Friday, August 1, 2014

Illegal Immigrant Children Exposed Federal Agents to Lice, Scabies, Tubercolosis, and Chicken Pox, According to Report

Illegal Immigrant Children Exposed Federal Agents to a Variety of Diseases

This is very disgraceful.  It is the responsibility and job of Congress and the President to make sure our borders are protected so that illegals can't cross the border without them knowing it.  One of the reasons why allowing illegals crossing the border is so disgraceful is because there are some who have communicable diseases such as lice and tuberculosis, to name a few, and those diseases can be transmitted to Americans.  When Ellis Island in New York was in operation, they checked potential immigrants in those days for diseases because it will affect Americans.  What if one of those diseases could cause a major epidemic?  What does the President and Congress do?  Absolutely nothing.  When it's all said and done, nothing will be done.  There will be no deportations taking place and millions of Americans will be exposed to numerous diseases.  President Obama needs to be impeached and all the incumbents in the House and Senate should be voted out during the general election this November.  They've all proven themselves to be traitors.  They're not protecting our country.  A few years ago, Congress was appropriated money to build a border fence.  That's what should be done in the name of national security.  The President and both houses of Congress are corrupt to the core.  Click on to read the story.

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