Friday, December 30, 2016

Franklin Graham: For Obama Administration Not to Stand With Israel is Shameful

Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham, son of world renowned evangelist Billy Graham, made a comment the other day concerning the Obama administration not standing with Israel when the U.N. voted on Friday December 23, 2016 to condemn Israel and told them to stop building their settlements on the territories they captured from the Six-day war in 1967.  The U.S. is normally a defender of Israel at the U.N. but President Obama decided not to veto the U.N. action against Israel.  Graham said that was shameful on the part of the Obama administration.  He also stated that Israel is America's firm ally and is the only true democracy in the Middle East.  Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) also added how shameful it was for Obama to not stand for Israel in the U.N.  He stated that President Obama will have the legacy of being the most anti-Israel president of the United States ever.  I agree.  Obama has shown his true colors about Israel throughout his administration.   A few years ago Obama wanted Israel to abandon the territories they took in 1967 and he wanted to the boundaries of Israel to be as it was prior to 1967.  I'm thankful that President Obama will be exiting the White House in January.  Hopefully President-elect Donald Trump will support Israel.

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