Tuesday, December 23, 2014

NYC Demonstrators Say They Won't Stop Desipite deBlasio's Objections

NYC Demostrators Say They Won't Stop Despite deBlasio's Objections

New York May Bill de Blasio has asked the activists to set aside any mass demonstrations until the funerals of former NYPD police officers is over with.  I agree that there shouldn't be any demonstrations taking place while the families of the two shot NYPD officers are grieving over this past weekend's incident.  To tell you quite honestly, I'm tired of the excuses made for all the rioting and vandalism that took place in Ferguson, MO, for example.  This is not about white police officers killing innocent black teenagers or young black men.  This just gives demonstrators an excuse to riot and vandalize cities and neighborhoods.  What's appalling is the flagrant disrespect our society is showing towards police officers and law enforcement.  I know there are law enforcement officials that have overstepped their boundaries in certain situations.  But that's always happened to some extent throughout history.  How about Congress overstepping their boundaries and enacting laws that are in contradiction to the U.S. Constitution?  Should we open fire on Capitol Hill and murder our lawmakers for being the traitors they are to the Constitution?  Of course not.  I'm as opposed to the direction our lawmakers are taking this country as anyone.  But opening fire and looting Washington, D.C. isn't the answer.  Neither are these demonstrations where acts lf lawlessness are taking place. Killing police officers is not right and they should be condemned by everyone.  There's a proper channel to deal with anyone in law enforcement that oversteps their bounds.  Promoting lawlessness is uncalled for.  Click on the above link from FoxNews.com to read the latest story.

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