Friday, January 12, 2018

Tucker Carlson on Trump's Comment Concerning Outhouse Countries

Tucker Carlson on Trump's Comments Concerning Outhouse Comments

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Tucker Carlson on his Fox News show reacted to the comments that President Trump made the other day about "outhouse" countries such as Haiti.  That's not the actual term he used for countries like that but I'm not going to use the word that Trump used.  Another phrase appropriate would be "Third World" countries.  Trump made these comments in private.  Trump asked why America doesn't receive immigrants from places that one would desire to visit while on vacation, such as Norway, which is a developed and rich country according to U.N. standards?  He said that an awful lot of immigrants come from countries that are dangerous, aren't nice, are corrupt, dirty, and are poor and that's the main reason those immigrants are coming into this country and said we would too if we lived there.

Carlson stated that the comments Trump made is something most Americans would agree with.  I myself concur with what Trump stated.  Prior to the change in our immigration laws starting in 1965, America took immigrants from countries of European stock, mostly western European countries.  Our country had strict guidelines in regards to receiving immigrants.  Today, that's considered racist by our elected elite in power.  However, it makes sense to scrutinize the type of people you allow into your country.  Countries that are hotbeds of terrorism and those that have all types of troubles can be a gamble concerning national security to admit those type of people into our country.  Most immigrants from generations ago had to come through Ellis Island in New York to be examined for they were admitted into this country.  It just makes sense.  It makes even more sense today in regards to the terror problems that take place around the world. 

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