Monday, September 20, 2010

Jimmy Carter Claims Ted Kennedy Delayed Health Plan/Restoring Honor Rally (Part 10)

YouTube - Glenn Beck's 'Restoring Honor' Rally pt.10 Beck's Monologue

(USA Today) Former president Jimmy Carter claimed Americans could've had comprehensive healthcare coverage back in the 1970's if Senator Edward Kennedy hadn't blocked a plan Carter had proposed.  Carter brought up that incident on  CBS's "60 Minutes" which was aired yesterday.  Portions of the interview, prompted by the publication of his White House diary, were posted on the program's website Thursday.

 "We would've had comprehensive health care now, had it not been for Ted Kennedy's deliberately blocking the legislation that I proposed," Carter said.  "It was his fault.  Ted Kennedy killed the bill."  Both Kennedy and Carter had competing healthcare plans while Carter was president.  Carter stated Kennedy, who was his Democratic rival, was spiteful.  "He did not want to see me have a major success in that realm of life."  The Massachusetts Senator unsuccessfully challenged Carter for the 1980 presidential nomination.  Carter eventually lost to Ronald Reagan during the November election.  Healthcare was a prized cause for Kennedy.  Kennedy had been pushing for healthcare since he was involved in a plane crash in 1964.  Kennedy died of cancer in August 2009.  In Carter's 2009 memoir, "True Compass", Kennedy accused Carter of dragging his feet on healthcare, saying Carter saw Kennedy's healthcare efforts as a platform to challenge his presidency.

I know from reading about Kennedy during Carter's presidency that Kennedy was no big fan of Carter.  I'm thankful that national healthcare didn't pass during the Carter administration.  If it wasn't for bribery and backroom deals, Obamacare wouldn't have passed this March.  However, all this is part of the socialist plan for the government to take control of our economy and eventually everything that revolves around the lives of the American people. 

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