Thursday, December 29, 2016

Obama Vows More Retaliation For Russian Operation Aimed at U.S. Election

Obama Vows Mpre Retaliation

President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin

President Obama announced today that he was expelling from the United States 35 Russian officials (whom he described as intelligence officials),  effectively shut two Russian facilities in the United States, and, in addition, he will be taking a variety of actions "at the time and place of his choosing."  President Obama blames the Russian for the hacking that supposedly took place during the summer.  Personally, I believe that President Obama and his cronies wouldn't have cared less about any Russian hacking concerning the presidential election if Hillary had won.  I wholeheartedly don't believe Hillary Clinton lost the election because of "supposed" Russian hacking.  I believe she lost because she's left behind a "trail of corruption" over the years whether it be when Bill Clinton was in the White House, or she was Senator of New York, or Secretary of State.  She didn't have a reputation that she could be trusted.  I believe if anything caused Hillary's defeat, it was the revelation from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange about Hillary Clinton's classified emails and all the corruption that was exposed.  Click on to read the full story.

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