Thursday, November 13, 2014

Obama Vows Drastic Emissions Cut, Gets Little Back From China in New Deal

Obama Vows Drastic Emissions Cut

President Obama and Chinese President XI Jinping

President Obama announced on Wednesday that the U.S. has set a new goal of reducing emissions of greenhouse gasses from 26 to 28 percent over the next 11 years as part of a climate change agreement with China.  This is a drastic increase from Obama's agreement earlier in his presidency when he vowed to reduced emissions by 17 percent in 2020.  Obama's counterpart XI Jinping pledged to decrease emissions of greenhouse gasses but hasn't set a date.  China has been building a number of coal plants recently.

What benefit is it for the U.S. to made an agreement with China to reduce emissions from greenhouse gasses if they don't live up to their bargain?  Another problem is this agreement will more than likely force the U.S. to burn less coal and as a result, taxpayers will be paying higher energy bills, which is something the American people don't need forced on them.  Families are struggling enough as it is trying to make ends meet without adding unnecessary rate increases.  To read the full story, click on the above link from

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