Friday, November 28, 2014

Tis the Season

The Bells of Christmas--Julie Andrews

Christmas season is upon us once again.  And as always it's another big year for The Christian Worldview.  I always look forward to featuring Christmas posts.  This year I will be featuring Christmas music from different artists such as the late George Beverly Shea, to name a few.  I'll also be featuring Christmas posts involving the culture of Christmas and the origins of certain Christmas traditions.  I'll also be constructing a few posts dealing with thoughts on scripture.  One of the thoughts I'll be dealing with is "What is Christmas all about?"  That thoughts came from the Charlie Brown Christmas special which first aired on December 9, `1965.  Charlie Brown was depressed concerning the over-commercialization of Christmas.  He would pose the question, "Can anyone tell me what Christmas is all about?" (paraphrasing)  Linus told him the true meaning of Christmas by quoting Luke 2:8-14 in the authorized King James Version.  That show has been a hit since that time.  I want to focus on the though on "what is Christmas all about."  I can tell you Christmas isn't about Santa and his reindeer nor gift-giving, etc.  I don't have a problem with gifts, Christmas trees, nor Christmas decorations.  However, Christmas is much more than that.  I revolves around the birth of Jesus and the fact he was sent to this earth by the Father so that one day he would die upon the cross to forgive mankind of his sins.  That's what Christmas is about.  I'm excited about this Christmas season.  Let's begin the Christmas season celebrating by celebrating it the right way and not allowing ourselves to be overly engrossed with the shopping, etc.  Let's meditate upon the Lord and celebrate his birth.

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