Monday, November 10, 2014

A Message to Senator McConnell

McConnell: We'll work with Obama

During last Tuesday's victory, U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) made the statement that they will work with President Obama during the next session of Congress.  McConnell stated they will try to work in areas they agree on.  That all sounds nice but that's not realistic.  The truth is President Obama and soon to be Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid aren't a bit interested in working with the GOP.  They have their agenda and they're going to continue to press on forward with their agenda involving granting amnesty to illegal aliens. 

I'm have a message for you, Senator McConnell.  If you become the Senate Majority Leader in January, it'll be a tragedy.  I can't envision you standing up against President Obama's agenda.  You've proven to be worthless as a minority leader when you could've used an opportunity back in 2009 to launch a filibuster to stop Obamacare in its tracks before the Senate voted on it.  You didn't do that.  When you ran for a sixth term in Kentucky, you made the statement that you want to stop Obamacare, root and branch.  Why don't you prove it?  I don't see you making any inroads to stop Obamacare.  I recognize that the power of the purse belongs to the House, but you as Senate Majority Leader can refuse to support any bill coming from the House that funds Obamacare, along with other spending bills that are extravagant.  Prove me wrong, but I can't see you doing what's necessary to stop the President's agenda.

I'm going to briefly state what Senator McConnell should do in his new role as Senate Majority Leader next year.  (1) In order to be able to work together with the Democrats, you must have common ground when it comes to issues.  In other words, you can't work with the Democrats if they insist on keeping Obamacare legal.  You also can't work together with Democrats if they insist on pushing amnesty for illegals, granted President Obama doesn't sign an executive order granting amnesty to illegals.  (2) The GOP in the Senate must control the agenda.  Voters stated overwhelmingly in the election they don't want the Obama agenda forced on Americans, such as Obamacare, amnesty for illegal aliens, carbon restrictions that cause the price of energy bills to soar, nor reckless spending.  You can't compromise with the Democrats on those issues.  They're unconstitutional and are very unhealthy to the survival of our Republic.  You must control the agenda and refuse to pass nor support any legislation that furthers the President's socialist agenda.  (3) You should push for a bill to mandate a triple-tiered border fence to be built across the southwest from Texas to California.  You can't speak about securing the border if you don't build a border fence to stop illegals from crossing the Mexican-U.S. line.  (4) Any immigrant from Mexico that comes to America who wants to work across the border needs to be issue work permits.  Any immigrant that comes to America and stays for a period of time must become a legal alien and must submit to a thorough background check for diseases.  They should have a thorough background check.  This issue of illegal aliens crossing our border is both a security and health issue. 

(5) The Senate must reject any attempts to legalize amnesty.  (6) The Senate should not support sending more troops to Iraq unless there's a full and absolute commitment to give all the firepower necessary to destroy ISIS.  If war is declared, then give Iraq "shock" and "awe" and leave as soon as the war is won.  Don't lag behind trying to reconstruct or reform Iraq.  It won't work.  (7) Finally, the GOP in the Senate should promote the Keystone Pipeline.  We need to stop relying on foreign oil.  America has enough abundant resources where we don't have to rely on foreign oil to meet our country's energy needs.

These are a few things that need to be accomplished.  If you're not willing to do those things I've must mentioned, then you don't need to become Senate Majority Leader.  We don't need RINO's that go along with Obama's agenda.  If you refuse to stand against Obama's agenda, then you need to resign from the Senate.

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