Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Flashback:Morgan Freeman States the Way to End Racism is to 'Stop Talkig' About It'

The Way to End Racism is to Stop Talkin' About It

Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman, a liberal who voted for then presidential candidate Barack Obama in 2008 stated some time ago he thought having a Black History Month was ridiculous and recently stated that the best way to end racism is to "stop talking about it."  As much as I don't agree with Freeman on a number of political issues, I do agree with him that if we stop bringing up racism on the news each day, our nation wouldn't be polarized by this issue.  I believe the biggest racists in America are both houses of Congress, the President, and the news media.  They purposely love to bring that subject up to polarize Americans.  What he says is very simple but yet true.  Consequently, it would frustrate the agenda of civil rights charlatans Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.  They thrive on making false accusations of racism because it keeps their cause going.  Also, I believe much money is made by the Rainbow Coalition with these trumped up charges of racism.  The case of Michael Brown, for example, is what helps line these civil rights charlatans' pockets with money.  God forbid if Americans follow Freeman's statement and stop speaking about racism.  Then both Sharpton and Jackson might have to find a real job in the private sector.  Wouldn't that be tragic.

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