Thursday, January 4, 2018

Franklin Graham Calls on Americans to "Wake Up" to Evil of Abortion

Franklin Graham Calls on Americans to "Wake Up" To Evils of Abortion

Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham, son of prominent evangelist Billy Graham, has come out swinging after Ohio abortion forces erected a series of billboards praising the practice, calling on Americans to 'wake up" to the evil of abortion.  The largest abortion clinic in Ohio, referred to as "Preterm" has embarked on a crusade to sway public opinion toward a greater acceptance of abortion.  The group posted 16 billboards around the greater Cleveland area emblazoned with messages like, "Abortion is life-saving" "Abortion is safer than childbirth", "Abortion is Sacred", and "Abortion is a blessing." 

In a series of posts on social media, Franklin Graham has blasted rhe campaign, calling those slogans lies and invited Americans not to lose their sense of right and wrong.  Graham was citing the Biblical prophet Isaiah saying "woe to those who call evil good and good evil."  That's what the Ohio campaign on abortion is.  It's referring to evil as good and good as evil.  He stated that calling abortion "life-saving" and "sacred" is saying evil is good.  The pro-abortion campaign falls hard on the passage of a new Ohio law which prohibits the selective killing of babies with Down's Syndrome.  In late December Ohio Governor John Kasich signed the "Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act" to protect children with Down's Syndrome from becoming victims of abortion.  I don't agree much with Gov. John Kasich these days but he is right in signing that bill. 

January 22nd will be the 45th anniversary of the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision the U.S. Supreme Court handed down many years ago.  We need to remember those that have died needlessly in the hands of an abortion doctor that day.  What a great tragedy to our nation!

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