Tuesday, March 7, 2017

House GOP Releases Bill Replacing Obama Health Care Overhaul

House GOP Releases Bill for Replacement for Obamacare

Image: House GOP Releases Bill Replacing Obama Health Care Overhaul

House Republicans on Monday released their long-awaited plan to replace Obamacare, which is a bill which would roll back the government's role in health care and possibly leave more Americans uninsured.  The 123-page bill could launch this year's defining battle in Congress.  The plan is expected to cover fewer than 20 million Americans than Obamacare, including residents of state which Trump won in 2016.  The plan would repeal the statute's unpopular fines on people  who don't possess health care coverage.  It would replace income-based premium subsidies in the law with age-based subsidies, which may not provide as much assistance to people with low incomes.  The payments would phase out for higher earning people.

The proposal would continue the expansion of Medicaid to lower-earning Americans until 2020.  After that, states adding Medicaid recipients would no longer receive the additional federal funds that Obama's health care law provides.  A series of tax increases on higher earning people, the insurance industry, and others used to finance Obama's overhaul coverage expansion would be repealed as of 2018.  Popular consumer protections in Obama's health care law would be retained such as pre-existing medical problems, and parents' ability to keep their young adult children on their healthcare coverage until age 26.  Click on the above link from Newsmax to read the full story.

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