Friday, January 9, 2015

34 Year-Old Paris Suspect Directly Linked to Al-Qaeda Training Camp in Yemen

Paris Suspect Directly Link to Al-Qaeda Training Camp in Yemen

One of the two brothers suspected in gunning down 12 people in an attack on a Paris-based satirical magazine traveled to Yemen in 2011 and had contact with an Al-Qaeda training camp, according to U.S. sources.  Sources told Fox News that investigators have made it a priority whether he had contact with Al-Qaeda in Yemen's leadership, including a bomb maker and a former Guantanamo Bay detainee.  Both said Kouachi, is known to have gone to Yemen and his brother Cherif Kouachi, who served time in France on a terrorism conviction, were on a U.S. no-fly list.  The new information shows both suspects, who were being hunted down Thursday evening, had ties to Al-Qaeda affiliates, one in Yemen and on in Iraq.

The U.S. media and our elected elite need to wake up and recognize the truth that the Al-Qaeda threat is real and if our leaders don't stop cozying up to them, we're going to have other Al-Qaeda attacks in America on a larger scale if we're not careful.  The Islamists are at war with the West, including the U.S.  Many liberals in the media will deny that, but it is true.  Our government has no business in cozying up to them, period.  Click on the above link from

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