Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Voter Values Summit/Restoring Honor Rally (Part 9)

YouTube - Glenn Beck's 'Restoring Honor' Rally pt.9 Beck's Monologue

(Politico) This weekend, a group of social conservative activists and politicians gathered in Washington to send an unmistakable message to both the media and their party: we won't take a back seat.  From the ballroom podium to the corridors of the Omni Shoreham, the conservative Christians who attended the Family Research Council's "Values Voter Summit" this weekend said even though concerns over spending and the state of the economy may be fueling activists on the right at the moment, the country and the GOP coalition still depend on cultural conservatives. 

Attendees here welcomed the fiscally driven tea party activists to the Republican fold, but stated that the concerns over the deficit and the growth of government doesn't mean morality-based issues such as abortion and gay marriage should be placed on the back shelf.  Even though speaker after speaker was reluctant to criticize Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels by name, each speaker criticized the governor's suggestion that the next president call a "truce" on hot-button cultural issues to focus on budget-related matters.  Some of the speakers that spoke at the summit were Indiana Rep. Mike Pence, Minnesota Rep. Michelle Bachman, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, U.S. Senatorial Candidate Christine O'Donnell (Delaware), and former Arkanas governor Mike Huckabee, to name a few. 

"We must realize there's a direct correlation between the stability of families and the stability of our economy," Mike Huckabee stated.  "I'm so tired of people telling me we don't want to hear about issues of the family."  Mike Pence surprisingly won the straw poll with 24 percent, narrowly edging Huckabee, who took 22 percent and finished 11 votes behind the Hoosier.  The next closest contentder was Mitt Romney, who won 13 percent.  Family Researach Council President Tony Perkins, speaking to reporters after announcing the results, praised Pence's devotion to both fiscal and social issues and said he was "the type of candidates values voters will be looking for."  Since the rise of the new conservative movement with the aid of the Moral Majority in the late 70's, social/cultural issues aren't receiving the amount of attention nowadays that it once received several years ago.  Polls show that the new, fiscal-focused conservative activists also share traditional views on social issues, but that's not what necessarily what drives the tea party movement.  These activists are more focused on issues relating to the role of the federal government and are trying to thwart what they see as the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress's attempt to impose European-style socialism on America. 

Social conservatives here said that if the GOP takes back control of the House or Senate this November, they won't tolerate compromise with Democrats on cultural mattes.  Perkins stated he expected a new Republican majority in the House to push back against any attempt to repeal the "don't ask, don't tell" policy against homosexuals in the military and legislation to restrict businesses from discriminating against homosexual employees. 

We have a group within the Republican party who want to downplay the importance of social/cultural issues.  That's why the Republican Party is divided.  Some Republicans refuse to see that America's moral/social problems are correlated with America's financial problems.  America's problems are much deeper than fiscal.  The reason why America is in the shape she's in today is due to the breakdown of the traditional family unit.  That's why issues such as abortion and homosexuality are at the forefront.  We've had groups of abortion activists and groups of homosexual activists that have sued the courts years ago and that's why those two issues are in the political arena.  They must be squarely dealt with.  Proverbs 14:34 states that righteousness exalteth a nation.  Our nation is unstable due to America forgetting God as well as the breakdown of the family unit.  If our homes and churches followed what the Bible says, America wouldn't be in the shape she's in today.  America's drift from constitutional principles along with the fiscal shape America's in is a result of the moral/spiritual problems plaguing America today.  Electing "conservative" Republicans to Congress and the presidency aren't what's going to save America.  God's people must repent of their sins and right their relationship with Him.  America's problems are primarily spiritual.  Christians must set the standard on how people should live if America is to be salvaged. 

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