obama Seeks to Release 47 Yemenis

Gitmo, Guantanamo

This whole war against "Al-Qaeda" doesn't make sense.  First of all, this war goes further than Al-Qaeda.  It's not just about Al-Qaeda--it's a war against Islamic terrorism.  Islamic terrorism is a religious war against the infidels, according to the religion of Islam.  Israel is the little satan and America is the great satan.  There are other terrorist networks than Al-Qaeda.  Secondly, since Al-Qaeda training camps are in Yemen, it doesn't make sense the Obama administration desires to release 47 Yemenis.  It just gives them the license to inflict more jihads in the United States.  President Obama doesn't want to use the phrase "Islamic terrorism" due to the relationships that Obama has with the Middle East.  We have no business courting with the Middle East.  We need to marginalize our relations with the Middle East.  We need to be independent from the Middle East, which means we need to produce our own oil for our own country instead of importing any oil from the Middle East.  The Middle East needs to become irrelevant when it comes to the U.S.'s interests.

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