Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Gun-Related Police Deaths Jump 56% in 2014

Gun-Related Police Deaths Jump 56% in 2014

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With 2014 only one day to be through, 126 of our law enforcement officers, nearly 56% of our nation's police officers have died in the line of duty this year.  It's a 24% increased from the 102 who died in 2013, according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.  Ambush shootings among police officers resulted in 15 deaths.  Felonious incidents resulted in the deaths of 62 police officers, according to the report. 

What's disturbing is the lawlessness that's taking place against America's law enforcement.  Today, if a white officer shoots a black criminal, so-called civil rights leaders such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton try to paint the officers as the bad guys, which isn't true.  Therefore, it gives "protesters" the green light to vandalize and loot our cities because they know that nothing will be done to them, which is what happened in Ferguson, Missouri last month.  Sadly, our liberal politicians are promoting this junk and they aren't supporting our nation's law enforcement in stopping criminals.  The truth of the matter is it doesn't make any different what the race of the criminal is.  A criminal is a criminal regardless if it's white, black, Asian, Hispanic, etc.  It's time to stop the racial nonsense.

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