Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Clinton Wins Four States, Including California; Sanders Wins Montana, ND

Clinton Wins Four States

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

In the end, the contest wasn't even close in California as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton beat Socialist Bernie Sanders 56.0 to 43.1%.  It wasn't until daylight in the East coast that California was called with 99% of the voting in.  Clinton also won the contest in New Jersey (63.1% to 36.7%).  It was a much narrower victory for Clinton in New Mexico, 51.5 to Sanders 48.5%.  Bernie Sanders won big in North Dakota (64.2% to Clinton's 25.6%).  Sanders also easily won Montana (51.1 to 44.6% for Clinton.)  Hillary Clinton has declared herself the Democrats' nominee.  She is the Democratic presumptive nominee and will remain so until the Democratic National Convention later this summer.  There are a number of super delegates that are in the tank for her so they'll probably place her over the top this summer.  This is according to my estimation and not the one who wrote the article.

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