Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Tariffs Are Essentially to a Robust American Economy

I know there's been much controversy recently concerning President Trump implementing tariffs on steel and aluminum and on goods imported from China.  President Trump is definitely making the right call.  I know radio talk show hosts such as Glenn Beck have been claiming that these tariffs will spark a trade war but the truth of the matter is we've been having trade wars as a result of these faulty trade agreements that have been made under former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush as well as Barack Obama with the Trans-Pacific Partnership which was signed by President Obama but didn't become ratified.  Thank God for that.  The purpose for tariffs in a historical context was to protect the industry of that particular nation.  That's what the United States has done since the beginning of the Republic and it continued for years to come.  As a result, American industry grew to unprecedented heights.  The United States has shown over the years that if the capitalistic systems isn't hindered by excessive government regulation or trade agreements which send millions of American jobs overseas, it can do great wonders.  That's why so many immigrants from other countries in Europe and the Far East have sailed to America's shores to live in America.  They knew the economic opportunities in American were endless.  That's why they sailed to America's shores.  They not only moved to America in search of better economic opportunity, but they assimilated into our culture and learned the language and did everything they could to become an American. 

President Trump may be far from perfect, but he is right on target with the tariffs he is implementing on steel, aluminum, and goods from China.  If America's economy is going to thrive and grow like it needs to, then we need the tariffs to protect America's economy.

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