Sunday, February 14, 2016

A New Series on Bible Doctrines

We are going to start a new series on Bible doctrines.  Any Christian who is going to fight the battle that's taking place in our country and our world today needs to be studied on the doctrines of the Bible.  The level of Bible ignorance is so appalling in our nation and our world today that it's tragic.  Those who are saved need to be knowledgeable on what the Bible says.  Therefore, we're going to spend the next year probably studying various Bible Doctrines in the Word of God.

The text for this course comes from the book entitled,  Bible Doctrines For Today, by Michael C. Bere.  There are nine different topics that this book covers.  The book is very detailed and it brings a lot of enlightenment to the various doctrines of scripture.  Some of the different topics we'll cover are:

1.  Bibliology

2.  Theology

3.  Christology

4.  Pneumatology

5.  Anthropology

6.  Soiterology

7.  Ecclesiology

8.  Angelogy

9  Eschatology
These are the different topics we'll be covering.  The first question I would like to pose is what is the definition of "doctrine?"  The term doctrine simply means "teachings."  The Bible is a book of teachings when it comes to the Word of God.  Since the Bible is God's infallible, inerrant, and inspired Word, that all the teachings contained in the Word are true.  Not one teaching is false.  Not one.  God's word is inspired and inerrant, which we'll look into later.  However, there are many doctrines taught in many denominations that are false, such as the doctrine of Catholicism, Hypercalvinism, etc.  There are false doctrines taught on salvation and the Godhead.  However, they are false.  And they are not sound doctrine.  The New Testament talks much about the importance of sound doctrine in the epistles.  One of the responsibilities we have in studying the Word of God is to rightly divide the Word of God.  We need to know how to rightly interpret the Word.  The Devil uses false doctrines to deceive the child of God.  We need to be thoroughly grounded in truth.

I'll continue this thought in the next post.

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