Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Issue is I-L-L-E-G-A-L Immigration/Restoring Honor Rally (Part 13)

YouTube - Glenn Beck's 'Restoring Honor' Rally pt.13 Beck's Monologue

(USA Today) Former Secretary of State Colin Powell made an appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press" this past Sunday.  He was asked questions by moderator David Gregory about President Obama to begin with.  Colin Powell openly supported then Senator Barack Obama's candidacy for president in 2008.  Powell stated that President Obama is a Christian and isn't a Muslim and that he was born in the United States; not in Kenya.  (Powell was asked by Gregory what he thought about the comments Newt Gingrich made in his new book about President Obama.)  Aside from speaking about the Obama administration and what he thought about the Obama administration since Obama took office, Powell then proceeded to speak about the subject of illegal immigration. 

Powell stated that illegal immigrants do essential work in the United States and he (Powell) has first-hand knowledge of that because they fix his house.  Powell, who was Secretary of State during the first term of the George W. Bush administration, urged the Republicans to support "immigration" generally because it is "what's keeping this country's life blood moving forward."  Powell said a path to legal status should be offered to illegal immigrants in the U.S. because they "are doing things we need done in this country."  He added, "They're all over my house, doing things whenever I call for repairs, and I'm sure you've seen them at your house.  We've got to find a way to bring these people out of the darkness and give them some kind of status."  He claimed Republicans musn't become anti-immigration and spoke in support of legislation that would give certain children of illegal immigrants a way to become citizens if they pursue a college education or military service.  He then went on to add that immigration offers the U.S. a chance to maintain a youthful population in contrast with the aging of Europe and Japan.

Many liberal pundits are always branding those that speak out against illegal immigration as anti-immigrant or racist.  Racism isn't the issue.  The issue is ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!  I understand the argument behind using illegal immigrants to work in the U.S. because it's difficult to find Americans to perform the type of jobs that illegals perform.  I understand their argument.  First of all, before we consider employing illegals, we should force those that are on welfare to take these jobs that illegals have been performing.  That would remove several Americans off the government dole.  That should be the first goal.  Secondly, if there's still a need for foreigners to perform the "dirty" jobs that many Americans won't perform, then we should provide some type of identification and work permits to those illegals that work here.  We need to have all foreigners that come to the U.S. documented.  It's dangerous to allow illegals to sneak through our borders and not know they're living in America.  If America's going to employ illegal immigrants, then we need to offer them work permits and conduct a background check on them.  Once we go through that process, then they will become "legal" immigrants coming here to work.  That would be the solution. 

I'm assuming when Powell speaks of offering some type of status to illegals he's making reference to what I've just mentioned and that is issue identification and work permits.  I believe they are classified as green cards.  When I first read the article in the USA Today I didn't read the part where Powell said some sort of legal status should be offered to illegal immigrants who work in the U.S.    If he's saying what I'm thinking, then I agree with him on that point.  Nevertheless, we need to stop employing illegal immigrants.  If we need to hire foreigners to work, then we need to conduct a background check on them, offer them sort sort of I.D., and issue work permits.  On the other hand, the issue of authorizing a path to citizenship is a different story.  If those illegals that live in America desire to eventually become U.S. citizens, then they need to get in line to go through the proper channels to apply for citizenship like any other immigrant that's applying for U.S. citizenship.  It wouldn't be right to offer amnesty to those who have been residing in America illegally while there are those who have followed the laws and are waiting in line to become U.S. citizens.  You don't offer amnesty to those who broke the law in coming here without some sort of documentation.  I'm not opposed to legal immigration.  America was built on immigrant families coming to America.  However, they came to America legally and they worked to assimilate into the American culture.  they went through the appropriate channels to become U.S. citizens.  They came to seek for a better living and to contribute to the well-being of America.  It's illegal immigration that I and most Americans have an issue with.  It's the fault of the U.S. government for decades for not closing the borders except at certain checkpoints.  Many state governments such as California for example are nearly bankrupt for using taxpayer dollars to provide benefits ranging from healthcare to welfare to illegals in America.  It's bankrupting the country.  That's not right to the taxpayers of America. 

If the Democrats lose control of Congress in the general election, I suspect that Congress will hold a lame-duck session to vote on some type of deal to grant amnesty to illegals.  That's the agenda of President Obama and Congress---both Democrat and Republican.  If amnesty is granted to illegal aliens, it will forever change the landscape of America.

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